Utah Salt Flats Racing Association

The Mormon Meteor as it looked on the Salt in 1939. This Recently restored heirloom was on display at World of Speed ’98

We had soooooo much FUN at the 2003 event we would like to envite all of our G.E.B.E. riders to join the fun! You will have to join the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, membership is only $35 and complete the required 3 forms. Click here to download these forms: Membership, Liability Release, and Medical forms.

World of Speed 2004 Dates are Sept 17-18-19-20.
G.E.B.E. would be happy to pay the entry fee for the first two runs for any of our riders. Take a look at the list of hotels, motels and RV parks in Wendover. Wendover has all needed facilities including gas stations/truck stops, grocery stores, auto parts stores, fast food restaurants and on the Nevada side of the city there are five large hotel/casinos. (The best Mexican food to be had is at the Salt Flat Café at the Exit to Bonneville Speedway.)

Be sure to check out the Rookies Guide to Bonneville Salt Flats. For anyone planning to attend the races at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the following is a guide to help make your visit more enjoyable.
Sunglasses and Sun Screen: There is lots of sunshine and it is reflected up off of the salt.
Bring Shade: At least a hat. A free standing canopy, large umbrella, screen tent, or the like. Leave the plastic tent stakes at home, use large spikes or screwdrivers work in a pinch. Don’t forget a heavy hammer.
Folding chairs: There are no grandstands.
A plastic tarp for under your canopy and chairs: The Salt tracks everywhere and this will help to keep things salt free. Smooth soled shoes also help.
Cooler and water: Refreshments and food are available at the track, but occasionally run short. Having a supply of drinking water is a must.
Radios- AM and CB: Racer and race information is broadcast on 1610 AM. Racers and race officials communicate on CB frequencies and channel info is available at the track. There is no public address system.
Binoculars: Cars disappear fast!!!
You may want to bring some alternative transportation: Bicycle, scooter, 4 wheeler, ect. Pits can be over a mile long and 2-3 blocks wide, containing hundreds of racers.
Optional entertainment: Salt Flats Racing is not fast paced. It is a relaxing good time. Bringing a good book, today’s paper, or something to keep the kids from getting bored, fills in the slow times and makes for a great day on the salt. You can take a nap or work on your tan.
Be prepared to meet a lot of nice people, racers and spectators alike. The pits are wide open and the racers welcome you to look and talk. You are welcome everywhere from the starting line to the snack bar.


This is your chance to see the fastest wheel driven cars in the world, the 427 mph, land-speed record holding Turbinator, The Autopower Special which has been timed at 442 mph and other record setting cars. Among recent years entries are almost twenty other cars that have been timed at speeds over 300 mph. Motorcycles are racing for a fine art bronze trophy by Jeff Decker, a first of its kind award for the fastest bike. The races are run in late September each year on the historic Bonneville Salt Flats. Interstate 80 defines the south end of the racing area. To get to the races follow Interstate 80 to Exit 4, just east of Wendover, UT. This is 120 miles west of Salt Lake City. Turn north and follow the five mile paved road to the race gate.

There are no grandstands. Spectators walk through the pits and talk to the drivers and crews. Parking is anywhere outside the cones on the west side of the race track and on down to the timing area, 3 1/2 miles away from the pits and the starting line.

Take a hat, dark glasses, sunscreen and lip screen (put some under your nose), a chair to sit on and shade from the sun. Bring a camera and lots of film because you will want to remember what you see. The brightly painted cars make great pictures against the stark white surface. Binoculars are a help since the racing cars are at least 1/4 mile away when they are racing at speed.

The un-muffled engines are very loud. Cars that burn exotic fuels leave an acrid smell in the air that will make your eyes water if you are too close. The color, the excitement, the waiting after every run for the timers report just to hear how fast a car or bike has gone will entrap you and make you want more. We call it catching “Salt Fever.”

Red Flame Catering offers a variety of hot food and hot or cold drinks starting very early with breakfast. Souvenirs are available from a variety of vendors too. (They serve Grits too!)

“To preserve the Bonneville Salt Flats and to promote the use of this historic place for motor sports for all future generations.”