Mount Kit only – 36 Spoke

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Mount Kit only – 36 Spoke

$375.00 – Free Shipping!

Bicycle Motor Kit FAQ’sMotorized Bicycle Kit Installation
How to Install your flat-top engine on GEBE’s Mount Kit w/o Engine.
Will this bike engine kit fit my bicycle?

Complete Kit with out engine -76mm clutch model – (weight 6 lbs 14 oz)
Fits 24″ – 26″ bicycle wheels.

Shipping Included for contiguous US only – additional charges apply for HI, AK and International shipments

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Product Description

Mount Kit without Engine Legend

A. Drive Ring
B. Belt
C. Lower Mount Strap
D. Safety Cover
E. Throttle
F. Engine Mounting Bracket
G. Clutch Housing/Bell Assembly shown w/Gear
H. Kill Button, wire attached
I. Front Mount Strap
J. 4in1 Ring/Spoke/Gear Key
K. Nuts, bolts, washers, Clutch Knob & Zip-Ties

Special notes when ordering a Mount Kit only:

We have two different Engine Brackets, for best fit and easiest fueling of your engine: Please indicate which engine (manufacturers name, cc) you are installing.

Different engines have different throttle requirements, please specify which engine will you will be using. This information can be noted in the ‘message’ block that pops up Before you finalize your order online. Thank you.

The Kit comes complete with a 76mm clutch; all mounting and drive parts; kill & throttle assemblies. Four bolts attach the clutch housing to engine & Four bolts attach the engine to our mount.

Mount kit with 76mm clutch fits most 76mm clutch, flat-top engines. Including, but not limited to: 35cc Robin/Subaru 4-stroke, 31cc and 35cc Honda 4-stroke, 40cc Komatsu Zenoah/RedMax 2-stroke, 33cc & 40cc Tanaka 2-stroke, 43cc Mitsubishi 2-stroke, …

If you don’t know the clutch size of your engine – take the engine to a Small Engine Repair Shop, to find out. We don’t know all small engines nor have the manpower to research all engines – this kit IS for the “Do-It-Yourself”ers.

How to Install your flat-top engine on GEBE’s Mount Kit w/o Engine.





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4.97 out of 5 stars

60 reviews

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  1. Bryan Cole

    5 out of 5 Over 8 years old a still running strong

    I purchased this kit in 2008 and it is still running strong with the a Tanaka pf-4000 40cc engine that can push this bicycle that weighs in at 50 pound along with my 250 lbs over 35mph on flat ground

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  2. Gil

    5 out of 5 GEBE are really great!!!


    Well it’s been about 4 months since I received my Bike Engine from Golden Eagle.
    GEBE are really great!!! And so pleasant and nice to deal with.
    Anyway I am having a blast here in Kelowna B.C. with my 4 stroke engine. I am a heavier guy (270 Lbs.) and that little 4 stroke just purrs right along.
    I had a car pull up beside me the other day and they yelled out the window, Hey your doing 50 Kmh..(that’s 32mph).

    My buddy Shan has the 2 stroke and they are about equal in speed. The Subaru 4 stroke starts on the first pull every time, its quiet and has nice torque. And the nicest part about the 4 stroke is I can pull up to the gas station and fill my tank without mixing the oil. I sure get a lot of attention from passing motorists and fellow cyclists; they can’t believe their eyes when they see how fast I am moving.
    Anyway I am very, very pleased with my purchase

    I Highly recommend the 4 stroke engine to anyone..

    Gil McQuary

    Kelowna BC Canada

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  3. Stu

    5 out of 5 Can you believe 8 years into the original kit and still working! This is me, Stu from NY...The abuser....

    Hi Everyone.
    I still have 2 of your kits from the 2004 era. (review, Stu in NY)
    Still cracks me up that these things are running with zero maint…(O.K. so I pour the old gas out each Winter, but that:s it)
    Love to see your front page with my bike on top of Bear Mountain State Park at Perkins Tower overlooking the Hudson River.
    Climbing that mountain drive without pedaling says it all.
    Replaced 1 bike as the thing was a wally world $89 cheapo-special, but the engines and kits are still going strong.
    I did upgrade one with a muffler that gave it a higher rpm at speed.
    What does it take to kill these things as I’ve done everything possible to hurt them and they still hold up?
    There isn’t a cliff, ledge, curb, railroad track, stream, swamp or mud run that I’ve missed. ….
    Not sure why but am now getting better mileage, at least 38 miles on a pint…. yet run full throttle all the time. (weigh 165 lbs).
    Still having fun and riding all over.
    When will you offer a jet turbine with spoilers kit?
    2,000 Lb. thrust ought to do it.
    I’d like to try that.


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  4. Tom

    5 out of 5 Love it! Lots of miles and lots of smiles

    Hi Golden Eagle,
    This is Tom from Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
    This is my recent build. 35cc Robin 4 stroke that I purchased from you guys 4 years ago.
    Love it! Lots of miles and lots of smiles.
    I have also installed a electric front hub motor.

    This gives me such versatility. When riding around the Vancouver seawall I use the quieter electric and when I go across town, I rock & roll with the Golden Eagle.
    When I encounter big hills….then I use both!

    Thanks for the great product!

    Tom in Canada

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  5. Rich

    5 out of 5 The kit went on very easily

    Just installed the kit on my new $100.00 bicycle I just bought from BigBox store. The kit went on very easily. I spent about an hour and a half installing it. I had to grind away a little meat off the mount where it bolts to the axle. The de-railer was causing some interference. I’m thrilled to death with the kit. I put it on and like you said, just hit the throttle. I didn’t even bother to pedal and the engine carried all 195 lbs of me just fine. When I did pedal it accelerated rapidly.

    I haven’t had anyone pace me yet, but I would imagine its doing about 30 mph top speed on level ground. I’m very happy and can’t wait to begin my road trip now. This will make exploring all the nooks and crannies of Route 66 much more enjoyable.

    Thanks Much,
    -Rich in Missouri

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  6. Paul

    5 out of 5 I’m loving this whole kit.

    So I have to say this…….. I’m loving this whole kit. I own a chinese 2-stroke and your kit is way more reliable. I started commuting to and from work and in 2 weeks I have 246 miles on it. Not one problem from the kit, i keep checking all the nuts and bolts and NOTHING is loose. I did modify the mounting bracket because I didn’t want to loose my quick release hub. To me it was pretty simple but I do have some good experience with steel. I used to make conveyers from blueprints.

    The main thing is to make sure you have the correct distance from the top of your axle to the top of the support bracket. Cut the hub of a straight through axle, put it on the rear and attach the support bracket and tighten it down. I utilized the dropout holes for a rear rack and a hole for a disc brake set up I believe.

    On the right side i utilized the rear derailer hole. I used the backside of that weird bolt that holds the derailer on. it’s what the hanger hangs on. I bought 2 different length mending brackets from “Ace”, for my mounting. Once you have the support bracket in place. I eyed the available holes that I was able to use. After I marked it I took it off and drilled it.

    Paul in Florida

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  7. Dave

    5 out of 5 I’ve had my Golden Eagle set up for 2 years now and adore it more now than ever

    Hi GeBe,
    I received the new wheel and pulley you shipped; it looks invincible!
    I’ve had my Golden Eagle set up for 2 years now and adore it more now than ever. With well over 5,000 miles on it the performance and reliability have been impeccable. I commute over 20 miles a day and it has NEVER let me down. Our area of the Poconos is very hilly yet the bike gets me over the 8 1/2 climb home at over 20mph.

    It is mounted on my 30 year old mountain bike and attached is a photo of the machine and yours truly proudly displaying the “flyweight” 1st Place award from a local motorcycle show.
    No doubt the Harley crowd was envious.

    Thanks for a great product, great service and friendly people.

    Shohola, PA

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  8. Joseph

    5 out of 5 It has become a wonderful hobby

    I first discovered motorized bicycles after my son mentioned he wanted to get a dirt bike. Obviously, dirt bikes and a motorized bicycles are the not the same thing but looking around on a couple of websites gave me the inspiration to build my first motorized bicycle. I have always enjoyed bicycle riding but have not been able to do it as much because of various back problems. My motorized bicycle has allowed me to continue to ride and to “ride in style.”

    My first step was to purchase an Electra Towie 21D 7-Speed bicycle. I decided on this particular bike after a bit of research on motorized bicycles and it seemed to be the top selection of most bikes (and I must say that I agree!). I then proceeded to add a Robin/Subaru EH035 35CCH-Stroke, 26 inch Rear Wheel 105 gauge spokes and HTF G Ears #11 Belts (which allow me to go up hills easier).

    I have spent months building my bike and am still finding new ways to improve it. In fact, I have built a second one! My family has come to love these bicycles too. I can get both my bikes up to 28-30 mph and can ride either of them continually for about 4-5 hours. They allow me to have a project to work on at home as well as an activity to do outdoors that I can look forward to every weekend. I have thoroughly enjoyed building and riding these bicycles of mine. It has become a wonderful hobby and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    Joseph in Missouri

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  9. Terrill

    5 out of 5 The install went great; the kit went on like it was made for the bike

    This is a picture of my Komatsu Zenoah/RedMax 25cc, 2-stroke Golden Eagle Bicycle Engine installed on my new Schwinn Southport Men’s Cruiser Bike. The install went great; the kit went on like it was made for the bike. I first had it installed on a Mongoose mountain bike and it worked great, however I am more a cruiser guy. I like the big seat and the laidback riding position, its “old school”. This setup provides comfort and attitude, and I think it looks great.

    I had to fabricate a brace to hold my Topeka rack and my bag with drop down panniers. I used anodized aluminum and stainless steel fittings. It went on pretty easily and fills my needs.

    The fun I have had with this bike is beyond explanation. I top out with the wind behind me on a slight downhill road at 32.5 mph, but on the flats it cruises at 25-28 mph, fast enough to satisfy an old guy who grew up on a Honda 750 in 1969. Fast enough on a bicycle.

    Today I rode my bike 22.5 miles. I averaged 19.6 mph (a lot of stop and go in town); with a top speed of 32.1 mph (the wind was with me). I had a blast, and my little green machine did all this on a little less than ½ of a tank, or about 10 oz of gas. When you do the math, that’s around 281.6 mpg and that is outstanding.

    I enjoy it so much that I set one up for my wife and I really think she likes buzzing around the neighborhood on our Golden Eagle Cruiser bikes. The looks we get from everyone are so cool; I think they like our bikes as much as we do.

    I would recommend a Golden Eagle to anyone that wants to enjoy the outdoors without working too hard, don’t get me wrong you will get all the pedaling you want, but when you want to go home you can motor.

    I like this little bike engine more and more the longer I have it.

    Just a couple of other items that helps keep me safe.

    Extra Gas for that long ride home
    A really good headlight for riding at night and big mirrors
    And big mirrors to keep an eye on the cars

    I want to send a big thanks to Julia and everyone at Golden Eagle Bicycle Engines.

    Terrill in Michigan

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  10. Michael and Nora

    5 out of 5 happy to not own a car in California!

    We have been using our Subaru motors for several months and are very pleased with them. We are blessed to live in a beach town about 100 miles south of LA and are happy not to own a car in California! Everything we need to travel to is within 3 miles except our dentist who is 8 miles away and the bus goes right there if we don’t bike. Our challenge is big hills and several areas we ride through where no noise is allowed. In fact no matter which way we go, there is a steep grade to deal with! So we ordered the motors with the “hill” gear and it is perfect. We still pedal but the little 4 strokes sure do smooth out the hills and can easily do 15 mph which beats the 2-3 mph without the help. We usually just coast downhill which is perfect and then start the motor when it’s time to go up.

    Michael and Nora in California

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  11. Lilie

    5 out of 5 I have about 1,200 miles and it still purrs like a kitten

    Dear Golden Eagle Bike engines,

    Hello my name is Liliane my handle is quay1962…I have had my Robin Subaru since May ’09 and have used it as a commuter more often than not! I have about 1,200 miles and it still purrs like a kitten…when the car won’t start I know I can still make it on “old faithful” my 35cc 4 stroke robin Subaru…thanks for putting out good quality and reliability you got a customer in me forever!

    Thanks again,
    Quay1962 (Lilie in Washington)

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  12. Brian

    5 out of 5 I’ve had my 25cc engine 5 year’s now

    HI to everyone at g-e-b-e. Well I’ve had my 25cc engine 5 year’s now & in PA I had over 3,000 mile’s on it. I don’t have a bike computer here in AZ, but I’ve been everywhere & if I would guess, I’m sure I put another 500 mile’s on it.

    I took the red cover off out here to clean it & my friend told me it looks cool without it cuz you can see the fin’s for the engine & I also was thinking it will get more air in it too. I’m really happy with my engine I’ve been all over & I’m also really happy with the back wheel I bought from g-e with the thick spokes.

    I see a lot of people with gas engines on there bikes out here but most are the kind that has a gear that tear’s up the back tire. Anytime they want to race I’m ready…LOL cuz with the big drive ring I know I have more top end speed. Thank you for thinking of such a cool idea…

    Brian in phoenix AZ

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  13. Moscow Champion

    5 out of 5 Moscow Champion

    The Golden Eagle Subaru 35cc won against four motorbikes with engines of 110 CC.

    Moscow Champion

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  14. Frank

    5 out of 5 This is my fourth Golden Eagle bike motor

    This is my fourth Golden Eagle bike motor. I have them mounted on a Trek full suspension mtb bike, a Lightfoot trike, a Whiz Wheel Zoomer and my wife a Schwinn Point Breeze. These motors are beyond belief they do everything and then some. I use each bike for different purposes.

    The folks at Golden Eagle are some of the best people that I have ever dealt with. They go out of there way to make a customer happy. I will buy another engine if there is a bike that I think needs one. When ever I stop there is somebody that wants to know about this unit. My wife agrees that it makes biking a great pleasure, she looks forward to riding.

    Again, Thanks Golden Eagle for a great bike motor.
    Frank in Wisconsin

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  15. John

    5 out of 5 plastered a smile to my face

    Since getting the Golden Eagle it has plastered a smile to my face. The system is extremely efficient and is quite a lot of fun to ride. The kit and bike provided a fun project for my Dad and I to build and I am very happy with the outcome. With the 26cc Robin/Subaru kit I am able to achieve speeds of 27 mph and over 30+ with peddling.

    Our neighbors are very fortunate that I got this bike instead of another type of dirt-bike because of the kits quietness. If you are debating whether or not to buy this product you have to be crazy, Golden Eagle is the best and only choice for a motor assist engine!

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  16. Greg

    5 out of 5 having too much fun

    Hi Golden Eagle Bike Folks,

    I am writing this after enjoying my Robin/Subaru 35cc motor for about six months now. I would have written sooner but I was having too much fun riding/commuting! I had the frame of my recumbent built for me last spring and I put the rest together and started riding my bike once a week to work (52 miles round trip to Salem, Oregon ie: not flat). Being diabetic the exercise was good but even as fast and easy to ride as the bike was it was pushing me past my threshold level (especially on windy, hot days). Once I installed the motor I cut 45 minutes to 1 hour off of my commute each way! Also, I was able to commute two and three days a week without being exhausted. In the afternoons it only takes about 15 minutes longer to get home than driving my car.

    I heard about your company while researching electric options but could not find a system that could cover the distance and speed I needed for less than a couple thousand dollars. Then I found you and I bought the 35cc 4-stroke and the heavy duty Velocity rear wheel. Setup took less than an hour even on a custom recumbent and the instructions were very clear. I bought the 4-stroke motor because my bike is heavy and I am a big guy (6’8″ and ~300lbs) and I wanted the torque, longevity, and the ability to pull into any gas station and fill up without mixing gas. The best mileage I’ve recorded was 212 mpg but my average is ~195 mpg (I pedal almost all the time along with the motor) and I am usually cruising at ~29 mph.

    The third week I was riding to work (0 dark 30 in the morning and raining) I was rolling along at 28 mph and saw a raccoon. Even using both brakes I couldn’t miss him and I ran him over at ~20mph. Kind of scary but didn’t even phase the bike. The rear wheel I had on the bike before the Velocity wheel I was breaking spokes constantly, but that wheel with the 105g spokes didn’t even go out of true!

    I get stopped everywhere I go to answer questions both about my bike and my GEBE motor. If I could give one piece of advice to someone trying to make the decision it would be do it now it is money well spent. When I was looking/deciding I waited too long and had to wait until the backlog caught up last summer before I could get mine. I now have over 1500 miles on the engine and other than basic maintenance have not had to do anything other than ride with a great big smile on my face.

    Dallas, Oregon

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  17. Bob

    5 out of 5 It’s a dream to ride

    Thanks for the great phone based service before I ordered my Robin/Suburu 4 cycle kit. The install was straightforward and easy. I only had to bend one of the brackets a few degrees for a perfect fit on my new Novara metro (REI) which I bought specifically for this project.

    I replaced the quick release axle with the solid axle I ordered from GEBE. This took almost as much time as it took to install the kit (brackets, engine, and cables). I had to run to the bike shop to buy a 15mm cone wrench to replace the quick release axle. Other than the cone wrench ($7.00) I needed only the standard tools I had around the house for the install … Nice design on the kit! Oh, by the way the engine started on the first pull out of the box.

    I have four bikes: a titanium road-bike, a folder, an electric bike, and my GEBE. I’m going to replace two of my bike since I’ve gotten my GEBE running. It’s a dream to ride. Austin, Texas has moderate hills and I have not had to pedal up a hill yet. I’m surprised by the power that the Robin/Suburu puts out. My max speed is about 30 miles per hour (on the flat).

    Overall I am impressed with the quality of the kit … GEBE obviously puts a lot of care into the design, documentation, and packaging of the kit. I’m looking forward to a whole new form of transportation.

    Bob Flegal

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  18. Tim

    5 out of 5 These bicycles are so much fun to ride, I’m constantly looking for excuses to go somewhere just to use my bike.

    I now have approximately 2 months of use and over 500 miles on my Golden Eagle motorized bicycle. The product is absolutely fantastic, and I have nothing but praise for the company and its customer support.

    My bicycle is a 2008 Novara Metro purchased at REI. This is a comfort bicycle that was specifically acquired with the intent of adding a Golden Eagle engine kit. It has 26″ wheels, a shock absorbing front fork, and 24 speeds. My wife also has a motor converted bicycle that is the same model type, but with a women’s step-through frame.

    The Novara bicycles are a good choice for the engine retrofit, but they come equipped with mountain bike gearing, which doesn’t really allow for peddling at the higher speeds attainable with the motor – you can’t peddle fast enough to keep up with the engine. For this reason, I’m looking into the possibility of changing the crank sets to something with higher gearing … more in line with what is found on road bikes.

    We decided to purchase the Robin-Subaru 35cc 4-stroke engine with trail gear, and a Velocity super heavy-duty rear wheel with 105g spokes for each of the bikes. With the trail gear, we find that the bicycles comfortably cruise at 22 to 23 mph on level and slightly up-hill roads. At full throttle, they scoot along at just under 30 mph. Only the most aggressive hills require peddling, while most can be tackled at speeds ranging from 12 to 19 mph with little, or no peddling at all. We get approximately 26 miles to a tank of gas with hardly any peddling to assist the engine. If we slow down to where the bicycle gearing can be used to assist the motor, we can peddle to get even better gas mileage.

    These bicycles are so much fun to ride, I’m constantly looking for excuses to go somewhere just to use my bike. I regularly use it for 30 mile round trips that only take a bit more than an hour and a half to complete. The bicycles have also been used for touring, where we have traveled over 100 miles in a day, fully loaded with supplies and clothing.

    We have equipped both bikes with front racks and removable touring bags. A rear rack suspended from the seat post provides the right amount of clearance above the engine to allow the use of a basket. I’ve added rear stays to our racks, which provide additional support and extra stability. The stay pieces on the non-engine side of our racks keep a rear touring back from leaning into the engine and wheel, and also provides a place to hook the bottom of the bag, so that it doesn’t lean out while making left-hand turns. The rack stays are bolted to the large engine bracket and provide the additional benefit of supporting the motor while changing the rear tire.

    We’ve added fenders, rear kickstands, front and rear lights, bicycle computers (for reporting speed, mileage, trip distance, etc.), upgraded seats, bottle cages, and frame mounted tire pumps. The tires on my wife’s bicycle were changed to a brand and style that include Kevlar fibers for flat protection. I highly recommend doing this, as my bicycle has stock tires and I’ve had 2 flats, yet my wife has had none for the equivalent mileage. I would also recommend tires with a reflective stripe. If you’ve been driving a car at night and had a bicycle cross your path with reflective tires, you’ll know how well they work.

    I’ve included a few pictures of my bicycle showing everything but the rear touring bag. In the last picture, I just returned from our local garden center with 2, 1-gallon potted plants, a 4″ potted plant, and a new digging trowel. With all its carrying capacity and versatility, I like to think of my bicycle as the SUV of motorized bikes.

    Thanks for a great product,

    Vancouver, WA

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  19. Kurtis

    5 out of 5 We now bike for miles everyday

    Since we purchased the 2: 35cc Robin/Subaru 4 stroke minis, our bikes seldom stay at home anymore. We now bike for miles everyday. Those motors are very smooth, very quiet and very powerful. The low end torque allows us to climb every hill here in Lewis County, Tn. with ease.

    The 4-strokes are great! Very easy to start. Reliable.

    We have added some road tires on my wife’s 21 speed talera GT mountain bike. And also mirrors (a must have) and baskets. The 18 speed Diamond Back that I ride, can really move now. Thanks for such a great product.

    Kurtis in Tennessee

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  20. Fred in Texas

    5 out of 5 Your kit works exactly as advertised. Actually, even better.

    This is my Montague folding bicycle with your 35cc Robin-Subaru engine kit. Your kit works exactly as advertised. Actually, even better. You folks didn’t tell me it would make me young again. I am an independent truck driver. After riding I simply remove the engine, fold the bike and store it inside my truck. Fantastic!!!!

    Thanks forever,

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  21. Walter

    5 out of 5 It exceeds my expectations

    The Golden Eagle 35cc Robin / Subaru 4 stroke engine mounted on a Landrider bike which is equipped with auto-shift gearing. It has turned out to be a great combination of engineering concepts. Both units compliment each other. l have almost 200 miles of testing with the combination, and I must say… “It exceeds my expectations”. I was a little apprehensive in using the engine on this particular bike, but it has been a wonderful match.

    At any speed, when I want to pedal…. the right gear is engaged… On hills, if I want to assist the engine, I use the throttle to adjust the amount of energy that I want to expend. On hills, I usually just add enough pedal to maintain my average speed. Consequently, I term this combination: “A Hybrid Bike”. Upon coming to a stop- sign or red light, it has automatically dropped to low gear when starting again. Thus, I concentrate on the traffic only. Although, the tested top speed is 30 mph, I usually cruise at 20 to 23. I weigh 215 lbs, and the gas mileage on the last test was about 185 MPG. Our gas here contains 10% ethanol. In accordance to the tests with my automobile, I am certain that I would gain 10% in MPG, if I had pure gasoline. I live in a rural area, and my last trip was 39 miles.

    In Mississippi, mopeds require a license plate… but no driver’s license. I took pictures to the tax collectors office and showed them my bike and the motor. I told them that I wanted to be street legal. They said that this was a bicycle, and no license was required. Therefore, I am calling this combo a “Hybrid Bicycle”! Apparently the tax people don’t term it a “moped”.

    In summation: I am 75 years of age, and am hung up on old “Red, White and Blue”. I consider my investment in this machine as my contribution to OPEC. When I fill up my tank now… It is with a Dr. Pepper bottle!!!!

    Hernando, Mississippi

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  22. Craig

    5 out of 5

    Mongoose Blackcomb, full susp. disc brakes front & rear, gp 460 motor,dominator pipe, 5+ hp, capable of 55 mph.

    Thanks GEBE!
    Craig in Florida

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  23. Rick

    5 out of 5 Thank you for a terrific product!


    I’ve had my Robin/Subaru25cc for about a month now and I have really enjoyed it. I ride about 2.5 miles to work one way on mostly level side streets. Not only does it make for an enjoyable ride, the gas savings are great and so was the customer service at GEBE. Thank you for a terrific product!

    Norman, OK

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  24. Vernon

    5 out of 5 With the exercise I am now getting you may have just saved my life.

    These are the pictures of my Golden Eagle equipped bicycle. A very powerful ,economical, smooth ride. Works perfect on my Gary Fisher Joshua.With gas approaching $3.00 a gallon why not equip your bike with a Golden Eagle bicycle drive kit and have fun, save lots of money, get some great exercise. This is a win win deal for sure. Thanks Golden Eagle, with the exercise I am now getting you may have just saved my life.

    Medford, Oregon

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  25. Bryan

    5 out of 5 over 7000 miles on her and the engine, all over southwest America!

    This is my Giant Mtn Bike “Bella” – she’s got a Golden Eagle Bike engine on her! 24.5cc. So far I have put over 7000 miles on her and the engine, all over southwest America!

    Thanks guys!
    Bryan, currently in Flagstaff AZ

    picture taken in Jemez Springs NM @ Soda Dam

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  26. Dan

    5 out of 5 I absolutely LOVE the fun, freedom and all the other benefits of having a GEBE

    My name is Dan B. and I live in Sandy, UT (a suburb of Salt Lake City). Last year my wife decided to return to college to finish her degree. We sold the 2nd car to economize during the 2 years she would be going to school. We lived 3 miles from my work so I decided to get a bicycle to commute. There was a 230 ft elevation difference from home to work so going to work was a breeze and the ride home was a good work out.

    One year into her program, we moved to cheaper housing. This was 5 miles distance and 370 ft elevation difference. The ride to work was still easy but the ride home was too much for my late 40’s knees. So I started my Internet search for options. Friction drives, chain drives, and electric options were all out there but none of them seemed like a good choice. Friction drives wear out tires quickly, only work with smooth threads (I want, and need, my knobby tires) and slip if the tires get the slightest bit wet. Chain drives are very heavy (30+ lbs) and the chain sprocket requires major modification of the rear wheel (if you have ever built a wheel you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t chances are you don’t really want to know). Electric drive technology is not yet developed where they need to be to compare to fuel based systems, though maybe someday.

    I am a Engineer and have 17 patents granted and the Golden Eagle Bike Engine system is the only intelligent design out there. I read the patent on the GEBE and was satisfied with the quality of the design. But before I decided to purchase I had some questions on some other details. I called and talked to Dennis and he was able to answer all of my questions clearly with out any smoke and mirrors. Julia was very friendly and helpful in the non-technical areas.

    My bicycle is a 2006 Specialized Hard Rock w/ Disc brakes. Because of the disc brakes and I did not want to lose the quick release feature of the rear wheel, I needed to modify the mounting brackets so it could attach directly to the frame (Don’t do this with out talking to Dennis about the necessary geometry parameters to maintain first and know that this voids the warranty). I mounted the engine brackets to the frame lugs (see attached picture). This has worked out well so that I can change out my wheel with road tires (good weather) and the wheel with knobby tires (bad weather).

    The Robins Subaru 35 cc 4 stroke engine is great!! Almost always starts first or second pull (sometimes more, if below 20 F). The one big hill used to take me down to my lowest gear and I could maintain about 2-2.5 MPH with a stop 3/4th the way up to catch my breath and get my heart rate back down to a safe level. Now, I go up the hill at 12-13 MPH and my peddling with the engine make for a good pleasant work out (not a potential cardiac arrest). I get an average of 120 MPG.

    If the roads are clear of snow, I ride every workday. I have ridden over 350 miles so far, in 100+ F and below 0 F weather. The Golden Eagle system has handled it all.

    The biggest problem with riding is that many car drivers just don’t see bicycles. As the pictures show, I have made myself as conspicuous as possible with USDOT Class 3 safety gear and flashing LED headlights and taillights. Now it is next to impossible to not see me on my bike.

    I absolutely LOVE the fun, freedom and all the other benefits of having a GEBE.

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  27. Willie in California

    5 out of 5 I’ve always wanted a motorized bike!

    Hey Guys!
    My name is Willie and I live in Los Angeles, CA. In May of 2007, I ordered one of your kits for my bike, I’ve always wanted a motorized bike! With in a couple of days the 35cc Subaru Robin and Golden Eagle motorized bike parts arrived!

    There were a couple of reasons why I was looking for a motorized bike. I live close to the beach and to work. So, I found myself riding my bike all the time. After a long work week, I had been on my bike seven days in a row and was constantly exhausted. I also like to bike out to remote campsites, now with the motorized bike, it’s easier!

    I’ve driven my new motorized bike a few hundred miles just in the past two months! I love it. It really is amazing to watch the faces of people when they see it. L.A. is crowded and I truthfully get stopped three to four times every time I ride it. People have tons of questions. Everyone seems to get reminiscent of their youth, the kid in them jumps out of their skin when they see my motorized bike. Perfect strangers have ridden my bike, seriously. I wish you guys made some kind of a business card holder that attached to my motorized bike, I could pass out a ton!

    Ok, how about I tell you about the motor. It’s awesome! It starts on the first or second pull every time! Tons of power too! I opted for the $5 muffler, which points the noise down. It helps, but the engine is still loud.

    The manual was very easy to follow; I didn’t even have to make a phone call. Once I sat down in the garage with my tools, two hours later I was cruising on my new motorized bike! The manual also says to tighten the nuts and bolts every week or so. Do this!!! I had an issue where the support bar that runs horizontally, jiggled lose. That caused the motor to hinge back on the bike axel. This pulled the kill switch out rendering it useless and put tension on the throttle caused. the bike to accelerate! I was pushing the kill switch over and over, but it wasn’t working. There were people in a crosswalk and I was accelerating!!!! All I could think about was how I didn’t tighten the bolts like the manual said to do, oh yeah and how am I going to ride this one out? The manual kill switch on the back of the motor wasn’t working either! So, with almost no room left to stop, I remembered the choke! So, I choked the motor and it gurgled to a stop. Thank God!

    Using my motorized bike as often as I do, I realized that I needed more fuel. In fact, the Subaru Robin’s tank was designed poorly! It can only be filled halfway. So, I started tinkering with the fuel intake and return lines. I noticed that motor pulls fuel up against gravity. So I went to REI and bought a red MSR fuel tank like the ones that other people have in their reviews. At a small engine repair shop I bought a few feet of fuel line and started messing around.

    After it was all said and done, I figured out a way to have the two tanks run simultaneously. I don’t have to pour fuel into the stock tank, or flip a switch to access the auxiliary tank, it just runs on the natural pressure from the engine.

    I ran a deep line into the auxiliary tank that led to the engine’s intake line. Then I ran a second, shallow, line from the aux tank deep into the stock tank. From the stock tank I ran a shallow line back to the engine’s return line. If the auxiliary tank is air tight, it should drawl the fuel out of the stock tank. Since there is an air intake valve on the stock tank’s cap, the engine will drain the aux tank forming a vacuum which pulls the fuel out of the stock tank. This will keep the aux tank full until the stock tank empties. Then the aux tank will drain as well.

    In the photo you’ll see a cart attached to my motorized bike. I found the need for a cart when camping, but it’s great to use for groceries too. I bought a kid carriage from Wal-Mart for $80 bucks and ripped it apart. Added some slats and voila!

    I love my motorized bike motor!


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  28. Karol

    5 out of 5 Everything fit perfectly

    Dear GeBe,

    I’d like to thank you very much. Your service was above my expectations. The kit is assembled. Everything fit perfectly. The engine is very easy to operate and my wife stated that “looks very nice”. I had only limited time to test it…..but I reached 45 km/h. The only thing which causes a problem is a little loud sound (metal on metal) outside the engine. I am sure that I’ll manage with it. The evidence that GEBE product works in Poland is the picture I send.

    Best regards

    Karol in Poland

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  29. 1 out of 1 people found this helpful

    5 out of 5 Thanks to GEBE for making a great product

    Oh woe is me, I can’t ride my bike much anymore. I used to ride it everyday however health problems have stopped that. Now what do I do, there’s got to be a way to feel the wind in my face and smell the smells that only come along when you are riding in the open.

    The good old Internet stepped up and saved the day. I did a search with the keyword “bicycle engine” and lots of things popped up. Just one of them made any real sense and of course that was the “Golden Eagle Bicycle” setup.

    I read the reviews and they seemed too good to be true but they were quite convincing. So I ordered the Robin Subaru 35cc kit and had my local bicycle shop install it. Yes that’s right my local bicycle shop. The owner was fascinated by the idea and knew that it might just be an ideal solution to my riding problem.

    He was exactly right. The interesting thing was, as he proceeded with the installation there was not one hole that had to be relocated not one part that needed to be filed in order to make it fit. Everything fell into place just like it was made that way. Must be what GEBE does best.

    I fired it up and wow what a kick. I can now go for a ride of several miles and expend a bit of energy but not at a dangerous level considering my serious heart condition. Additionally the doctor is not letting me drive a car for 6 months, so I have my mobility back. I can run to the store or the post office and even go to my grandkids games with no particular problem.

    One side note, the second weekend after I got the bike put together we went to a pretty big bike ride (6,000 plus riders) and of course they all had those amazing 16 pound go fast street bikes and lots of Lycra. I was sure my motorized machine would meet with much criticism and distain. Quite the opposite many people wanted to know all about it and where I got it, I was surprised.

    I consider this setup a realistic step in my recovery and I can’t see giving it up anytime soon.

    By the way you might take note of the center stand, it is a two legged one that lets the bike stand on it’s own. You can remove either wheel and it stays upright. I find it quite helpful.

    Thanks to GEBE for making a great product.

    Murray in California

    P.S. I have included a photo of me riding, as you can see I am tall and thin which accounts for the tremendous top speeds I have achieved.

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  30. Tim

    4 out of 5 thanks for a great product!

    This is a Triclops recumbent trike that I got a couple of years ago from Organic Engines in Tallahassee, FL. It’s a fantastic machine, but I’d never really biked before, and soon found that one of my knees bothered me whenever I rode. That’s when I discovered Golden Eagle. Unfortunately, you guys don’t make a drive ring for my 20-inch wheels.

    Well, I’m pretty mechanically inclined and not easily discouraged, so I bought the 35 CC Robin Subaru kit anyway and figured I’d make it work one way or another. I was planning on custom making sprockets and using a chain drive, but I lucked up and spotted another option first. I made my own drive ring out of the top couple of inches of a plastic 5-gallon bucket, and attached it to the spokes with pieces of wire I cut from a coat hanger. Seriously!

    It worked out perfectly, because the diameter was as large as it could possibly be – within a quarter inch of rubbing the rear brakes! The wire from the coat hanger also became the “teeth” for the belt to grip. The smaller drive ring was offset by the smaller wheel, so I still have a top speed of just under 30 MPH on level ground (the legal limit for a “moped” in NC). Because of the smaller ring, the belt was too long. It turns out that the next shorter length for that belt is only 10 inches, so I cut the engine bracket and extended it with some threaded rod, which made it highly adjustable. At first, I attached the bracket at a 45 degree angle instead of vertically, because I didn’t want the engine right behind my head. I quickly found that having the weight of the engine that high increased the trike’s tendency to tip over in tight curves, so I added some extra braces and mounted it horizontally behind the wheel. It works great now.

    The single speed drive isn’t as much of a disadvantage as I thought it might be. Changing gears on hills would be nice, since I live in the mountains, but then I would be required to get tags, insurance, etc., so it’s really not worth it.

    I haven’t actually checked the fuel mileage yet, but judging from how far I can go on a tank of gas, it seems comparable to what might be expected with a standard bike.

    Anyway, thanks for a great product!

    Black Mountain NC

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  31. Dan

    5 out of 5 you too will be impressed with this simple little marvel

    Used almost every day now and while its true I take very good care of my eagle it has not had ANY TROUBLES AT ALL …. Low cost reliability high mileage. Is what is advertised to be buy one care for it properly and you too will be impressed with this simple little marvel.

    Dan in Florida

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  32. Bob in Oregon

    5 out of 5 I am happy with your kit

    Hi GeBe,

    Just a few words to let you know how happy I am with your kit. I already had a Honda GX31 lying around so I got the kit minus the engine, the bicycle engine diy kit. I installed it on a Wal-Mart special ( Mongoose XR-75 full suspension bike ). After talking to Julia on the phone I ordered it with the 11 tooth trail gear which works out great for me here in Oregon.

    Enclosed are a couple of pics. Just wanted you to know how satisfied I am with your kit as well as the super service you provide, and I’d recommend you to anyone!!!

    Thanks once again you guys……


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  33. Robert

    5 out of 5 This setup Is Great! I have never enjoyed a bike as much as I do now.

    Product reviewed: Golden Eagle Red Max 25.4cc Zenoah
    Make/Model of bike: 2006 Giant Boulder
    Accessories: Topeak MTX EX rack and bag, Cat Eye
    Enduro 8 cyclocomputer, NightRider Classic
    Select 25w dual headlight, Topeak Defender,
    Side mirrors, brake/turn signal lights.
    Use: Commuting

    After owning the Red Max engine for a few months, It is time I submitted a review.

    Before I purchased anything, I did a lot of research, not only on the engine but on all accessories as well. [Go to for reviews on all products relating to cycling] I recommend to all beginners: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Know all you can about maintaining and caring for your bike and learn how to do these things for yourself. Not only do you benefit by learning new things but it will save you a lot of money. But, the main reason for learning these things is … Without the bike, all you will have is a weed eater! Now for the review………

    I use my bike, mainly, for commuting to work. This setup Is Great! I have never enjoyed a bike as much as I do now. When I first mentioned to people that I was going to do this, they all laughed and dismissed it as nothing more than a child’s toy. You should have seen their faces as I flew pass them on my bike.

    I installed the engine on a 2006 Giant Boulder in about 45 mins. The bike is a steel frame hard tail with front suspension. I was told that the steel frame would better handle the engine vibrations. {Side note: I purchased my bike from a local bike shop and I am glad I did as oppose to getting an off the rack bike from Wal-Mart. For one thing, I know my bike was setup by people who love cycling and have more experience and not by a stock clerk. Plus, I get all adjustments free for a year.} Unless you have a lot of experience cycling and/or build/repair bikes, it would probably be a better route for a newbie. No matter where you get your bike, just make sure it has been properly setup.

    I did, however, have trouble getting the belt to track down the center of the gear. This is critical for getting top performance out the engine. After some tweaking and advice from Dennis, It is all well. Top speed (level ground) is 32mph with 180mpg. I am told that the mpg will improve after the break-in period. Other than the belt, I have had no problems with the engine and look forward to riding my bike for many years to come.

    In closing, I would highly encourage anyone in the market for a bike engine, to get the Golden Eagle Red Max Zenoah.

    Thanks to Julia and Dennis for a great product and all of their support.

    Robert in Alabama

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  34. Bill

    5 out of 5 Thank you for offering such a great product and great support/service!

    Dear GeBe,

    I have been car free for 10 months now. I commuted under my own power up until last month when I found your bicycle motor kits online. There are some days I am too tired or just can’t get up the gumption to make the 25 mile commute, plus trips to the store, and to friends and families houses. I have tried all sorts of electric bicycles and bicycle motor kits and have been left dissatisfied. Electric bicycles at this point are far too unreliable (rain does a number on these products), don’t have enough range (my best is a 9 mile range with a 4 hour recharge time), and the batteries are too heavy (removes the light and free feeling of a bicycle). I have had my GeBe Subaru bicycle motor kits mounted for one month now and have logged over 1000 miles already! Thank you for offering such a great product.

    I purchased your bicycle motor kits and received it within 4 business days. That was a great start to my gasoline powered cycling adventure! I purchased an Electra Townie 8 to mate my engine kit with. Unfortunately, the flange radius of the internally geared hub changed the spoke configuration so that the drive ring would not just snap on… No step for a stepper! First thing I did was call your company, a gentleman named Den answered the phone promptly. He was very helpful and apologized that the drive ring would not mate with the particular bicycle I chose. He offered me a couple great tips on how I could modify the ring (he had apparently done this on a bicycle prior to my inquiry). A quick drill bit, a hacksaw, and a sharp razor blade remedied my malady. In about 2 hours I had my bicycle motor kits mounted on my stock bicycle. The engine fired on the third pull! ZOOM! I was off at 26.8 mph on the first run! I have the Garmin Edge 305 computer mounted to my handlebars; my speed estimation is extremely accurate! This 6’2″, 224lb. male was extremely happy to find your website’s claims to speed to be accurate! Within a one week break-in period I have attained unaided (either by wind or hills) speeds of around 29.6 mph. I will be installing the larger gear on my engine soon to get an extra 10% of mph!

    I found the rear axle mount an ingenious way to make this kit universally fit to most bicycles. Unfortunately all of my bicycles are flat tire magnets. I decided to re-mount the kit to my frame rather than to my axle to simplify changing flats on the side of the road. I drilled my rear dropouts, threaded the holes, added some rubber motor mounts (glorified rubber washers), a couple big bolts, a whole bunch of blue threadlock and shortened the mounting bracket to compensate for belt length (I’m sure doing so voided my warranty on both the bicycle and the engine kit!). Whew, now that this project was over I have an engine kit that is mounted directly to the bicycle. Now, if I get a rear-tire flat I don’t have to mess with the engine kit mounting assembly. I just release the belt tensioner, remove the belt, and off comes the wheel!

    The more I have ridden the more I have found myself tinkering (big surprise!) to make adjustments for ease of use, quietness, and safety. My stock rear rim, front hub, and spokes on both wheels could not handle the rigorous use I subject them to. So of course, out come the tools again! I upgraded to heavy duty double walled rims, 10 gauge spokes, and a Bulletproof front hub with sealed bearings. These upgrades were complimented by Kevlar reinforced tires with heavy duty tires (great items for anyone who doesn’t like flat tires). I also zip tied the spokes together for a little bit more added sturdiness. (I would not recommend this for standard gauge spokes. The spokes will break under the speeds this bicycle motor kit will move your bicycle at). While I had the wheels off, I added some duct tape cushioning, some washers, and of course a whole bunch more threadlock to the undersides on the fenders to eliminate rattling noise.

    I added a spare fuel tank. Thank you adding the link to MSR fuel storage tanks on your website. Between the gas tank on the engine and the spare canister I now have enough range to make this vehicle useful day to day. I could always add a couple more tanks for really long range rides. My last addition to my vehicle was the brightest lights I could purchase/afford. Lights and being seen are the only bit of protection I have from angry road raged automobile drivers. I chose the “Light and Motion Arc Li-Ion Ultra” for the headlight and the “DiNotte Li-Ion tail light.” There is only one headlight brighter on the market; The Lupine Edison 10. In my humble opinion the brightness difference is perceivable but not worth the price difference. The Dinotte taillight is the brightest taillight hands down.

    I am not some anti-car conservationist that thinks the “peak-oil” crisis is going to happen tomorrow. I still use my pickup truck occasionally for errands to Home Depot. All I am doing is looking for a way to hang on to a little bit of my hard earned cash (and keep it out of the oil baron’s hands), while trying to be a bit more environmentally friendly, and have a bit of fun in the process. I have given you a complete breakdown of how I setup my bike so that anyone interested can see how practical this vehicle can be. I use it daily. I own a used car lot and this is how I get back and forth from home to work and get most of my errands accomplished. I use it to go see friends and family. I use it to get food from the store and to go to restaurants. Most importantly I use it to go to the beach on the weekends. Chicks dig it! I no longer arrive at my destination in a sweaty huff (it’s hot in Florida most of the year) from pedaling. My 160-200 mpg will knock the socks off of any “eco-minded” Prius driver. And just to top it off, at about every other stoplight I get to have a conversation with a complete stranger about my ride. Thank you again GeBe for such a great product and great support/service!

    Best Wishes and God Bless,

    Bill in Florida

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  35. John

    5 out of 5 Thanks for such a well thought out product

    Hi Golden Eagle,

    The bike kit came out great and the color of the engine and bike match very closely, so, it appears to be a factory bike. The bike is a Gary fisher Tassajara and the color is one of two choices the factory offers. I just lucked out on the color match.

    The kit has been great fun. I get a lot a looks and comments. I get comments like, “Cool!” or “Hey, your cheating!” or “How fast does it go?” Some just honk the horn or give me a thumbs up. I really enjoy it and get the same speeds everyone else has been claiming (about 25 mph at cruise and up to 29 mph – depending on wind and terrain). I’ve experimented with all three gear sizes and find the middle gear to be
    the most desirable overall.

    Although I’ve only ridden about 300 miles, performance and fuel mpg seem to improve with each tank. The standard tank that comes with the Subaru 35cc will get about 23 miles on about 20 oz. So that’s at least 180 mpg – probably closer to 200. At 190 lbs I’m helping with pedaling and can easily cruise at 25-27 mph. At this speed, good suspension is important, as is keeping a good grip on the handlebars. That’s why I went with at least a front suspension bike. I will be changing the tires to allow for less friction (than a mountain bike tire) and may see an improvement in speed and mpg.

    One of the main reasons I bought this kit was so I’ve can throw this bike in the back of my small Cessna 172. I have done so and can easily travel expanded distances when I get to my destination. I can also explore back roads when I visit more out of the way places. It’s been to Death Valley, Bryce Canyon and the backcountry of Idaho on
    plane/camp trips and I will have to get a second kit/bike to share with family and friends.

    As for the comment “Hey, your cheating!”, my response is, “Nope, I’m just covering more distance in the same amount of time”. And generally, I’m getting the same exercise, but seeing more.

    Thanks for such a well thought out product that has opened more opportunities to combine what I love – travel, flying and biking.

    Temecula, CA

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  36. Paul

    5 out of 5

    I ordered the Do-it-Yourself kit and “borrowed” the Honda 31cc engine from our mini-tiller. Everything went together smoothly. The only hitch was fabricating a way to hold the throttle cable outer sleeve from moving about. A bit of copper snare wire solved that problem easily.

    My wife has now been riding her power assisted bicycle everyday for the last 2 weeks and really enjoys the experience. It has functioned flawlessly.

    The Honda engine has more than adequate power, runs very quietly and emits no smell. It sips gas at an amazingly low rate! The nice thing about this Honda 4-stroke is that it can be mounted on any side, even upside down if you prefer. This is due to an ingenious way the engine has been designed to circulate oil throughout the engine. It does so with a fine mist under pressure.

    We are thoroughly impressed with the quality materials supplied with the kit.

    Paul in Canada

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  37. Mike

    5 out of 5 Thank you for your excellent customer service

    Hi, my name is Mike. I have ordered a fair amount of stuff from you. I am from Maine and have rebuilt my redmax motor a couple times. The service is excellent and the word is getting out fast around here. I am not sure if sales are picking up or anything for you but your product is getting known. About 3 weeks ago I was run off the road at 40 mph and controlled the bike to a stop in the sand; I was able to get parts and repaired the bike.

    Here is a picture of my bike at a very popular tourist attractions in Maine. The Globe is Delorme Mapping, the world’s largest globe that spins at the same speed and on the same axis as the earth.

    I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service.

    Mike in Maine

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  38. Ric

    5 out of 5 Never had a problem with the Eagle engine setup

    I use the bike to commute to work 20 miles one way and here in Cincinnati…there’s a TON of hills where I live. I also tried the Formula Roller thingy and all it did was eat up my back tire. It was totally useless in snow and wet weather. Never had a problem with the Eagle engine setup I have now. Got any questions….ask!!

    Ric in Ohio

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  39. Dan

    5 out of 5 Golden Eagle Rules

    The GEBE bike mount kit does work on front wheel – Mine also has an electric motor, so it works like the new hybrid gas electric cars. Electric motor takes you from still to 15 mph then eagle takes over….. advantage??? Longer clutch and belt life for starters.. plus a power supply for the lighting package I’ve created. The 25 cc is plenty for any bicycle (if I need more power I go to the Honda gold wing 1500 ccs). This little 4 stroke is very very nice! I did have to do some slight mods to accommodate my front fork, but nothing extreme – a few spacers and a slight fork spreading. The bike also has a 5 speed transmission that I can peddle through giving me true all wheel drive trike so the tri bred, as I call it, is a cool ride and Eagle is a part of it.

    Thanks for a decent product – the net is so full of bike engines ((from china)) OH did I say that … Golden Eagle Rules

    Dan in Florida

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  40. Bob

    5 out of 5 So far I have over 6,000 miles on the engine


    I bought a Golden Eagle kit in June of 2004. I live in the mountains of Southern California at 1500 feet above sea level. A trip to *town*, Santa Barbara, is about 5-1/2 miles down a windy mountain road to Highway 101 and then a relatively flat 10 miles along the shoulder to the edge of town where many street side bike paths take one just about anywhere in town. I work at home but haul my wood carvings to town using a kiddy cart (two wheel type). I make several trips a week to town. So far I have over 6,000 miles on the engine.

    My bike is a Cannondale aluminum mountain bike and was well used when I mounted the motor kit. I had a few problems all minor. First I broke a bunch of spokes on the pulley side of the rear wheel. Turns out the previous owner had stressed the spokes. I replaced them with Swiss stainless spokes of a constant diameter (not tapered). The Golden Eagle folks suggested wrapping the cross point of the spokes with copper wire and soldering which I did. No broken spokes now for a year and a half. The muffler kept working loose even when I used thread lock. So I made a new mount as pictured and have had no problems. The rear wheel pulley started to move a bit up and down the spokes. I adapted 1/4 inch stove bolts by hack sawing a slot next to the bolt head, sliding it on the spoke, adding a washer and tightening it with the tensioner released. No problem sense then. My drive pulley and belt wore out and I could see why. The roads I use have a lot of dirt/grit and it gets tossed into the belt and drive gear. First I added a fender I made out of 1 1/2 inch black PVC drain pipe cut in half and about 8 inches long front and rear. On the rear I made a cover for the drive pulley out of 3 inch white PVC drain pipe end caps. I slotted the outer cover which is held on with a metal screw and comes of for pulley changes. I got a new hardened drive pulley from Golden Eagle. Now instead of 1000 miles on a belt I get over 2000 miles.

    I have a Sigma Sport dual beam light set up and a LED rear flasher. Night riding is fun but a little caution is advised on the speed. As far as speed goes I cruise at 30 MPH easy, sometimes up to 35 MPH. On slight hills I usually pedal a bit to keep at 30 MPH. At stops I accelerate using motor and pedal and usually can keep up with cars. I changed from knobby tires to *street slick* tires, made a big difference in top speed and mileage.

    Here are the things I love about this system. First I have always loved biking but at 64 years it gets to be hard doing the long distances. This system is like always coasting downhill, pure fun. I hate being dependent on fossil fuels, I am a firm believer in Peak Oil and if that is a new concept I suggest you Google the phrase. I also am a firm believer in Global Climate Change as caused in large part by burning copious amounts of oil in our cars and trucks. This is one way of reducing my pollution footprint as I get 250 mpg as opposed to under 30 in my Ford truck. And last but not least I love the simplicity of the engineering that went into this design. It is hard to imagine that a 25cc motor can get me around town with all the function of a 2500cc truck and 6 times the mileage and a whole lot less problems parking or avoiding traffic tie-ups. And the folks at Golden Eagle are truly *Golden* folks.

    Many thanks.
    Bob Hazard in California

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  41. Richard

    5 out of 5 Kit works Wonderful!

    Dear Golden Eagle,

    Your 35cc Robin/Eagle Bike Engine Kit works Wonderful! It installed very easily (after I got some advice on the phone) and always starts on the 1st or 2nd pull.

    My bike is a Burley Canto Recumbent, disk brakes on the rear wheel required the lower mount strap to be spaced out so far that I lost some height on the mount – the belt was not properly tensioned. Thank you for sending the spacer plate needed to get the belt tension right, between my motor mount bracket and the lower mount strap.

    I mostly free pedal the bike but when my arthritis starts (my knees start hurting too much between 12 – 20 miles) then I start the motor – it pulls me over the Toll Road overpass with ease. I pedal, even with the motor running, to help get some exercise – I just don’t have to pull on my knees so much. I’ve had it up to 28mph and it’s still pulling, it will probably go 30+.

    Thanks again,

    Richard in Indiana

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  42. Paul

    5 out of 5 This things a blast!

    Dear Golden Eagle,

    I purchased and installed your Golden Eagle Bicycle Kit W/ Zenoah Redmax Engine on my Norco* Sasquatch mountain-bike in March, 2005. I’ve got over 200 miles logged already and I have to say, this things a blast! I ride with traffic (lights, left turn lanes, everything…) and I do get an occasional, “Hey, ride on the sidewalk”, but I usually just wave as I pass them up!

    I highly recommend the product, choice of engine (Zenoah Redmax)and materials. I bicycle full time, since I don’t have a drivers license (long story…oops!).The speed and range of the Golden Eagle make a huge difference for me. On my first go, I rode about 20 miles, doing errands with my backpack in tow.

    When I got home I thought my clock had stopped, because of how fast I got around town on a bike! I can’t imagine any other type of kit (chain or friction drive) after experiencing the smooth ride and light weight of the Golden Eagle cogged belt drive system. Thanks a bunch for a great time and not having to waste my whole day riding the bus, peddling or walking everywhere I go.

    I’m attaching some photos of my bike and installation.

    Paul Davies in Washington

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  43. Fred

    5 out of 5 Well thought-out, brilliantly designed system

    I have been looking at Golden Eagle’s web site off and on for the last couple of years as their kit looked great and the reviews from their customers appeared genuine and sincere. Also I have never seen a bad word about the company anywhere, ever. In the meantime I have owned an old French Velosolex from the Sixties, and a new Tomos moped. The Solex engine was becoming increasingly sluggish and the Tomos disappeared after I brought it into a repair shop which went belly-up shortly afterwards. My 52-year-old bones protested at the thought of tacking some of the unforgiving hills around here, and especially more towards the mountains where I want to take the bike. The idea of a motorized bike, to me, is to greatly extend your range, flatten out the hills, and make bike riding 100 percent fun. I liked the idea of Golden Eagle’s belt drive system as opposed to the friction drive of the Solex, not that there was anything wrong with the friction drive, but the thing was slow, let’s face it. On a good day with the wind at your back the best you can hope for is about 18 miles per hour. Lately on a good day I’d be lucky just to keep the thing upright. And I am no mechanic by any stretch of the imagination. Finally the time was right to get the Golden Eagle kit. My experience was a bit unusual in that I bought the bike first to “agree” with the Golden Eagle kit, instead of doing things in reverse. Or so I thought.

    I thought I was really clever in the bike shop, measuring the distance between the chainstay (bottom frame section that runs from the bottom of the seat post to the rear hub, and finding I had an ample 1-3/4″ clearance to allow for their drive ring. So I got my new Norco Pinnacle based on the chainstay clearance, plus the fact that it has front suspension and the 2005 model has regular rear axles, rather than the quick-release ones. Plus a very moderate price and good overall quality. I chose a 17″ frame because I feel more comfortable on a slightly smaller frame than I would normally get and wanted a lower centre of gravity. Only after getting it home did I notice the seatstay (the other part of the frame that goes from the top of the seat post to the rear hub. Might be a new design twist, but some creative person at Norco appears to have decided, hey let’s put a curve in the seatstay so that right where Golden Eagle’s drive ring is, the seatstay will bend inwards right at that point to interfere with its operation. The curve does not appear to be necessary (though I could certainly be wrong here), it just seems to be a “nifty” design element. Not so nifty in my case though. I had two choices: to bend the seatstay or to file away at the point of interference. Attempts to bend the seatpost in my case were just fruitless so I did end up filing a little bit of the seatstay to allow clearance. That worked fine. Aside from this chore, putting the drive ring on the spokes and mounting the engine kit were both straightforward, even for this non-mechanic.

    I did some tweaking to the bike. In the past, I have been stuck in the middle of nowhere with flat tires once too often and need to have what is, to me, an acceptable level of confidence. I got Specialized Nimbus Armadillo Kevlar tires, with street treads, the only tires out of about six leading “flat-resistant” brands that did NOT get flats when run on a cruel test course covered in broken glass shards. The tires are great, but on my first test rides I found the aluminum bike with the Armadillo tires was too light, it would tend to bounce around too much for me. As I had plenty of weight in the back, with myself and the engine, it was the front that had no weight. My solution was to put back on the front the original wider, knobby tire the bike came with, and not only that, I installed a Mr. Tuffy tire liner, plus I cut an inner tube in half lengthwise and installed that on “top” of the tire liner, then put in a Bell Universal extra-thick tube with Slime sealant. Not only does this give the front end some heft and weight, but the bike handles much better over rough terrain, gravel, sand, mud, snow and ice, and I have every confidence in the flat protection. I even put Slime into the rear tube, not because it needed it, but I’m using Slime more as an early-warning device — at the slightest hint of a puncture or leak of any kind the green Slime will show up on the tires and I’ll know about it. It looks like you’ve run over a monster bug. Not only that, but chances are good it will fix the problem by sealing it on the spot. I realize that “mixing” tires is frowned upon, but I felt I needed the wide, knobby tires in the front and did not need them in the back, since there is so much weight in the back anyway. And it’s not like anyone is going 100 miles per hour here– my purpose is to cruise comfortably over an extended range with total confidence in the machine I am using. With this sort of thing, I think ultimately it is yourself that you have to please.

    In the process of getting the bike tweaked to meet my desired level of confidence in it, I would take the bike out for a couple of hours each day, always trying something new, i.e. different types of terrain, different hills, then come back home and make any adjustments to the bicycle that I noticed were needed during the tests. In the process I learned especially how to change tires and tubes (after this exercise I could do that in my sleep, though I would dread having to tackle the rear tire in bear country. Hence the Kevlar tires). Also how to adjust the brakes, and thankfully a bicycle is a relatively simple machine and if you know about tires, tubes and brakes, you’re in pretty good shape.

    And now to how the Golden Eagle kit works. I got their 35cc Robin/Subaru 4-stroke engine with the trail gear installed, since I’m not about speed –it’s the hills that worry me. I love the fact that the engine “mixes” its own oil (actually it automatically sprays exactly the right amount of oil at the right time), so that’s one less thing I’ll be messing up. Golden Eagle says this engine has more low-end torque; that’s why I got it. The very first time I started it up, after four pulls on a brand new engine –not bad at all, I hopped on the bike and just placed my little pinky on the throttle and wow! –the bike and me were off at a speed that I normally would peddle at. I engaged the throttle maybe one-quarter of it’s capacity and zoom –off we were with even more power! I knew at that moment this was no mistake at all, getting this kit. It is all get-up-and-go and no questions asked. Very, very impressive. After about two weeks now of riding it a different “way” every day, with different objectives that is, I have total confidence in the kit, and have learned to help it especially when starting off from a dead stop. Oh, it doesn’t really need the help usually, but it is nice to have that bicycle experience too. A few good pedals, ease into the throttle and the engine scoots right along nicely without exerting any undue pressure on the spokes. This particular engine also has a great sound, maybe a little loud but it lets you know it is commanding the road, and it lets you know this is a real engine, not just some toy. I get a big kick out of the sound –it’s addictive in some way, and it just oozes confidence. I can tell by the way people react that before they look, they think a motorcycle of some kind is heading towards them, then they are invariably surprised by this unique contraption when they do see what it is.

    As for the ultimate test of the engine, how it handles hills, Darryl and Sina of Fort Collins, Colorado, other reviewers on this site, said they got the engines to “flatten out the hills”. They have an excellent description of just how the engines work on hills in their review, and that phrase stuck with me. Truly it does flatten out the hills. I find most moderate hills that I would be grumbling about having to deal with are a cinch with the Golden Eagle. I must confess it’s not even necessary to peddle on moderate hills but this is where I feel guilty — I mean I’m able to help out some, right? I get a kick out of pedaling on hills actually, because I marvel at how easy it is climbing a moderate hills and it really is like pedaling an un-assisted bike on level ground. As for the tough hills, the really steep inclines, sure you have to peddle, and you do feel it, but the engine gives all the assist you could reasonably hope for. I don’t like to think I’m straining the engine so I help out. The exercise is of value of course and since you’re climbing at a rate much faster than you could ever pedal, the hill is tacked in a short enough period of time.

    So the Golden Eagle bike kit from me gets a perfect score. It’s a well thought-out, brilliantly designed system that brings you the fun of riding a bike with greatly extended range and “flattened” hills. All of the fun of bike-riding and none of the drawbacks. And as a bonus, at least here in Alberta, you don’t need a license, you don’t need to register the bike, you don’t need insurance and you can park anywhere for free. What other motorized vehicle can even come close to this?

    Calgary, Alberta

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  44. Keith

    5 out of 5 Thanks again for making an outstanding product

    To the staff at Golden Eagle Bicycles:

    Wanted to thank you guys for creating such a wonderful kit that is easy to assemble, modify and a real pleasure to ride. I bought one of your kits about a year ago and have not had any problems. Although the level of design of the kit was superb, I felt the need to improve on it. I decided to build a show bike that would actually have the motor fit within the confides of the frame eliminating the original way of having a bracket and motor above the wheel. I took an angel plate mounted it underneath the seat. Rotated the tensioner and gear plate 90 degrees with the belt tensioner disengaged. Drilled and reamed on a washer to make a tight pressed fit on the belt, raise or lower angle plate and install washers accordingly. Once the right enough tension on the belt is set, there is no need to adjust anymore. If the should happen to wear out or break, I have it easy enough to change belts. Simply unscrew nut to where bearing is at. Remove bearing and belt. Put new belt on with bearing and nut and you’re up and running again. By setting up belt and tensioner this way, I’ve eliminated slippage of belt. The best part of it all is that I have an improved mph increase in top speed. I guess I must have done something right. I won the 2005 Autorama World of Wheels Best of Show in class Custom Scooter. Thanks again for making an outstanding product.


    Keith Aumiller in Missouri

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  45. Stu

    5 out of 5 It is wild to have this kind of power from 25cc’s

    The bike is a Wal-Mart 99 Dollar Mongoose with Full Suspension. I have Wire tied the spokes where they cross each other on both sides of each wheel. This has ended any breaking of them. Loc-Tite applied to ANY threads has held this bike together, along with nylon insert nuts replacing the store hardware. I have beaten this bike to the point of insanity. Axles have bent, everything has come off or loose at least once. Blowouts + crashes are common even with thicker tires. I have done some rotten trails, cliffs, drop offs, bluffs etc. to get to some WONDERFUL Peaks here in the Hudson Valley at West Point and Bear Mountain State Park ,along the Hudson River. What surprises me is that this bike engine kit has survived intact. The engine is close to 1000 miles, and gets more power now than when new. It is wild to have this kind of power from 25cc’s. If you like trails, go for the Lower (smaller) ratio Gear. Top speed is 47MPH downhill (please don’t do this), 35 on the level. Bought a kit for my wife Melanie, with a muffler kit (25 Mins. to install) Top end is better as stated, with NO lower power loss that we can detect. I am banned from this bike… Now for the reason for buying these great kits… I was completely paralyzed from head to toe for quite a long time with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Axonal Type. This was a pretty severe Variety and We were told I would never walk again after MANY months of complete paralysis, Tube Feedings, Respirator etc… I got better over the years and am doing fine; HOWEVER, I can’t pedal a bike. This kit not only allows me to go where I want in the Mountains, I can Blow the doors off ANY of those Spandex racer bikers on the roads to these trails. I really SMOKE them! THAT, Boys and Girls, is the funniest coolest thing of all. Even they laugh and holler. My advice, as life really is too short: Get off your ass and buy this set-up. Stop clicking these reviews and order one. Save your bottle money, sell the Plasma TV, Hell. Sell YOUR Plasma, but get one on the road. It’s Wild!

    Stu Chaney in New York

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  46. David

    4 out of 5 Can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun riding my bike

    Hi all:

    Just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how much I’m digging this bike kit. I live in Colorado so I installed the “Trail Gear” to help out with some of the hills. Check out the custom lower bracket mounting block I came up with to get around the problem with the active rear swing arm. It holds the engine frame in place very firmly and allows the rear arm to travel freely. Anyway, the engine kit is great I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun riding my bike.

    David in Colorado

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  47. Jess

    5 out of 5 I am happy to find out that your equipment is as reliable as your reviews claim

    Hello Golden Eagle Bike Engine Guys,

    It is a year later and there is still a breeze and smile on my face when I am riding my bicycle with your engine. I have worn out two rear heavy duty tires while riding through the hills of upstate New York. I am happy to find out that your equipment is as reliable as your reviews claim. This is absolutely the fastest, safest and most enjoyable way to ride a bicycle. It is just like the hero in the movie “Rocketeer” says after he blasts thorough the sky with his jet backpack… “I like it!”

    Thanks, Jess in New York

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  48. James

    5 out of 5 hat’s off to Golden Eagle

    I’ve been riding my Golden Eagle motorized bike for several months now, and I really like it! I bought it to have a “motorcycle” and still get a good workout when I want it. This combination satisfies that perfectly, with the added benefit that I can now run longer errands in less time, and still get the exercise I want. That means that I now use the bike for many errands I used the car for before, due to time constraints. Great! Of course, when I’m feeling lazy I let the motor do most of the work. Some of the very steep hills here in the Arkansas Ozarks do require some help from me, though. I’m amazed that the motor starts so easily and has been so trouble free. And I’m also amazed at the great job my local body shop did painting the tank to match the bike. It looks great! When I bought it, the tank was just narrow enough to not interfere with pedaling, but the shop went ahead and shaped the concave sides to make sure. It now holds one and a quarter gallons, which is just about perfect. I use a handlebar bag, which I removed to enhance the “Grand Prix” appearance for this photo, and will add a front rack to hold even more stuff. Then I can’t wait to try a long distance camping trip! The bike is a Specialized Expedition and is properly called a “comfort bike”, with a big, soft seat and cushy forks. It truly is comfortable, and the several longer rides I have taken so far have been no problem. My hat’s off to Golden Eagle for their design! BTW, I got the tank at bmikarts, (937) 526-9544 for about $40.

    James in Arkansas

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  49. Jose

    5 out of 5 It’s so much fun

    Hello, my name is Jose Esguerra, and above is my Kona Smoke with a Golden Eagle Bike Engine (GEBE) Kit. I’ve had this setup since Spring of 2004, and it’s still going strong.

    I’ve come to use the bike for errands around the neighborhood. From trips to the grocery, hardware store, café, visiting friends, going to the model train club….etc….I’ve even spent a great deal of the summer commuting to work (unfortunately our company division has moved to a new location in July — I’ll have to find a new route….doh).

    I came upon the GEBE kit from an article in Popular Mechanics, and a quick visit to their website sold me on the idea. I had to have one. I love biking, and the thought of commuting to work without putting up a sweat was very appealing. Of course I’d bike home (pedal) to get my 20 minutes of exercise. With what time I have between work, house chores, and taking care of my 14 month old son, I really don’t have the time to spend 2-3 hours at a gym working out.

    It’s so much fun, I often find every excuse to use the bike instead of my car. In fact, on the weekends I use my car primarily when I’ve got to take the whole family for a ride or when I’ve got to pickup something that I can’t carry on the bike.

    So, in addition to the GEBE, I’ve added the following to the Kona Smoke…
    Seat post mounted rack – Caution here…the main complaint regarding these racks is their tendency to loosen and swing out. In order to counter this I’ve added a bracket below the rack that attaches to the GEBE motor mount. The bracket holds the rack in place.

    Rack Bag – Both the rack and the bag is made by Topeka. This manufacturer has a great quick release mounting system for their bags. Since I carry my wallet, sunglasses, keys, and cell phone in the bag, the quick release allows me to quickly remove the bag and take it with me wherever.

    Front Shocks— The shock was something I added lately, and it’s not shown in the pictures. Front shocks are a necessity at the speeds you can reach on a bike with a GEBE. You can easily loose control with a standard fork on bumpy roads. Also it’s very tiring with a standard fork since your arms will be absorbing the bumps and continuously correcting your direction.

    Side Mirrors — These are an absolute necessity. Cars are big, fast, solid, and quiet. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. PERIOD. The mirrors give you that ability without turning your head 360 degrees.

    Side bag — This is for carrying slightly bigger items. It also holds a packable rain parka for unexpected rainy days, and my Kryptonite bike lock.

    Computer — These are really affordable, and it’s so nice to know how fast your going. Real easy to put on, and there’s many to choose from.

    Lights — I found that late nights during the middle of the week are some of the best times to go riding. There’s very little traffic, and at times you’re the only one on the road! Oh, and thanks GE for the rear taillight. It’s awesome.

    We’ll that’s pretty much it. Some people ask me why I didn’t buy a motorcycle instead or a Vespa. One reason is the cost, and the other is the wife said flat out no to a Harley. The Vespa is a neat alternative, but it costs around $5000 for a new one, and it’s difficult to find a used one in my area…they aren’t very popular yet. A bike with a GEBE affords me with a short distance (this is relative – with my current setup I can reach 120 miles one way) versatile commuter and neighborhood work mule.

    Jose in Michigan

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  50. Michael

    5 out of 5 Golden Eagle is in a class by itself

    Two words: Instant Smile! : ) I just wanted to let everyone at Golden Eagle know what a wonderful product they have created. I think that it is brilliant and at the same time, very easy to operate, assemble, and maintain. I have a cheaper bike from Wal-Mart that I attached the engine kit to. Installation from opening the box to whizzing down the road at 40 miles per hour took me about an hour. The Golden Eagle has since been my main mode of transportation. Within the first 48 hours of ownership I completed the break-in process after riding it from NC to Raleigh, NC and back, on a 3 day week-end. I achieved approximately 250 miles per gallon of fuel, and accomplished the 160 mile ride in approximately six hours with no problems at all. I only weigh about 150 pounds, and I ordered the highway gear and the exhaust so I average in the high 30’s to 40 miles per hour on flat ground. I now have approximately 800 miles on the bike and am contemplating another Raleigh trip. I look forward to any new products or advancements in development in the future. I would recommend this kit to anyone who just wants a lot of fun or simply cheap transportation. I have received more looks on this bike than you can imagine. Many seem awestruck that a bicycle is capable of such speeds and is totally 100% street legal in North Carolina. By the way, the Golden Eagle also does great on the beach in the sand. I wouldn’t consider any other kit; Golden Eagle is in a class by itself.

    Michael in North Carolina

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  51. Pat

    5 out of 5 definitely the way to fly…


    About 3 + years ago, I struck upon the brilliant idea of going to work on my bicycle. It’s a 13.6km trip each way, which takes about 45 minutes peddling with your typical mountain bike. Then I thought why not get an electric assist? I didn’t want to get gas because I thought electric would be more greener. I tried several makes many of them my own design. The best one was the Currie, then the Bikit using 36 volts instead of 24v, these are pretty good systems except I kept finding I would run out of steam before getting to work, the Currie was the most efficient, but I could only get about 27kph by the end of the trip. After 2 years of struggling with this arrangement, I sold the whole kit and caboodle. I had stumbled upon the Golden Eagle but wasn’t ready yet.

    I tried some of my own designs with weed eater motors & dependability always dogged me. Then one day I said to heck with it, if I am going to ride I better get a decent kit, so the eagle seemed to be the best one from what I had read on their website.

    Last year I bought mine, installed it, & was riding to work within the week. I immediately fell in love with this method, not worrying so much about being greener. I would definitely say this is by far the best system out there. I put a header on mine with a silencer this spring, & I have way more top end power, so cruising speed has gone up about 5kph, & range has gone up about 20%. I don’t have much low end torque anymore; however the route I take makes it practical to be satisfied with the top end versus the bottom end.

    My next trick will be to get a good quality bike, something that is an authentic mountain bike with real mountain bike parts versus the cheaper models that only cost 2-3 hundred bucks. Also I am thinking perhaps a new motor etc. Gas went up to 88 cents a liter yesterday, that’s about 15% more than the states, sad part is we make the stuff here in Alberta. If you want to save money on fuel, insurance, registration etc. a power bike is definitely the way to fly…

    Pat in Alberta

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  52. Chris

    5 out of 5 Hardley Davidson

    I had heard of Golden Eagle Bike Engines online while researching different methods of motorizing a bike, and after talking to Dennis I decided to give em a try. I have seen the pics of other satisfied customers on their website, and I decided to do something different with my bike, something with an edge that will stand out in a crowd, turn some heads and get this company some attention. While most of the people mounted the engine on a 10 speed mountain bike style platform, I decided to mount the engine on a Dyno Roadster stretched beach cruiser that I dubbed ” Hardley Davidson.” To add to the effect I went all out with accessories: 18″ ape hangar bars, thick motorcycle chain, custom sprocket, pedals, saddle. The bike I ended up with is just SICK! But I couldn’t stop there; I then turned my attention to the engine and getting it to perform to absolute capacity. First I started with an aftermarket air filter, next I bolted on a high performance carb, and fully ported and polished the intake/exhaust/ and transfers, finally I ended up putting the x-can, a high performance exhaust on. All in all I GPS’ed my speed on five different runs on flat ground with medium wind and the average speed was 34.8 M.P.H. I weigh 220Lbs and my bike HAS to weigh in at over 60 Lbs! Now for a 25.4cc engine that is pretty impressive. Now on to the customer service aspect of Golden Eagle, Dennis is the man!! Any problem you have he can help fix, if you have a question, he has an answer. The staff at Golden Eagle is reason enough to purchase this kit. I am FULLY satisfied with their product, and their service, and I will do everything in my power to back Golden Eagle as if it were my company. See you around, gotta go turn some heads.

    in Fountain Valley, California

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  53. Ed

    5 out of 5

    Ed supplements his retirement income delivering flyers, now that he has his Eagle, he is thinking of enlarging his route.
    Move over Segway I’m ready to ROLL!!!!
    Ed in virginia

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  54. ED

    5 out of 5 DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, DO IT!

    It’s now been just a year since Trev and myself purchased our 2 Eagle Engines. They are running better now than ever. I don’t bother checking fuel consumption. Lets face it, if it only takes a pint of fuel for a good trip out, who gives a damn if its 190mpg or 250 mpg?

    Trev is running on the standard gear still, but I’ve changed to the trail gear. My top speeds slightly less but I benefit from increased acceleration and more power on the hills. When in traffic it’s nice to have that bit more power at junctions it feels a lot safer. Trev has got through his first belt in 12 months. I think it must be the non Kevlar type as mine is running fine with no signs of wear and I know mine is the Kevlar type.

    As I said, its 12 months down the line and the engines are running fine, if anything they are more responsive and take less fuel. Sorry, no figures for the fuel but fun factor rating 100%. We’re looking forward to getting the mufflers as soon as Eagle can ship them, we are nearly always running our engines together so we sound like a model twin engine Mosquito fighter plane and we tend to go early mornings or evenings after work, with the mufflers we shouldn’t scare as many pheasants.

    If you are thinking of buying an engine, think bike. Make sure you are running on decent wheels and tires and that you have got 2 good brakes. I can recommend Maguba Hydraulic Rim brakes. I run with them around France and Belgium with my bike loaded with a tent, sleeping bag, camera bag and clothes as well as my own 180lbs. Around 500 miles the engine pull and the brakes stop. The bikes will be across the channel again in October, we are touring around the Pas de Calais and Bolougne can’t wait.
    What more can I say…if you are thinking of buying an engine – DON`T THINK ABOUT IT, DO IT!

    Top marks to all at Golden Eagle,
    ED in UK

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  55. Mark

    5 out of 5 My daily commuter

    Golden Eagle,
    I have gotten very good use out of your product. I do recreational riding on a lightweight road bike, but also have a 20 mile daily commute. Traffic here is congested beyond belief and monthly parking downtown is over $250 a month. The bus system is slow and unreliable, biking solves that problem but there was always the time element. The engine has made a real difference in my daily commute and lets me keep up with the traffic in some stretches. I live in Alexandra, VA but commute to work in Washington D. C. central. My commute is like a tourist route, I bike within a dozen yards of the Pentagon, the Lincoln memorial, the Washington monument, the Jefferson monument and work two blocks from the White House.

    I am sending you a picture and just a few things of note for urban commuting your customers may be interested in. #1) I reversed a rear rack and put it on the front of the bike to carry my briefcase, it makes the steering sluggish but distributes the weight more evenly. I used a rear rack because it was sturdier than the commercial front racks I have seen which are designed primarily for front panniers and don’t have a horizontal bed.

    #2) I put a twin halogen headlight on the edge of the rack instead of the handlebars so light is not obstructed by cargo on the front rack. Being closer to the ground and projected forward it better illuminates the road surface (at 35MPH at night I don’t like mistaking black ice for oil stains). #3) You may notice the fender under the engine, I found if you attach the engine U shaped brace to the bike frame dropouts, then remove the rear wheel, it gives you stable access to the underside of the engine mounting plate. I removed the mud flap that came with the kit, drilled two holes in the fender and was able to screw the two mounting bolts through the fender into the U frame and then into the mounting plate – that stabilizes the rear fender and gives better splash protection.

    Vaude makes a great rear rack bag that you can mount on a seat post rack above the engine. The bag comes with (green bag) — a rain cover (meant for the bag) with an elastic band to pull in tight. The perfect size to cover the engine if bike is left in the rain, it also contains any gas fumes when the bike is brought indoors, helps prevent any complaints from co-workers.(I bring mine inside the office and park it next to my cubicle).

    I put an old road bike crank on the mountain bike frame and put an 11 tooth cog on my rear cluster to let me pedal at the 30 – 35 MPH range. Mountain bike gearing can’t keep up with the higher speeds.

    I kept the quick release hubs but replaced the skewer with a long threaded rod. I couldn’t find a skewer that was rear axel — long enough to accommodate the extra width of the engine mounting brace and have enough thread inside the skewer nut. I also drilled and tapped a bolt into the dropout to reinforce the mounting brace. It makes changing a flat so much easier when the support of the engine remains fixed when I drop the rear wheel.
    Anyway, this is a great product and I would be interested in upgrading to the 31cc engine when you come out with it. Also, if you could sell me some RedMax oil, it is not available locally and as long as I have to order it shipped from somewhere I would prefer to do business with you.

    Thanks for the help,
    Mark in Virginia

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  56. Bill

    5 out of 5 Reliable and fun transportation

    The recumbent Infinity is a very light bike with an aluminum frame and feels like I’m flying low with the Golden Eagle power assist. It will easily do 30+ mph on level ground and feels very smooth. Because the gas powered bike kit is new I don’t want to push it too hard, so I varied the speed and just briefly run it up to a high rpm.

    The cruiser bike will do 27 mph easily and probably more if I wanted to ride that fast. This is the second unit I purchased from Golden Eagle and really gave it a workout on a steep hill. I have a few motorized bicycles and have attempted to climb that same hill with all of them. This is the first gas powered bike kit that made it using there hill climber gear.
    There is no question about it, I am impressed with this gas powered bike kit.

    I did quiet the engine down, if you look close you can see copper tubing under the engine. I did a couple of things with the tubing that has made it VERY quiet and haven’t seemed to have lost any power. I like the idea of easily changing gear ratio for very steep hills, and no slipping on a wet surface as the friction rollers do. It seems to start easily and run smooth with good power. All this adds to reliable and fun transportation at a low out of pocket cost, which I like.

    Bill in California

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  57. Tom

    5 out of 5 Golden Eagle flys

    You know, ever since I could remember I wanted to run like a CHEETAH. That Golden Eagle flys. Its a super stealthly bike. I use no effort and the bike just tears up those paths. I focus only on my pure enjoyment. It takes me like a dependable horse just about anywhere in a click of time. Time itself seems to stop – I can’t fully explain it. The splendid Earth with its people just floats right by. Everyones’ reaction to it is special. Most are amazed or just plain happy to see it. It spreads pure joy. It radiates Love in all directions. I finally got one right — it is awesome to run like a CHEETAH!

    When I realized what this engine could do I pushed it to the max and it answered back with “come on give me some more!” The bike loves to be moving. It doesn’t like to sit around waiting for me. It needs to go. My favorite moves are shifting body weight, darting, and full speed arcing turns. I love launching my entire body around the turns going faster and faster. I had been planning my own bike engine designs for years. I’ll tell ya I threw them out as soon as I got back from the first ride on that Golden Eagle Super Bike! This is truely the answer to a dream a boy had over 25 years ago – to run like a CHEETAH!!

    Now I’m designing 3 new bikes around the Golden Eagle engine configuration. I’m going to build a chopper style bike laid back for the street, a trail/beach comfort cruiser for my wife, and an all out off road jumping bike for pure dirt and aerial manuvers.

    I hate phones so let me tell you straight – THANK YOU!
    TOM in California

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  58. Edd and Trev

    5 out of 5 Great buy

    The engines turned out to be a great buy and investment even as they performed so well that we have started to organize our next trip in March 2003. The little 25cc engines had enough power to make pedaling easier but not so much that it took the fun out of cycling. The lads at Golden Eagle were great they offered help and advice all along and any enquiries were sorted out fast.

    To sum up honestly I suppose our mini trip to Europe was at first a bit of a “what if vacation”. What if the belt breaks, what if the polymer wheel isn`t up to the job, what if the engines have no guts…

    We are already planning our next vacation!

    Edd and Trev in UK

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  59. Paul

    5 out of 5 Great customer service!!

    I had not ridden a bike in over 30 years. Last August I bought a Mongoose trail bike on a whim. My 50+ year old legs, knees and ankles could peddle it some, but not for long distances. So I started surfing the web for a motor to assist my bicycling. I looked at friction drives, chain drives and all types. I then came across the Golden Eagle Engine. Having a direct belt drive system made sence to me, so I ordered one. The kit arrived in a few days, and its all the website says it is. Great quality & easy to put together. I had a little problem putting it together, so I called the phone number on the website and talked to the owner of Golden Eagle. He told me exactly what I was doing wrong. Great customer service!! Anyway, I commute 12 miles to work on my bike now and love it. I can ride quickly on the flat land, and go up and down hills and don’t hurt my old knees. Fantastic product!! I am having a ball riding my bike with the Golden Eagle Engine Kit and would recommend it to anyone!

    Paul in Michigan

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  60. Joe

    5 out of 5 Installed a small rocket on the back of the bike!

    Love the engine. It was a breeze to install. I was surprised at the pickup.. felt like I’d installed a small rocket on the back of the bike! The engine starts second pull every time, and its a pleasure to operate on the road.. Looking forward to your next generation system for smaller bikes for my daughter.
    Thanks again!
    Joe in Lousiana

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