The X38 Golden Eagle Kit – 38cc 4 Stroke Engine – 36 Spoke

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Golden Eagle 38cc 4 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit

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Will this bike engine kit fit my bicycle?

Our NEWEST four stroke bicycle engine is the latest and greatest! We’ve been working direct with the same manufacturers, in the same plants where Honda, Robin and Subaru are built. Our new 38cc mini 4-stroke sets a new bar for quality and value. What’s amazing is the fact we’ve put together a fantastic kit that’s not just more affordable – it’s the biggest and most powerful 4 stroke yet! More power for the hills and trails – or simply commuting a little faster, the Golden Eagle will get you there.
Fits 24″ – 26″ bicycle wheels.

Shipping Included for contiguous US only – additional charges apply for HI, AK and International shipments.

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Product Description

Golden Eagle Bike Motor Kit

Our Bicycle Motor Kit come with everything needed to mount
the engine to your bike and hit the road!
bicycle motor kits


A. Drive Ring
B. Belt
C. Lower Mount Strap
D. Safety Cover
E. Front Mount Strap
F. Engine w/mount bracket & drive assembly
G. Trigger Throttle, cable attached
H. Kill Button, wire attached
I. Oil – for 2-strokes only
J. 4in1 Ring/Spoke/Gear Key
K. Nuts, bolts, washers, Clutch Knob & Zip-Ties

Golden Eagle Kit with 38cc Mini 4 Stroke


Our NEWEST bike engine kit is the latest and greatest! We’ve been working direct with the same manufacturer, at the same plants where Honda, Robin and Subaru are built. We’ve beefed up the clutch, bigger bore and bigger carburetor – to surpass even the Honda GX35 in performance and durability. Our new 38cc mini 4-stroke raises the bar for quality and value – not to mention it has power to spare! The motor is very responsive, has a smooth power curve and won’t break the bank.

We want to make our kits more accessible to everyone and know that it’s a sizable investment but you can rely on Golden Eagles 15 years of experience to deliver a superior product and we stand behind all our kits.

Advanced Technology

Full 360° “any-side-up” operation – use and store in any position
4-stroke – no fuel/oil mixing
Rotary-slinger lubrication system

Fuel Efficient, High Output Operation

Approximately half the operating cost of comparable 2-stroke engines.
Efficient port configuration and large diameter valves maximize power.
Lighter, more rigid valve train.
Carburetor equipped with accelerator pump for fast, easy acceleration.

Smooth Performance

Precision engineered components result in lower vibration
Lighter piston minimizes vibration
Ball bearing supported crankshaft for greater stability
Roller bearing supported connecting rod

Emissions Compliant

CARB and EPA certified
No catalyst necessary

Exceptionally Quiet

Belt-driven OHC design reduces mechanical noise
Large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system
Sophisticated air intake system

Proven Reliability

High quality materials, fit, and finish
Lifetime timing belt design
Integrated fuel system protection
Diaphragm carburetor

Easy to Use and Maintain

Easily accessible spark plug
Easy to drain and re-fill oil
No mixing of gas and oil

Easy Starting

Exhaust decompression system
Unique low inertia design

Approximately half the operating cost of most 2-stroke engines

Efficient 4-Stroke technology not only offers superior fuel economy, it also requires no mixing of oil in the engine’s fuel supply. This substantially reduces both oil consumption and the emission of unburned oil in the exhaust.

Built-in passages effectively return the circulated oil to the oil reservoir from every part of the engine. An oil return port positioned in the center of the reservoir prevents oil from accidentally flowing into the combustion chamber.

The results include better all-around environmental performance and operating costs that actually decrease the more the engine is used!

Belt-driven OHC design

In addition to the milder operating noise of Four Stroke engines in general, the Mini 4 strokes belt-driven OHC design further reduces unpleasant mechanical noise. Its lighter piston and other moving parts help keep vibration to a comfortable level.

Engine Specs

Engine Type = Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC
Bore x Stroke = 39 mm x 30 mm
Displacement = 36.3 cm3
Net Power Output = 1.5 HP (1.2 kW) @ 7,000 rpm
Net Torque = 1.2 lb-ft (1.6 Nm) @ 5,500 rpm
PTO Shaft Rotation = Counterclockwise (from PTO shaft side)
Compression Ratio = 8.0:1
Carburetor = Diaphragm-type (overflow return)
Ignition System = Transistorized magneto
Starting System = Recoil
Lubrication System = Crankcase pressure–driven
Governor System = NA
Air cleaner = Semi-dry
Oil Capacity = 3.4 US oz (100cc)
Fuel = Unleaded 86 octane or higher
Fuel Tank Capacity = 0.65U.S. qt (.60 liter)
Dry Weight = 7.8 lb (3.8 kg)


Length = 8.0″ (204mm)
Width = 9.2″ (234mm)
Height (min) = 9.4″ (230mm)

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19 reviews

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19 reviews with a 5-star rating

  1. Shawn

    5 out of 5 In 4 years this product has never failed me once!

    I have been riding my 4 stroke 38cc golden eagle bike engine for almost 4 years, three months shy. It is my main means of transportation. I ride all year long and up here in Canada means that about 8 months of the year can be pretty miserable for transportation. Studded tires go on first of October and do not come off till mid April. Depending on the weather.

    This product has never failed me once! Never have I had to walk this bike due to engine or any part failure. Put a few steps on due to flats. Even in -20 to -30 weather. Bike was outside at work for on average 9 hours a day in that weather and still started with only 2 pulls! In the time that I have owned the engine I have put a little over 4800 mi (7700 km Canadian) on it. I still hit 44kmh with it(and I am 240lbs) and when new could only hit 42kmh, due to break in. I have not had to put a wrench on the engine other than to change the gear. I was thinking I would have to rebuild soon. Why would I screw with something that is still working better than new! I do not take it easy on the product either.

    The quality of customer service is top notch!

    I cannot stress enough to wear your safety gear. When you are hitting those speeds( 44kph not that fast) don’t seem that fast till you have to take a corner or a car turns in front of you!

    Follow their tips and suggestions they are spot on! From me… change your OIL! More often than not! Only matter of minutes being 80 ml. You will thank me when you are pushing 5000 ml. Without a rebuild!

    Reliable product with great customer service! I would highly recommend this product.


    Shawn from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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  2. Clarence

    5 out of 5 The Golden Eagle is an absolute pleasure to ride

    This is a followup review after two seasons using the Golden Eagle Honda GX35 on my Del Sol comfort bike. I don’t use the Golden Eagle all the time because I also ride unpowered bikes, but I have used it running errands and when it’s too hot outside to be pedaling. The Golden Eagle is an absolute pleasure to ride. The kit was easy to install and the engine is very dependable. Of course it it’s dependable, because it’s a Honda. Once installed, mine reached 28 mph right out of the box and I measured gasoline consumption at 184 mpg.

    Please pay attention to the folks at Golden Eagle when they tell you to check and recheck bicycle hardware. Road vibration at these higher speeds can loosen things up. On one trip my front brake began pulsating. When I stopped to check it, the cantilever pivot bolt had loosened and fallen out, never to be seen again, and the brake parts were loose. I had to limp home with just rear brakes. I bought replacement hardware but also bought a tube of Loc-Tite and I apply it to loose bolts before I re-tightened them. Now I have no more problems.

    I also managed to cause another hardware problem on my own. The kit bolt that attaches the front strap to the bike frame broke twice before I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was tightening the axle shaft nuts first, so the front strap bolt was actually tensioning the strap into place. To avoid this problem when installing the kit, installers should always tighten the front mounting strap first with the engine in place, then tighten the wheel nuts last.

    Complaints? I have a couple. The curved gasoline tank retains an air pocket that prevents filling it completely. I carry a one-gallon gasoline can in a front basket on long trips. And the kill switch wire they supplied wasn’t long enough, so the kill switch on the handlebar is closer to the steering stem than to the handle grip. The kill button also is a hit-and-miss proposition because sometimes it takes a several presses to stop the engine.

    But honestly, none of my inconveniences were a deal breaker. I love my Golden Eagle and I highly recommend it!

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  3. Kathy and Pat

    5 out of 5 Many miles and hours of enjoyment

    From the Skagit Valley tulip fields in Washington state.

    To all of the people out there who think they’re too old to ride, we want
    you to know that it’s possible to get out there on that bicycle and enjoy
    the views!

    We’ve gotten many miles and hours of enjoyment on our bicycles since we
    added the motors. Thanks for all you do to help your customers have a good

    Best Regards,
    Kathy and Pat

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  4. 1 out of 1 people found this helpful
    Robert T Kahler

    5 out of 5 Great Ride!!

    I’ve had it for a year now, can’t wait for warm weather to start riding again! I did test it Monday April 23rd. I wanted to ride it for a while before I wrote a review. I get all kinds of people asking questions about it! The only drawback I found was the design of the gas tank, it only fill to 2/3 capacity, and a trapped air pocket prevents it from filling up all the way! I’m going to try and drill 1-2 1/16″ holes in the tank to release the air as it fills up, hopefully all the way! I always carry extra gas in a stainless vessel so I won’t get stranded. I just love it! I feel like a kid again! lol

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  5. Shawn


    I bike year round. Have studded tires for winter driving. So the thought of being able to put an engine on it would make my life a whole lot easier travelling to work everyday! so i have done extensive research! Not a compulsive buyer. In that research have personally spoken to owners of other products out there and could not find one that was reliable, nor quality engineering. Until i found Golden Eagle. I researched the product for a couple of weeks then contacted the company directly by phone…imagine i got a real person not a message machine! From first contact, Julia yes Julia we are on first name basis, they have gone over and beyond to accommodate my questions and concerns. Even when my questions surpassed Julia’s knowledge, which was extensive. She didn’t try and BS me with some out there answer ….. she passed me on to an engineer!!! The quality of customer service since purchase has not declined in the slightest!! QUALITY COMPANY AND PRODUCT.

    My views after purchase. I purchased the golden eagle 38cc 4 stroke kit 3 months ago. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It was very easy to install. very important, when installing ring onto rim make sure u keep the 4 in 1 wrench directly against the ring when snapping spokes into ring. Otherwise you risk bending the spoke trying to get it in ring.

    Also when installing front mount strap with the L bracket, make sure when positioned it is inline with the hole the bolt has to go into. I had to put a slight bend in it to get it to come down to hole. well honestly when first installed i just pushed it down with some force and had to have a good hold onto it to get bolt in hole. This caused it to have undue stress on bolt. Doing checks ups on bike noticed it was bending the bolt. Driving to work within first week of owning i hit a bump and heard a snap noise. I thought I had snapped some spokes, upon inspection no spokes has broke. My bad for not inspecting all parts but that bolt had snapped. I kept going the engine fell backwards causing the kill switch cable to come apart and the throttle stick wide open. i came to full stop noticed engine position, LOL. put choke on and hit gas to kill engine. so that was when I put bend in front strap so as to have it line up with hole without having to put pressure to reach hole and I also put in a larger bolt. Haven’t had a problem since.

    The engine always starts with 2 pulls when cold, when engine is slightly warmed up only takes one pull, always! i am 6 feet and 240 lbs on the flat can obtain about 43 km and hour. Amazing that little 1.6 ft/lbs or torque can do! If i pedal and get speed up more the engine will still maintain the speed. Again like info tells you this is not a motorcycle. it is a pedal assist design. so i always pedal from dead stops and going up hills. As to increase belt life etc. Mind you any hill i have climbed with it, have tested, with not pedaling, speed will still maintain and depending on the grade of the hill increase speed! but i do want to get some exercise when i am biking. The pedaling when going up hills is almost effortless! The engine puts very little vibration through the bike, almost unnoticeable, when under full power. The product is professionally built and it shows.

    Would like to see some kind of drain plug for oil but can understand the engineering. I just put the bike on its side on my back step with the back wheel up the stairs, engine side down. I pick the back tire up about another foot and place object under to hold as to give enough angle to allow oil to drain. much easier process than dismantling. DO NOT LET THIS DETER YOUR DESIRE TO CHANGE OIL!!! or think this is a inferior product to what is out there!!

    The smile that is on my face, from ear to ear, every time I get off my bike far outweighs the one small inconvenience i have found about the product!! I do suggest going to your local drugstore and getting a large syringe to put your oil back in with for accuracy purposes. Largest syringe i could find was 60ml , But only requires 100ml to fill engine. Like any new break in of engine changing the oil is essential for engine life! i change oil every three tanks of gas. i will do so until it reaches the 1000 mile mark for total break in.

    I strongly suggest you go to your local bike store and get good lighting front and back, WEAR A HELMET!! And get a good speedometer. one that gives distance etc also traveled. For those who question driving in the winter… is an air cooled engine, performance can only increase. And bike is never left outside. You will not be disappointed in this product!!

    Shawn in Nova Scotia

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  6. Andrew

    5 out of 5 My Twin engine HOG

    These kits are still the simplest designs out there for mounting motors on bikes, adding a second GEBE kit to my bike was a breeze and my horsepower has been doubled! Being 260-280lbs. When fully geared I was a little underpowered going up steep hills, wouldn’t be an issue if I slimmed down but I didn’t want to get a bigger engine installed differently like how many ppl online thought so, so I brainstormed a bit and realized how easy installing a front motor would be. End result is a bike with all wheel drive and 3 HP of torque, capable of taking this fat man 35 mph on streets and 25 mph up hills that once struggled on. The engine eats more gas than my honda but it is very powerful even though it is not fully broke in yet. Very solid and very pleased thank you Golden Eagle

    Andrew in Seattle


    Photo has been removed

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  7. Jake

    5 out of 5 Truly a great product

    After having a couple of those crappy chinese bike motor kits you can really appreciate this one. It was easily 100 times better.
    No clutch, no mix, belt-driven, better gear mechanism, much more quiet, reliable!
    I’m sure there is more, but I will never get another china kit. These are definitely worth the extra money.

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  8. Randall

    5 out of 5 The quality of materials and intelligent design of the Golden Eagle is quite impressive.

    Dear GeBe:

    Attached you will find my son’s and my motorized bike project. We got your motor & kit last Thursday, and had no problems with installation. We took our time and tried hard to take our time and make everything perfect. I do believe we came close, as we have far exceeded expectations. We had to make a few modifications to fit onto a WalMart purchased Kent Del Rio cruiser bicycle, like notching the rear fender in a bit for drive belt clearance. We are very pleased with the Golden Eagle kit. Our compliments to you. The quality of materials and intelligent design of the Golden Eagle is quite impressive.

    Randall in Texas

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  9. Lodru

    5 out of 5 Motorized bicycle on a Catrike Expedition


    Here is what the installation of the GEBE looks like on my Catrike Expedition.


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  10. Jay

    5 out of 5 Ideal transportation and exercise machine at the same time

    Dear Golden Eagle,

    I do not know if I can express how happy I am with this project completed. To me that is the ideal transportation and exercise machine at the same time.

    I made a few changes, for example I moved the motor toward the back of thebicycle, to allow the installation of a rack, (that also allows to slide off the back wheel without the motor mount strap coming loose).

    I added fenders, lights and other accessories, and here is the finished product.

    I include a picture of my daughter riding it, since she is better looking than I am.

    Thank you!

    Jay in Ohio

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  11. Dan

    5 out of 5

    Received the bike motor kit and installed it right away and it works great!!!
    Thank for your help!!!
    Dan in Pennsylvania

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  12. Carl

    5 out of 5 Cross Continent Bike Ride

    Cross Continent Bike Ride with the Silver Eagle bike engine towing a self-made bike RV

    Sent from Carl’s Shoe Phone!

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  13. 1 out of 1 people found this helpful

    5 out of 5 I can make it in less time on my bike than in my car

    I haven’t had the motor a week and I’m ready to write a review for you to post on your website. Let’s start at the beginning: Your website is put together quite well. It’s very informative, helpful, and easy to navigate. Also, the bit about Bonneville is great, including the NPR broadcast (talk about bragging rights…). Also, the ordering was easy and the shipping was fast.

    Installation was a breeze, or should have been, had I planned ahead. I didn’t think to measure my rear wheel clearance, so the drive ring was rubbing on the frame. That was an easy fix, along with a few minor bugs I found later. By the way, pre-measured oil is a great idea.

    It started up on the third pull, and after warming up, was able to fling me down the road at previously impossible speeds. My commute to work is only 1.5 miles each way, and I can make it in less time on my bike that in my car. I’m able to cut across parking lots, trigger crosswalks (and therefore green lights), and the bike rack is closer to the door than any parking spot. And since it takes most of the pedaling out of biking, I’m no longer sweaty and stinky at work. Another problem with driving is that when it’s this hot out, the AC takes a while to get cold. I have AC built in, and it’d take a record high to make a 30 mph wind feel warm. All in all, a surprisingly good motor.

    I included a few pics for your enjoyment. The bike is a generic “Schwinn quality” bike from Wal*Mart. Nothing special, but yes, I could use full suspension.

    And then there’s my doorstop, I mean the Chinese wingding bicycle engine that I bought from a different company. I won’t say it was a bad engine, it was just the victim of trying to re-invent the wheel, while cutting corners to lower the price. The throttle was cheap plastic, the clutch (looked like a break lever) had play in directions it shouldn’t, the choke even had Chinese characters on it. Also, it’s nearly impossible to fit the 5 bolts of the main gear evenly between 18 spokes. Sure, it looked cool, but all the parts showed signs of poor design and shoddy construction. Anyways, I’ve absorbed the loss and moved on. Your motor will easily save me enough in gas to cover it, and maybe a new bike.

    Again, thank you for what will likely be years of enjoyment. I look forward to providing a one year (and two year, and three year…) follow-up.
    Chris in Maryland

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    • well, it’s been a year. how’s the motor holding up now?

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  14. Tommy

    5 out of 5 The design is really well thought out

    First let me say, dealing with Golden Eagle staff was an extreme joy – had me smiling through the whole transaction, and was very informative. I got my kit within 4 business days and inspected all the parts, very high quality. The design is really well thought out. After reading all the manuals I had the kit mounted in 40 mins. I had to adjust the idle witch took a minute, I loosened the locknut at the end of the accelerator cable, turned it clockwise and tightened the locknut, Wala it was done.When I finally took “Jack” (a Dahon Jack folding bike) On his maiden voyage, it was such a kick! haven’t had this much fun since I was a little guy! right out the box I was doing 29 to 30 MPH.

    I bought the folding bike because I am a Trucker, and pass so many sights of interest but can’t get to them because No big Rigs are allowed. Now I can pull my bike out of my truck, put fuel in the tank and cruise to all the sights. IE: Indian ruins in New Mexico. I want to thank all the staff and crew at Golden Eagle for putting a smile on my face, and producing a good quality product. Also for giving me the ability to go where I couldn’t go before! Thanks for the smiles!!
    Attached is a photo of Jack. 🙂

    Acton, California

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  15. Cal

    5 out of 5 “The Best” motorized Bicycle kit

    It is such a pleasure to work on a project that is comprised of high quality, well thought out components. The technical support from your company was outstanding!

    The modifications that I needed to make were easy to perform with the guidance from Dennis, and I was never in any questions that they were going to work well. My grandchildren, and Colt (their Collie) are always lined up for rides when I visit with the bike and carrier.

    Again thanks for all or your help and for building the “the Best” motorized Bicycle kit on the market.

    Cal in Connecticut

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  16. Brian

    5 out of 5 I am one very happy customer

    My bicycle engine kit reviews. The first engine I had was a 48cc chain drive on my mongoose mtn bike. It looked cool on my bike but the truth is it was hard to start, and one day I was going down a hill at full speed the drive chain locked up also locking up my back wheel. I got lucky and didn’t crash. And because the chain was jammed I couldn’t even ride my bike home. So I dragged my bike home over a mile, so I knew I needed a good engine. A friend told me about golden eagle, so I got the engine kit. It got here in 3 days.

    I have hooks in my cellar that I hang my bike on when I work on it. My brother came over Sunday and helped me put the engine on and it only took 1/2 hr. I have the engine on a mongoose 21 speed mt bike and I have to say the golden eagle makes my bike fast. My other engine; the 48cc chain drive would take a while for it to get up to speed, and has a 48 tooth sprocket. But the eagle don’t bog down at all and it has way more top end speed because of the big drive wheel. I don’t have a bike computer but I have to say that my bike is way faster with the golden eagle engine. I know the other 48cc engine was bigger but it also lost a lot of power because it took more work to turn that heavy chain and was also harder on the engine. So I have to say I’m very happy with my golden eagle engine and I tried it in rain. It worked great. One thing I like about the eagle is it is easy to install and it starts on the first or second pull and I also have more top end power because of the big drive ring.

    There is a path I like to ride on near me. There is a river to the left and a canal to the right. It’s called the tow path. Anyway I went there Sunday. I live in Bethlehem. and the path goes up to another town called Allentown. Well I got up to Allentown in no time. I have lights all over my bike and an extra fuel bottle. Everyone at golden eagle was great and they answered all my questions. That t shirt is very cool. I like the gold sparkles on the eagle. If your looking for a good engine that’s great on gas I would say to buy an eagle………………………..I am one very happy customer………………..

    See ya..
    Brian in Pennsylvania

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    • I like it a lot

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  17. Kevin

    5 out of 5 200+ miles per gallon

    My wife and I love our Golden Eagle Bike Motors. We have rode our bikes over 600 miles since we purchased our Golden Eagle Bike Motors last month. No license or insurance, 200+ miles per gallon and loads of dependable fun and exercise, what’s not to like! At first, the wife and I primarily rode for recreation, I now use my bicycle as practical transportation as well. I ride my bike to work 3 or 4 days per week in addition to those quick trips to the store. Thanks Golden Eagle Bike Motors, good job!

    Kevin and Joan in Michigan

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  18. Brent & Jan

    5 out of 5 Amazed at how simple everything went together

    Hi Golden Eagle,

    This is Brent & Jan and we just got back from a week on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with our Golden Eagle bicycle engine kit. This is a small artist community where everyone gets around on their bikes. You may be hearing from some of them as EVERYONE was stopping us and asking where they could get the bicycle engine kit and bike we were riding (a fold up Blue Star Mountain Bike).We loved the attention we got everywhere we went. I just thought I would send you a pic of them in action at the beach. Here they are in all their glory. Your bicycle engine kit is such a delight to ride. We were able to zip along the waters edge with our bicycle engine kit.

    We were really amazed at how simple everything went together and how simple the engineering was. It only took us an hour to install them on both bikes. The bicycle engine kit design is truly brilliant; three bolts and a little belt alignment. After a test drive, and some final tweaking, we were ready to hit the beach for some awesome fun in the sun. We couldn’t believe how insanely economical the bicycle engine kit was for us to use. I think we only spent $5 on gas to get around the entire vacation. And we went everywhere. We have tons of pics and great memories from this trip on our bicycle engine kit. We can’t wait to go on another long, beautiful, relaxing vacation with our Golden Eagle bicycle engine kit.

    Thanks for your continued efforts and support! Thank you for answering all my questions. I really appreciate the time that you took with us.

    Brent & Jan in North Carolina

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    • 3 out of 3 people found this helpful

      I have over 100,000 miles since 2004 on gebe kits in the Denver & rocky MTS. Lot of altitude & attitude. Also 70 years old ,

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  19. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful

    5 out of 5 Just love it

    I love it. This bicycle engine far surpasses any thing I thought it would do with a 340 pound giant on it. On level ground with the trail gear, The bicycle engine will run 27 mph with me on it. Just love it.

    Bill in South Carolina

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