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Golden Eagle Kit – 32cc Tanaka PureFire 2-Stroke – 36 Spoke

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(46 customer reviews)

PF-3300 32cc Tanaka PureFire 2 Stroke 36 Spoke Kit

Tanaka engines are currently back ordered for an indefinite time, due to Covid-19 shutdown.
X38 Golden Eagle 38cc Kit is in Stock.

Complete Motorized Bike Engine & Mount Kit

$659.00 – Free Shipping!

Bicycle Motor Kit FAQ’sMotorized Bicycle Kit Installation
Will this bike engine kit fit my bicycle?

Featuring excellent power-to-weight, all Tanaka engines are built with the highest quality engine components for long life and quick and easy starting.

32 cc PureFire two-stroke engine – 50:1 fuel mix
Compact, Lightweight & Powerful
A Green Machine CARB Tier II, Phase II Compliant
Top speed of 30+ MPH – 25-30 miles per tank – 160-180 MPG
Fits 24″ – 26″ bicycle wheels.

Shipping Included for contiguous US only – additional charges apply for HI, AK and International shipments.

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Product Description

Golden Eagle Bicycle Motor Kit

Our Bicycle Motor Kit come with everything needed to mount
the engine to your bike and hit the road!
bicycle motor kits


A. Drive Ring
B. Belt
C. Lower Mount Strap
D. Safety Cover
E. Front Mount Strap
F. Engine w/mount bracket & drive assembly
G. Trigger Throttle, cable attached
H. Kill Button, wire attached
I. Oil – for 2-strokes only
J. 4in1 Ring/Spoke/Gear Key
K. Nuts, bolts, washers, Clutch Knob & Zip-Ties

PF-3300 32cc Tanaka PureFire Two Stroke 36 Spoke Kit

THE Commuter Model
Excellent low end torque for Take-off and Hill climb
Faster cruising speeds, important to so many commuters
A Green Machine – CARB Tier II, Phase II Compliant
A few dB’s quieter than our 35cc 4- stroke, at 27 – 28 mph
5 – 10 mph faster than 4-stroke; more compact, lighter weight, can be mounted in any position
Fewer moving parts, requires Less maintenance
Slim, compact design (smaller in size & lighter in weight than the 26cc Tanaka) allows engine to sit even closer to the wheel

Test results: With a 200lb rider

30 mph on a new engine, right out of the box
160 – 180 mpg
Tank size 23.8fl.oz. = 25 – 30 miles
Give pedestrian/joggers a wide berth – they won’t hear you coming!

Featuring excellent power-to-weight, all Tanaka engines are built with the highest quality engine components for long life and quick and easy starting. As with all engines we sell, this long life engine will take up to 2000 miles for total ‘break-in’ to attain peak performance. During the break-in period, never mix the oil rich, always use 50:1 gas/oil mix ratios.

Recommended gears

#13 – Standard (Included) – Excellent for most riding conditions on street and trail. Faster speeds and better mileage than Trail gear.
#12 – Trail (Optional) – For more hilly terrain or heavier loads, improved acceleration but slightly less top speeds and gas mileage.
#14 – Highway (Optional) – 10% faster MPH then the standard gear. Engine operates at a lower RPM resulting in a quieter running, higher mileage and faster cruising speeds. Reduced low-end, you may have to pedal a few more strokes on the steeper hills. The only engine with the power to push the #14 HTD gear.

For those who like to tinker or are looking for even More performance, Tanaka makes some fine performance parts for the 32cc. We recommend you have at least 1000 miles on the engine before customizing.

Purefire®, Tanaka’s innovative two-stroke engine, is a traditional two cycle engine that produces ultra-low emissions without the need for special or additional internal moving parts.

During the intake/compression stroke, the optimized scavenging system within the cylinder and crankcase walls (see illustration), significantly increase the atomization of the fuel/air mixture which results in a much more efficient combustion process.

Then, in the combustion/ exhaust stroke, the exhaust exits through a small catalytic converter in the muffler where the remaining hydrocarbons turn into carbon dioxide.


Engine Specs 32cc Tanaka PureFire

Cylinder Plating = Chrome
Piston Rings = 2
Displacement (cc) = 32
Bore X Stroke (mm) = 37 x 30
Compression Ratio = 7.0:1
Maximum H.P. = 1.6
Maximum Torque KG M Ft. Lbs. = 0.16 (1.16) @ 5000 rpm
Idling RPM = 3000+/- 200
Rotation (Recoil Side) = Clockwise
Fuel Capacity – FL. OZ. (CC) = 700 (23.8)
Primer Bulb = Yes
Clutch Diameter (mm) = 78mm
Spark Plug = CJ6Y (Champion)
Ignition System = TCI
Engine Dimensions – LxWxH (mm) = 171 x 243 x 242
Engine Weight – Lbs. (KG) = 6.1 (2.8)
Engine & Complete Mount = 13.8 Lbs


EPA Phase 2 Compliant = Yes
C.A.R.B. Tier II Compliant = Yes
Gas / Oil Ratio = 50:1


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46 reviews

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  1. My whip (900+ miles)

    Here’s a picture of my current bike with the trailer hitched up (I mounted the clutch for the trailer hitch onto the mount strap itself, works quite well).. in addition to the 32cc Tanaka engine it’s also equipped with Schwalbe Big Apple tires, front and rear lights, a rearview mirror, a spedometer/odometer, two bottle holders and two carabiners which I use to secure the belt when not in use – my odometer currently reads out at 741.9 miles but I’d say there’s quite a few hundred more that have been unaccounted for, plus the bike already had a lot of miles on it before I put the engine on.. it’s been holding up very well but I soon plan on retiring it back to normal bike status in favor of a steel-frame cruiser with Velocity rims and drum/coaster brakes(:

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  2. 1 out of 1 people found this helpful

    5 out of 5 Hands down the most awesome machine I've ever owned

    So I just got the Tanaka PF-3300 with the GEBE belt drive mounting kit almost a month ago and even though it’s still new I felt compelled to leave this review because it is hands down one of the coolest devices I have ever owned!

    The design of the belt drive assembly is state-of-the-art, one of the first things I noticed about this kit is how high-quality it is.. yes the belt drive is plastic but it’s a sturdy thick sort of plastic, seems like it will hold up well over time but it is easy to gouge scratches into it while attaching it to the wheel so use caution while doing that..

    Overall assembly of the kit is extremely easy with the exception of the drive ring installation, although I wouldn’t say that part is particularly hard it is by far the hardest/trickiest part of the installation process so make sure you take the time to do it right, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL! It takes you thru installation step-by-step in an easy to understand format, don’t try to figure it out on your own because there are certain parameters you have to follow to ensure the kit is installed properly, if you don’t follow them you may encounter problems so just go by what the manual says and don’t be afraid to ask the company, if you need help they’ll be very glad to assist you (:

    One exception to this is the L-bracket that attaches the front mount strap to the frame of the bicycle, it didn’t line up with my frame at all so what I did is tightly zip-tied the front mount strap to the frame instead, It works like a charm, just make sure you use multiple zip ties to secure it at different angles because the vibration of the engine will break a single zip tie after about 40 or 50 miles or so

    All in all this is a super high-quality excellent bicycle engine kit that I would recommend any day of the week, I don’t have any experience with CIF engines or anything of the sort but the belt-drive system is so smooth and efficient I don’t see myself ever bothering with anything else! I recently got 3 spare belts which I carry in my saddlebags with the rest of my gear but my current belt has at least 300 miles on it and is still very solid so they’re definitely very durable which is a big plus in my book

    But if you’re thinking about getting this engine kit don’t think twice, just get one, you won’t regret it!

    Photo has been removed

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  3. Question

    I have a 24 inch wheels with 18 spokes on each side will it work on mine.

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    • Hi Veachel! That’s exactly what the 36 spoke kits needs. A 36 spoke rim has 18 spokes on each side. A 32 spoke rim would have 16 on each side. The kit should mount perfectly but here’s a ‘how to’ on measuring to make sure:

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  4. Charlie

    5 out of 5 The Golden Eagle Bike engine is one of the most fun and useful things I own

    Dear GEBE,

    The Golden Eagle Bike engine is one of the most fun and useful things I own – couldn’t imagine living without one now. I’ve had mine a year now and during that time I’ve put 1600 miles on it. I have the Tanaka 33cc 2 cycle engine which provides plenty of power for the hills I around here. On flat land in will go 30 to 32 mph. On the steeps hills here, it goes 25-27 mph up them. I weigh 145 lb. I’ve been using Amsoil Saber 2 cycle oil at a ratio of 100:1 and this delivers outstanding no smoke performance from this engine. I only wish the performance exhaust pipe was still available – I don’t want a bigger carburetor because I’m not interested in more gas consumption or speed, but I would be interested in the sound of lower or tuned exhaust, though the current sound is ok and not too loud.

    The main attraction for me, besides restoring the fun of riding a bicycle I had as a youth, is the great gas mileage. I find if I ride full throttle my mileage will be 150 to 160 mpg. But, if I cruise at 27 to 28 mph, my gas mileage goes up to 180 or more, which means I will get 30 miles to one tank of gas and still have about 4 oz of gas left in it. I find that going these speeds are plenty fast for a bike and I get where I’m going fast enough for me, and since my gas guzzler van gets 18 mpg, the GEBE gets 10 times the mileage and thus costs 1/10 as much per mile. I use the bike to make business deliveries. I cannot afford to spend $8-10 dollars on gas to drive 30 miles round-trip into town, but I can afford 80 cents.

    I always wear a motorcycle helmet when riding because after working in a hospital for many years, I’ve seen enough motorcycle head injuries first hand not to want one and I feel that 30 mph is fast enough to cause a severe injury. I also wear my high visibility green shirt so drivers can see me too. I know many people may feel the helmet is overkill for a bicycle, but the helmet provides me a solid comfort by keeping rain and wind off my head and bugs and dust out of my eyes.

    For the bike I chose the Electra Townie so that I could rest both feet flat on the ground at stop signs. It’s kind of like an upright recumbent bike with the pedals being more forward, and it puts me more upright for better visibility to cars. I bought the Velocity rear wheel to get the strength of the heavy duty spokes which is working well.

    As for other equipment on my bike, I was plagued with 4 flat tires during the first 26 miles of riding. So I came up with a 3 prong approach to avoiding flats: 1. Rubena puncture resistant tires. 2. Mr. Tuffy tire liner to resist sharp objects (between the tire and inner tube) 3. Thick thorn resistant inner tubes with sealant in them. Because of this 3 prong approach, in the next 1574 miles I’ve had zero flat tires which makes riding a pleasure.

    I’ve also added a motorcycle type twist grip throttle which allows me to securely hold both hands on the handlebars.

    Thanks Golden Eagle for creating a quality product.
    Charlie – on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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  5. David

    5 out of 5 5 years later

    Purchase date August of 2008. – 11/26/13 finally needed new belt and drive ring

    Lincolnton, GA

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  6. Ray

    5 out of 5 My motorbicycle now has 18,651 miles behind it… and counting.

    Dear Golden Eagle Bicycle Engines,
    FINALLY, I have decided to write a review of my GEBE equipped recumbent bike. This should go into the 5 year review category!

    Let me start by explaining a bit about my bicycling history. I started riding bikes in California when I was 9 and never stopped. By the time I was 22, I bought my first high end road bike; by the time I was 40 I had several custom built bicycles for both road and off-road riding. I rode century and double century rides and commuted to work by bicycle. I’ve bicycle toured all my life and logged over 100,000 miles on pedal bikes before I was 50. Then a medical condition, brought on by bicycling on a diamond frame bike forced me to change to recumbents. I now own 3 recumbents, two pedal bikes and one that is GEBE equipped. In January 2009, I added the GEBE/Tanaka 3300 to my Bacchetta Giro 20… it now has 18,651 miles behind it… and counting.

    In 2009, I rode it to Utah and Arizona through most of the national parks of the area. In 2011, it went from the Canadian border at Sumas, WA, to the Mexican border at Potreros, CA, through the Cascade and Sierra mountains… with more than 140,000 ft. of climbing. This year I rode the southern tier to Ohio and returned to CA partly on the TransAmerica and Western Express routes. These trips were self-contained, so I carry 40+ lbs. of gear plus fuel and water. There have also been numerous shorter trips in the Sierras, in the coast range, and down in the Mojave and Anza Borrego deserts. I recently turned 65.

    The GEBE mounted up easily and has proven its reliability mile after mile. The minor issues that have arisen were easily addressed and the support you have given by telephone has been invaluable. I was able to change the bearings in the drive unit when they started whining in Texas at 15,000+ miles. And cleaning the exhaust port every 3-4,000 miles has kept the Tanaka working at full power. I’ve replaced the spark plug about every 6,000 miles and I clean the air filter every 1,000. Pretty simple maintenance and first rate reliability. I get about 4-5,000 miles out of my drive belts.

    My bike is equipped with an under-seat rack for panniers and a custom rack above the engine for my sleeping bag and tent. I carry two gallons of gas for a minimum range of 230 miles, using the 11 tooth gear, but up to 300 miles with the 13 tooth gear. Although I own all four gears, I never use the 14 and 12 tooth gears. Gas is carried in a one gallon can (for mixing gas/oil) and 5 MSR fuel bottles each of which fills the tank. Typically, I ride about 175-200 miles each day on long tours, depending on terrain, but I have ridden over 250 miles three times and one very long (15 hr) day, I rode 317 miles.

    In 2008, after I pedaled my Bacchetta across the US in 30 days, averaging 104 miles per day, I decided that it might be my last long tour. But in January 2009, adding the GEBE/Tanaka extended my touring days. It offered me the ability to travel twice as far in the same amount of time and with a lot less effort. I still get a good workout though, especially on long climbs, so my physical condition remains good. Thankfully, the Tanaka engine is capable of full throttle performance all day long.

    I have learned that riding with a bright taillight on during the day really helps motorists to see me. I use a 2 watt, rechargeable LED on slow flashing mode and I have been told by motorists that they saw my flashing light long before they could tell it was on a bicycle. I avoid riding at night even with bright lights. I ride without the plastic belt cover on the drive unit, learning early on that it was more of a nuisance than a help. And I’ve learned to check the screws on the engine regularly to ensure they are properly tight. I replaced the rope starter when it became worn and I’ve soldered electrical connections to ensure reliability. The rear wheel I purchased from you has remained true and has suffered no spoke damage. I have also learned that belts last a lot longer if I follow your instructions and pull the throttle slowly, only after pedaling speed has exceeded 9-10 mph. I always wear eye and ear (hearing) protection and often wear a polypropylene dust mask which also shields my face against the sun. I choose 91 or 93 octane gas as it seems to improve performance, especially when climbing. When climbing, I have learned to turn the engine off if my speed drops below 12 MPH (using the 11 tooth gear)… but so far, I’ve only had to walk (or pedal slowly) up a handful of hills in the US, because most of the time the engine and I working together surmount really steep climbs. Wolf Creek Pass (10,000+ ft) in CO, Tioga (10,000 ft) and Ebbets (9,000 ft) Passes in CA, and two short but very steep hills in Missouri required that I walk. But these are the extreme end of climbing. Some stretches of Ebbets Pass are posted at 24% grade!

    A lot of people have never seen a recumbent; almost none have seen a recumbent with an engine assist. Bicycle tourists who see my bike and the engine assist nearly always want to know where it came from, and I never hesitate to direct them to your website. The engine has extended my ability to tour. My children and grandchildren sometimes ask why I still ride when I have cars. I tell them, “Because I can.” Thanks for a great product and your excellent support.

    Ray Taylor in Modesto, CA

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  7. Bob

    5 out of 5 I have had it on 3 bikes and a trike. It has worked flawlessly on all.

    Thanks so much for the information on the Tanaka engine. My experience with the system has been so pleasant. I have had it on 3 bikes and a trike. It has worked flawlessly on all. Installing it has been easy and fast. Longest time for installation is in the attachment of the drive ring to the spokes. Still, only an hour in any case. I am still amazed at how well the engine performs. I have left it sitting for almost a year at one time and it started on the second pull. Compared to all the other 2 cycle engines I have owned, that is amazing performance. Unlike your concerns about bike shops, I have found a shop near me that services the Amish community. The owner was fascinated with the system and I allowed him to take it for a ride. He said it was the perfect solution for one of his customers who had become disabled and he planned to build a bike system for him. The power assist makes biking more available to a lot more folks and the reliability makes it practical.
    I just want to tell you how pleased I have been with the system and impressed. Also it has been a pleasant surprise to find such great support. I am now giving the system to my son-in-law. to help him with his commute and his ongoing weight improvement. Maybe I will build another for my 80th birthday next year.

    Thanks again,

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  8. John

    5 out of 5 3000+ miles about 2yrs and counting

    Hi John from Munford TN here. Finally I’m getting around to sending a couple pictures of my bike with my 32cc tanaka gebe kit. I love it probably will never sell it (Unless some strange soul offers me more than I have in it) Thanks for the great product. 3000+ miles about 2yrs and counting.

    John from Munford TN

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  9. Augie

    5 out of 5 I put over 1,200 trouble-free miles on my PF400 during this adventure.

    Hello, again, Golden Eagle! Here’s an update about my gas bicycle engine.

    Well, here’s my latest update about my MB travels with my Golden Eagle gas bicycle engine. I spent the month of May touring and camping in Washington State, then I boarded the ferry for Alaska. I spent? month in Juneau and rode in their 4th of July Parade, then onto Haines for two months, then back to Juneau for the winter. All told, I put over 1,200 trouble-free miles on my PF40 during this adventure.

    Next May I am going to ride the Lewis & Clark Trail thru to Missouri. That should be FUN!

    The GEBE gas bicycle engine system has proven itself MORE than capable of this endeavor…I’m carrying a total weight in excess of 500lbs, so I have been reduced to using 11T & 12T drive gears, and I still average 25mph & 128mpg.

    Without your fine system and exemplary road-support, I would never survive such an adventure…so I guess it’s time once again to say THANK YOU for all you do.

    I’m journaling my gas bicycle engine Adventures on my personal website, visit for updates and more pictures:

    Augie in WA

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  10. Jimmy

    5 out of 5 I’m very happy with the product quality & the safety provided by Golden Eagle

    Hi GeBe,
    My son standing before icebergs floating in Mendenhall Lake, Juneau, AK.
    Engines & wheels purchased from the good folks at Golden Eagle. Before my son is a Tanaka / PF 33 on a Puegot alongside a Robin-Subaru / EHO35 on a Montague Paratrooper. Augi’s expertise had both bikes set-up & ready to ride within 3 hours. I’m very happy with the product quality & the safety provided by Golden Eagle.

    Thank you, I’m a happy customer!
    Jimmy in Alaska

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  11. Steve

    5 out of 5 It is amazingly fast for a bike

    My GEBE bike is so much fun! It is so fast! I loved it from the very first minute!

    On my first ride, I was a little nervous about how it would handle. I planned to take a short slow ride around my neighborhood to test it out. But instantly I knew the bike was perfect. Riding it was so easy and so natural. I felt in perfect control. And I just took off! I rode an effortless 10 miles at speeds that a bike racer couldn’t match. I climbed long steep hills like they weren’t even there!

    It is amazingly fast for a bike. It goes 32 mph on the flat, and it climbs big hills at 25 mph (with hard pedaling). Compared to my non-motorized bike, that is more than twice as fast on the flat and 4 times as fast climbing big hills. To test acceleration, I pedaled at 10 mph with the motor in idle and then went full throttle together with hard pedaling. In 5 seconds, I was going 28 mph! That’s incredible for a bike.

    I have pedaled bikes all my life. I have loved them and I still love riding them. I pedal almost 2000 miles per year, and I have pedaled more than 50,000 miles in my lifetime. But I am now 67 years old, and I was disappointed that I can no longer pedal the long distances and hilly routes that I used to enjoy. I decided to get a motorized bike so that I could once again enjoy those long hard rides.

    The increase in biking range is astounding. The longer range opens up all sorts of new areas to explore. I rode my GEBE for 120 very hilly miles one day without being too tired, and I could have ridden further if I wanted to. By comparison, my maximum range on very hilly terrain on my pedal bike is limited by fatigue to about 40 miles. I have ridden my GEBE up long steep hills that I never rode on my pedal bike because they were too intimidating. Being able to easily and quickly climb those killer hills like they weren’t even there was such a thrill! Wow! I felt like superman! Now, very long distances and long steep hills are no longer impossible. Now they are easy!

    One thing that I do differently from most motorized bicycle riders is that I always pedal. I am a lifelong cyclist and I love pedaling. It just seems right for a bike to be pedaled and I want the exercise. I did try riding without pedaling. I hated it. Without pedaling, riding seemed tedious and boring, and the bike no longer felt responsive like it was a part of me. I guess I want a bicycle experience, not a motorcycle experience.

    Bike info: I mounted a 32cc Tanaka 2-stroke on a 15-year-old front suspension mountain bike. The engine is a little nosier than I would like, but it is almost vibration free. I bought the heavy duty rear wheel with 105 gauge spokes and mounted Serfas drifter S heavy duty tires. I added a 1.5 liter auxiliary gas tank that extends the range to 80 miles without refueling. I also have a capability to carry extra gas cylinders to get a total range of 200 miles. I changed the front crank set to one with 48 teeth (instead of 42) with 11 teeth rear to allow me to pedal comfortably at 30 mph. I have ridden almost 3000 miles in 6 months. During that time, my GEBE has been trouble-free – no breakdowns or mechanical problems. The GEBE is a good quality setup.

    Steve in North Virginia

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  12. Vern

    5 out of 5 It is still after several thousand miles running strong and as good as the day I bought it

    Hello Golden Eagle Bike Engines,

    Just an update on my GEBE kits. It has been a couple of years now since I bought my first kit from you. It is the kit with the 26cc Tanaka engine. It is still after several thousand miles running strong and as good as the day I bought it. I have toasted a few belts by not putting tension on the belt when starting the engine but I have never just worn a belt out on my 26cc engine, because I think it puts less strain on the drive train than the bigger engines – although I do have a kit right now with a 43cc engine on it. I use the 14 tooth gear for it and it seems to be working well with a used belt I have about 1000 miles on.

    I just bought a belt from you and the shipping was fast, thank you. I am still very glad that I bought my kit from you rather than buying one of the Chinese kits on E-bay. You get what you pay for and with you that is great quality and longevity of your product. I always recommend you to curious people I run across so I am sure that some of them have bought kits from you. I see you used my Youtube video in your advertisement on the line. That is fine with me. I hope I did your product justice. I will be replacing my 14 tooth gear soon so another order is coming. I may even buy another kit from you if either of my two present kits ever wears out.

    Thanks again for making such a great product.

    Vern from Oregon

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  13. Steve

    5 out of 5 My top speed so far has been 64 MPH down a hill and it was stable and a blast

    Hi GeBe!
    I just wanted to send these links and photos over to you to show my newly built from scratch tadpole trike. Man is this thing fun! I built the whole thing from scratch because I did not want to pay over $1000 for a tadpole….so I built my own. The Schwalbe Big Apple tires are like having a suspension on the bike. Great tires. I highly recommend them. The trike has front disks and rear V brake and it stops on a dime.

    I’ve been getting all kinds of attention with it as I zip by at almost 44 MPH….aerodynamics really makes a difference with your engine kit. My other store bought recumbent did only 38 MPH with the same 32 CC Tanaka.

    I really over did the build on this…..all automotive bearings for steering and heavier gauge tubing for strength…I don’t want it to fall apart going almost 50 MPH. !

    My top speed so far has been 64 MPH down a hill and it was stable and a blast. I get all kinds of questions and I think I’m the most videoed bicycle rider in the state right now. I have people with their video phones taking all kinds of video of me as I roll along.

    Thanks for the great engine kit. It really is the best I’ve seen so far.

    Steve in Richfield, OH

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  14. Lloyd

    5 out of 5 Two years now and i have 6049 miles on her

    Up date on my super bike. Two years now and i have 6049 miles on her. Thanks guys, what a pf-3300 Tanaka engine. I made some changes, front tire low pressure 45lbs, back tire I went to a German made Schawalbe Marathon Plus 45 to 5o lbs thick treat and Thorn Resistant Tubes. Much better riding bike. I also installed a one gallon gas can, I can due close to 200 miles. I also installed a tripod stand. I do get flats some time? I can take front wheel off, (real light) set fork down, back end will rise enough to take back tire off.
    All in this time I had a prostate operation, a little set back, turned 76 and believe me I’m back enjoying life again.

    You all hang in there and enjoy,

    Lloyd in Florida

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  15. Michael and Nora

    5 out of 5 happy to not own a car in California!

    We have been using our Subaru motors for several months and are very pleased with them. We are blessed to live in a beach town about 100 miles south of LA and are happy not to own a car in California! Everything we need to travel to is within 3 miles except our dentist who is 8 miles away and the bus goes right there if we don’t bike. Our challenge is big hills and several areas we ride through where no noise is allowed. In fact no matter which way we go, there is a steep grade to deal with! So we ordered the motors with the “hill” gear and it is perfect. We still pedal but the little 4 strokes sure do smooth out the hills and can easily do 15 mph which beats the 2-3 mph without the help. We usually just coast downhill which is perfect and then start the motor when it’s time to go up.

    Michael and Nora in California

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  16. Shane

    5 out of 5 I am an every day rider

    Dear Golden Eagle bike engines,

    My name is Shane and I live in ocean park WA. I have been a proud owner of a GEBE system for a little over a year now. I ride a full suspension Mongoose mgx with “the original” set of gebe/velocity wheels shimano cb-e110 coaster rear, Sturmey archer XFD front drum, all matched to a rock solid 40 cc Tanaka kit.

    I am an every day rider 30-80 miles day at times with over 15000 miles total on the tanaka with out skipping a beat. I work for myself here around town and this bike makes it possible for me to get to and fro and maintain my lively hood. I don’t know what I would do with out it can’t afford 15-20 bucks a day in a car besides 15$ is like 2 week worth of riding and way more fun. This system has improved my life for the better. So I just want to thank all you folks at Golden Eagle Bike Engines you got a rider for life here.

    Shane in Washington (beach cruzin)

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  17. Kevin

    5 out of 5 So far I’ve put 4700 miles on the motor with no problems

    Dear Golden Eagle Bike Engines,

    Good day, My name is IOKEWE(E-O-KAY-VAY) Demello (aka) Kevin Demello, I ride a 2005 gary fisher with a tanaka pf3300 W/boost bottle, front suspension w/sturmey archer front drum, shimano freewheel w/v-brake rear, planet bike fenders front and rear, five inch riser handle bars, suspension seat post, 12 volt lighting system front and rear, color pattern is silver, white and black. I have been riding my motorized bike for a year now (and if there was any one material thing that i could ever fall in love with, it would be my Golden Eagle Driven Bicycle). I’ve got the smallest engine in our community (everyone else has got 35cc or larger) and I’m the fastest, clocked myself doing 37mph.

    So far I’ve put 4700 miles on the motor with no problems and I’m still riding as fast as I can from point a to point b. Shane, Augie and I have come to the conclusion that the longer you run these Tanaka’s the more valuable they become. I waited two years for the right system to come along, (because I wouldn’t put just any old thing on my bike) then when Augie introduced the golden eagle system, it was perfect for my gary fisher (AND I REALLY MEAN PERFECTION), I couldn’t have asked for a better system.


    Kevin in Washington

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  18. Augie

    5 out of 5 Thanks for such a durable & reliable setup

    Hi Golden Eagle!

    Here’s Sabrina II at Mount St Helens…I’ll send you more as I get some miles behind me. Thanks for such a durable & reliable setup, I’d never dare try this without the GEBE gas bike engine drive system.

    Augidog in Washington

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  19. Brent

    5 out of 5 Thanks so much for bringing such joy to my life.

    Hi Golden Eagle!

    Attached are 2 pictures of my completed bicycle.

    I’m an engineer, and I enjoyed tinkering with this project very much. I enjoy (no, I absolutely love) the bike/motor combination as I can access trails and paths that a moped cannot. I can ride slow on sidewalks, pedestrian trails, etc. and mingle with people and smell the smells. I can also deal with heavy traffic very well too. I can motor along, then when it’s all backed up at a light, I turn the motor off and hit the sidewalk. I got the 40cc 2-cycle.

    I feel like I came up with a very good design and would like to share the high level features. It’s a bit pricey, but I’m a quality nut:

    * First, the bike. I looked long and hard for the right bike and this one is great. It’s an Electra Townie 21D with flat floot technology. The crankset is forward, allowing the rider to set their feet flat at stops. That’s very nice. Plus you sit upright and the seat is comfortable. I don’t like being hunched over with a lot of pressure on my hands. I do need to add a shock-absorbing seat post.

    * I added your big spoke rear wheel… 105 gauge. I had to buy a new 7 speed cassette for it because I didn’t specify the right wheel type. No big deal. $25.

    * I don’t like changing flats, and I don’t want sudden flats while flying down the road. I substituted Specialized Armadillo tires with extra thick tubes and slime. $100. Tires are Kevlar reinforced. I got ones with a fairly aggressive tread for dirt, but they’re fairly smooth on top for street use.

    * Plastic fenders. I learned you need fenders because when you pass over water, you’ll sling it all over when flying down the road. You’ll need to drill a hole in each side of the motor strap mount at a particular place to accommodate the fender attachments. There’s some skill, thought & “ifs” on these holes. Nice thing about the holes is if you do get a flat, you don’t have to remove the motor. If you want details, let me know.

    * Bars for bags. I used 1/4″ tubing and had a guy off Craigslist fabricate them. The bars attach on the seat post spot for fenders, and I drilled a hole in each side of the motor strap. Finding the right pipe and fabricating was not easy. I have written specs for the bars. The fabricator said he’d make more for $100 per pair. If he gets orders for a lot, he’ll make a jig for them and the cost will come down. There’s some technique & thought on these too. If you want details, let me know.

    * Axiom “Typhoon” waterproof bags. Retail they’re $135. You can get them off the internet for $80.

    * Fuel bottle that fits in water bottle holder. You’ll want supplemental fuel, and you need a real fuel bottle for leak prevention, not just any old bottle. Got it at REI.

    * I turned the motor 90 degrees because the exhaust was hitting my rear. If you have a large rear, you’ll want to tilt the motor back a little more than the strap that comes with it will allow. I needed to trim the cover with a pair of tin snips.

    * Used Loctite blue “Threadlocker” on all nuts/bolts.

    * Helmet with rear view mirror. You need a mirror of some sort.

    * Safety vest. You’re flying down the road. Get over your self consciousness and take care of your body first.

    * Check all tightness often. Falling due to a loose fitting is dumb and not close to worth it.

    Thanks so much for bringing such joy to my life.

    Brent in Texas

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  20. Garry in Illinois

    5 out of 5 The ride is unbelievable

    Just thought I would show you my Golden Eagle Bicycle and thank you for the great service I have received from you.

    The bicycle is available at RustySpokes Rear Suspension Soft Ride Beachcruiser. Of course the bike would be nothing without your Velocity Rims and GEBE Tanaka 40cc Belt Drive.

    The ride is unbelievable with the Maxxis HookWorm tires. The performance pipe, carburetor, and chrome air cleaner with the GEBE # 14 Gear puts the fast ‘whompa’ sound into the wind as you ride.

    Your seat feels like your riding on air with the bicycle and suspension spring rated at 650 pds/in. and the classic hairpin webspring cruiser seat. The low rise handle bars gives a nice touch to the steering.

    The lights are dual BlackBurrn with a rechargeable battery pack. The rock the bike low-n-glow fluorescent lights make a nice cover on the boxed swingarms and also has a rechargeable battery pack.

    A SIGMA bicycle computer to watch your mph. The only part I had to make was a support arm holder……


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  21. Robert

    5 out of 5 I live in NYC. My Golden Eagle setup has been the best way to get around the city.

    Hi GeBe,

    Here are some over due photos of the latest incarnation of my bike,. The bike I had just before this was stolen with the redmax engine I bought 5 year old. It was a great little engine although I can’t complain; the new Tanaka hits 32 mph right out of the box.

    I live in NYC. My Golden Eagle setup has been the best way to get around the city. It saves time not having to finding parking for a car, waiting for trains and buses not to mention the fun.

    I wanted to show you and other Golden Eagle riders my setup for additional passengers. I have a rear rack when turned upside down and around it makes a secure platform for an additional seat. I had an aluminum plate welded onto the bottom of the rack and fabricated a padded seat that attaches to the aluminum plate. There are two foot pegs attached to the frame for comfort. The seat is great for short runs with my 11 year old daughter. I can then swing it back and use it as a rear rack.

    Thanks for your help over the years,
    Robert from NYC

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  22. Rif

    5 out of 5 perfect and nearly flawless bicycle motorizing kit!

    My name is Rif Addams, I hail from Tacoma, WA, and I am also an enthusiast of MotoredBikes and have been building and riding for nearly 12 years now. I am also an enthusiast/historian of these vehicles with my research and interest going back as far as the late 1800’s/ early 1900’s. I am well versed in these “Machineries of Joy” as I like to call them.

    Two years ago purchased a kit only to mount to my Tanaka PF-40. This bike has performed flawlessly, as I have put it through the paces of running errands around my local neighborhood area, and done some minor commuting on occassion- a round trip of 30 miles daily. Having had MANY different Bike Motorizing Kits, both modern and vintage, I have long felt that The GEBE has done an excellent job of distilling down all the previous drive systems through the ages and done away with all the weak points, and utilized all the strong points in the previous forms to offer the perfect and nearly flawless bicycle motorizing kit!

    I am also very pleased that you prefer to utilize American manufacturing for this engine kit drive train!!! Here are some pictures of my current Golden Eagle drive on a vintage Columbia, with a vintage Cleveland Welding ‘Shockmaster’ spring fork.

    I am currently building a MotoredBike using a GEBE R/S 35 for an up coming art show, and will be happy to supply pics when finished if you are interested.
    Thank you for designing a bicycle motorizing kit for today’s real world, and please keep up the good work!!!

    Rif Addams in Washington

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  23. Ron

    5 out of 5 have put over 2,000 miles on my kit so far

    Hey GEBE,

    I got my 40cc Tanaka bike engine kit something like one and a half years ago, and have put over 2,000 miles on it so far. This engine kit has made my quad bicycle something really special, wouldn’t be the same without it.

    I can’t thank you all enough for creating such a wonderful pedal assist engine, and install kits. Your belt system is a very smooth way to transfer the power from the engine, to the wheels. I don’t think there is any better way it could be done.

    This 40cc Tanaka engine starts easy, runs flawlessly, and gets great gas mileage. What more could a guy, or gal, ask for. Your product support is the best I have seen……… You folks just plain rock!!! Have put a big smile on my face, along with every one’s else I come across on my trips, every time I go for a bike ride with my homemade quad bicycle.

    I can’t thank you all enough,

    Battle Creek, Michigan

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  24. Pétur

    5 out of 5 The engines are very dependable

    Hi Golden Eagle.

    I said that I would send you a picture when the summer came here in Iceland.

    In February I ordered a Robin Subaru 25 cc and installed it on my TREK mountain bike. I have been riding it ever since almost every evening and sometimes there was snow and ice. Then I ordered a Tanaka 33 cc and put it on another TREK bike. I like both engines very much and ride both bikes. This summer me and my wife went driving in the highlands of Iceland and we took the bikes with us on the back of our Suzuki Sidekick. We have been riding the bikes wherever we stop and it has made the holidays much more interesting and fun. The engines are very dependable and I have not broken a belt yet.

    Thanks for a good product and service.


    Hellissandur Iceland

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  25. Lloyd

    5 out of 5 I love this set up

    My super bike vision recumbent. I love this set up. Thanks for your help. I live in central Fl. 3300 Purefire Tanaka 2 stroke, #14 highway gear and carry a 13 along for the hills.105 eagle velocity 26″ rear wheel. Primo tires, rear 40-559-26×1.50, front 20″100 psi. I only carry 80 psi, gives me some cushion protection and less shock on the long frame. Big 56 sprocket up front, 2nd a 52, 9 gears in back.

    I do petal all the time, helps keep me in shape. I’ll be 75 yrs march 09. I cruise between 30 & 35 mph. I carry 2-35 oz vera juice bottles for my extra gas. Tanaka gas caps fit. Must cut 1/4th ” off top of bottle neck. I used 1 1/2″ aluminum straps bend to L shape to hold bottles up & 3/4 al. straps bend around bottle to hold them in. Bend 1/8 threaded rod around frame, drill 2 holes to hold bottle holders to frame. Drill 2 top holes, I used wire ties to hold top to frame. I used water bottle insulators to protect bottles.

    I built a platform to hold my pack, tool exc. which is secure to my seat, and the engine is secured to the platform. With this long wheel base she really handles nice. I have seen 42 mph down 6% grades. I’m really having a lot of fun with this bike.

    Lloyd Kreider

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  26. Peter

    5 out of 5 Always wear a helmet

    Still riding my buzz-bike mornings, lunch hours and evenings to and from work when weather permits; which is the majority of time. On weekends I just look for a reason to take a ride. Much enjoying it. (Specially since the roads in town were re-paved).

    A couple of recommendations.

    When filling up your gas tank, do not use the type of gas container spout that opens when it is pressed down on the tank. The pressure exerted will eventually develop tiny cracks in the gas tank around the mounting screws. Happened to me!

    Always wear a helmet. Not because you might get into an accident, but to prevent one. You will get a lot more attention and respect from motorists who can see that a menacing helmet is approaching them at 30MPH.


    Peter in Texas

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  27. Pat

    5 out of 5 I am amazed at the quality and engineering

    I am amazed at the quality and engineering of the 32CC engine kit. It took me about one hour to install. Most of the time was spent modifying the fender to fit close to the motor mount studs. The city of Chico, Ca. is all flat which lends well to the using the highway gear. I can reach a speed of 35 mph fairly quick. I replaced my front and rear brake pads with the type made for downhill mountain bike racing. I consider this change an absolute must. My braking distance has been cut in half. I drive through 9 miles of congested traffic about 3 time a week. I’ve cut my drive times by 1/3 compared to using my car. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun.

    Happy Riding !

    Pat in California

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  28. Sean

    5 out of 5 It’s mostly about the SPG (Smiles per Gallon) that matters the most.

    To: Golden eagle Bike Engines

    Just Wanted to drop a line to tell you how impressed I am with my new Golden Eagle Bike engine kit. I got the 32cc Tanaka, The quality of the kit is Great Install was very easy took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes. My bike does max 32 mph but cruses real nice at 22 mph. The engine starts right up first pull. It sure is fun cursing around on it. Keep up the good work Golden Eagle. Your product is far superior to most bike engine kits. For anyone looking to get on the road quickly and painlessly this is the kit. I don’t know about the MPG yet and don’t care It’s mostly about the SPG (Smiles per Gallon) that matters the most.

    Fort Worth, Texas

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  29. BZ

    5 out of 5 Wow! I love this thing. It’s so much fun!

    Wow! I love this thing. It’s so much fun! This is my 40cc Tanaka PureFire 2-Stroke engine, mounted on a Gary Fisher Tarpon. I got the engine about a few weeks ago, and man am I impressed. If I didn’t have to sleep then I’d just keep on riding.

    I use the bike engine every weekday to get to school. It sure beats taking the bus. It’s about 12 miles to school and back and takes only twenty minutes each way. So far I’ve gone about 80 miles in that time period. I only go through half the tank there and back.

    It didn’t take long to put together, only about an hour with only one problem. The first time I tried riding it, it was going full speed without me even touching the throttle. This was because I had the throttle cable snaked around the bike frame which caused the cable inside to be pulled. So just makes sure that the cable stays loose. I just added a bag to the front of the bike which I keep tools, gloves, glasses, and spare oil in.

    There is just one flaw I found with the engine. The gas tank is in a shape, so it cannot be filled all the way. This isn’t a problem now, but in the future it might be. The only thing I am going to add to this bike is an MSR bottle to carry extra fuel, and a speedometer.
    So thank you Golden Eagle for producing such a great product!

    BZ in New Hampshire

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  30. Derek

    5 out of 5 Thanks for a great product and saving me so much money

    I bought my 32cc Tanaka almost 2 years ago and it has been great. Before I got it my daily driver was a 77 Chevy Blazer that gets about 10 mpg. This little engine, on my Cycle Genius LTX, has given me right at 200 mpg.

    Last year from January to January, I put almost 5000 miles on this motor including a trip across Nebraska and back. It ran like a champ all day (210 miles the first day).

    I never read it in any of the other reviews but this engine does not care when you ride (rain, cold, heat, snow). It just keeps on running. If you are going to ride like I did in the picture I recommend studded tires.

    Every one used to laugh at me last year but now they are looking to buy one of their own. Thanks for a great product and saving me so much money.

    Derek in Omaha

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  31. Chris

    5 out of 5

    #13 gear carb from 40cc tanaka that a coworker had leftover when he upgraded the trailer is loaded w/ #75 + of groceries plus myself #230 and it will still do 20mph or so (trailer came w/Flag – can’t be too visible!!)

    Chris in Colorado

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  32. Ralf

    5 out of 5 I am the one who is smiling as I fly by the gas station with $3+ per gallon regular

    To the great people of Golden Eagle Bike Engines:

    I wish to thank you for designing and making available such an “elegant” machine. I purchased one of your engines in July of ’07 and it’s been a real joy. I chose the Tanaka 40cc 2-stroke engine since I am not a small guy.

    Also, I wish to thank your review customers. It’s been fun and inspirational to read their stories, which convinced me almost as much as the engine.

    When I first bought it, I installed it on my recumbent. There were a few logistical issues to overcome, but I got it to work quite well. Since it is a recumbent (low wind resistance) with an aerodynamic fairing (even lower wind resistance) with roadbike gearing, I had it doing just over 40 mph (ssshhh). I built a special, heavy-duty rear wheel with 13/14 gauge butted spokes to accommodate my, umm, mass as well as the engine’s driving forces. However, the engine sat just behind my head and it was too loud – I had to use ear plugs. So…

    I bought the full suspension Kona. Actually, just the frame – an Ebay reject (shippers dinged the frame) which had been returned to the seller. I got it heap cheap, built it up with heavy duty wheels, disc brakes and fenders. Again, a few logistical issues, (the pictures are worth a thousand words), but….

    With logistical and technical issues resolved, the engine works really well. The Tanaka is a beast with all kinds of torque. Full suspension and disc brakes make the bike both comfortable and secure. I help it on the steep hills and when I start out (for fear of burning out the clutch), but once I get moving, I can go as fast as 33 mph. I could go faster with a larger gear, but we have too many hills. The engine cruises comfortably around 24 or 25 mph.

    Mounting the engine on the frame pivot freed up my axle so that I could use the quick release mechanism designed to hook up my trailer. I use it to go shopping, run errands, go to the library, go to the gym or whatever and whenever. I have a new car which gets between 35 to 40 mpg, but this is more efficient and more fun. And, I still get exercise without destroying my already damaged knees. I could go on and on about this, but buy one, you’ll get the picture.

    Some people laughed at me and thought this was stupid, but now, I am the one who is smiling as I fly by the gas station with $3+ per gallon regular.

    Ralf in Lancaster, PA

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  33. Peter

    5 out of 5 They really care about customer satisfaction

    Growing up in The Netherlands, the bicycle was my primary means of transportation for a long time, but age sixteen also marked the beginning of one being allowed to legally ride a “Brommer”. Brommers (“Buzzbikes”) were various types of 49 cc mopeds with a legally imposed 35km speed limit. As teenagers we enjoyed the newfound freedom in suddenly being able to effortlessly go faster and further in less time. Of course, the legal speed limit would not prevent us from souping-up the engines, even though speeding would also draw unwanted attention of police. (If caught the police would fine you, but sometimes confiscate the bike altogether and then strip it of its modified parts or even confiscate the whole engine).

    In the United States I never much got into riding bicycles for the simple reason that most places are not particularly bicycle-friendly. Whereas in Holland there are separate bicycle paths, in the US one often has no choice but to mingle with much faster and sometimes dangerous traffic. Golden Eagle Cycles to the rescue! Suddenly there is a bicycle that allows you to go as fast as the legal city speed limit, and thus move right along with traffic. I now ride my 33cc Tanaka to work every day and not only get good gas mileage but, more importantly, much loving it in the process! Even my (initially skeptical) “Better Half” now tells me that riding my bike obviously has been “good for me”!

    If I had to start all over; would I do something differently? Well, together with the engine set-up I would also purchase a stronger rear wheel with the (required) longer axle already installed (available from Golden Eagle). Perhaps I am an exception among Eagle riders, but the rear wheel spokes of my relatively inexpensive bike did not sufficiently stand up to the engine torque and to the bumpy city roads at higher speeds. (Translation: broken spokes). So, to avoid aggravation, I ended up buying a much stronger real wheel.

    Oh, let me not forget to mention the excellent service provided by Golden Eagle Cycles. They really care about customer satisfaction and their true goal is to bring a smile to your face. They certainly have succeeded with me!

    Peter in Texas

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  34. Bob

    5 out of 5 I couldn’t be more pleased

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my new 40cc Tanaka installation. The kit arrived soon after I placed my order and the installation was straight forward with no need for any customer support. I bought a brand new 26″ Mongoose mountain bike at Wal-Mart, primarily because it was the least expensive bike I could find with full suspension and disk brakes front and rear. I’m a big guy (old too) and I figured these two features would be important.

    This bike goes a LOT faster than I normally pedal and it was obvious after the first ride that the disk brakes and suspension were important to my sense of well being and safety. I wanted to mount the engine as far forward as possible and that position worked out quite well when it came to dealing with the disk brake mounting points. I only had to machine one small notch in the left leg of the engine mount and shorten the forward stabilizing strap.

    Bob in Mississippi

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  35. Bob

    5 out of 5 GEBE is by far the best!!

    Just a short review to express my thanks to GEBE for making available to the public such a great product as the belt drive bike engine kits!! I have been building motor assisted bikes for over 5 yrs now and have tried just about every method there is to drive the bike such as friction and chain but I’m here to tell you that the belt drive system from GEBE is by far the best!!

    This chopper tricycle is my latest project. Am using the Tanaka 40cc kit and by designing my own engine bracket am able to drive the rear wheel. I use a motorcycle twist grip throttle, Sturmey-archer front wheel, Whizzer gas tank and NuTek airfree tires all around. The trike with a 12 tooth drive sprocket and 24″ tires on the rear will do about 30 mph. Don’t even ask me about mpg because I am having so much fun on it I could care less…….lol

    Well enough said except for you’re great product and the fantastic customer support!!!

    Have a great day……..The old guy from Oregon………Bob S.

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  36. Matt

    5 out of 5 just buy it already! You won’t regret it

    I have to say I can’t remember when I have had this much fun. I just turned 500 miles today and my tanaka 40cc gets stronger everyday. I had no problems installing the kit and it only took around 20 minutes. I have the kit on my Schwinn clear creek cruiser and it fit great with no problems at all. I went with the tanaka 40 cc for two reasons. 1, I’m a big guy and weigh around 220. The second reason is I have a lot of huge hills here in the part of Ohio where I live. There are so many hills that you can’t go a mile with out running into a big one.

    The tanaka 40cc delivers on the power I needed and expected. On the hills even with the standard 13 gear it keeps me around 15 mph going up hill with no pedaling. The trail gear will hold me at 20 mph. Keep in mind also that were talking about hills that are 40% incline and up and those are some hills ! The only thing I recommend is that you get a back up tensioner spring. For some reason mine didn’t make it to 200 miles. That’s the only problem I have had.

    The 40cc runs me at a speed of 33 mph on the flat and between 37 and 40 mph down hill. That’s with the standard 13 gear. I’m going to get the highway gear soon but it might get a little scary going down those hills at 40+ mph.

    I want to thank everyone at Golden eagle for such a great product. You guys are TOP NOTCH ! I also send out some love to Tanaka for making a great little engine. Take care everyone and if your thinking about buying a Golden Eagle bicycle engine kit, just buy it already! You won’t regret it.

    Matt in Ohio

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  37. Terry

    5 out of 5 best thing since sliced bread!

    Dear Golden Eagle,
    I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your gas bike engine kit.

    I ordered a 32 cc Tanaka engine, my son (11 years old) and I mounted it ourselves in about an hour. The most challenging part was installing the new axle, but we eventually got it.

    My wife and I have two gas guzzlers for vehicles, and it got to the point that I told my wife that we are going to need to sell one if we don’t make some changes in our gas consumption. I followed a guy riding his bike about 30 mph on level ground without pedaling, I stopped him and talked with him awhile, as well as rode his bike, and the rest is history. I ordered the gas bike engine kit and I had my new economical commuter vehicle. I thought I would enjoy riding it, but I never new how much I would enjoy going my 14 miles round trip to work. Everyday I ride my bike; I save about $5.00, which equals close to $150.00/month. I am able to ride on bike paths, bike lanes, and residential streets, which are all very safe.

    The purchase and installation of your gas bike engine on my Giant Rincon was very easy. It runs like a dream, and even though I have only put 200 miles on the engine, I am convinced it is the best thing since sliced bread! Thank you for putting together such a reliable and easy kit to install. I look forward to saving a lot of money, the open air, and having a lot of fun! Attached is a picture of my setup, which is a commuting machine. My bike includes: Odometer/speedometer, bell, mirror, headlight, taillight, reflective tape, rear rack retrofitted for the front, seat pack. I no longer dread the 7 mile uphill commute home at the end of the day!

    Thanks again for a quality product.

    Albuquerque, NM.

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  38. Wes

    5 out of 5 I've put over 3K miles on this setup

    Thought you’d like to see the Redmax mounted on the front of my Bianchi single speed. The aluminum bar is for a plastic 5gal bucket. Put over 3K on this setup.

    The next is my homebuilt takeoff on your design, Tanaka 47R engine, 3/4 timing belt. Doesn’t get great mileage, but is powerful.
    I’ve enjoyed your support.

    N. California

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  39. Jess

    5 out of 5 This is the ultimate exercise machine and a blast to ride

    Hello Golden Eagle Bike Engine Guys,

    The smile plastered on my face appears every time I ride my bicycle. You said it and it is true. My new Tanaka 32cc PureFire with the highway gear is quieter, more powerful and faster than my Red Max 25cc. I rode 100 plus miles today under hilly and windy conditions in less than four hours. This is the ultimate exercise machine and a blast to ride. It does not get any better than this.

    Thanks, Jess In New York

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  40. Michael

    5 out of 5 I ride my GeBe in the snow to work

    Hi this is Michael in Maine.

    Its still snowing here in April and getting to work is only possible with the motor on and snowplows have not yet plowed. Thought about a snowplow on a bicycle, haha, nifty (could be done).

    Be really cool if many more people use ya’lls motor kits as transportation. No matter what the weather is it never stops me from going out to where I need to go by bicycle.

    Thanks for everything and hope yalls business skyrockets!


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  41. Warren

    5 out of 5 The looks I get from everyone when I zoom by are priceless

    There’s sixteen inches of snow on the ground and the Golden Eagle is hanging in the Garage for the winter (or until everything melts and the temperature rises significantly above 6 degrees). I picked up the Schwinn at Walmart for $150 because I wanted a solid framed steel bike for my Tanaka 40cc. I built it on a folding table in my basement the night after the engine arrived. Had to file one of the forks because the nylon wheel didn’t quite clear and I didn’t want (or need) to jack the forks as mentioned elsewhere. The whole thing took about 4 hours. I put about 250 miles on it over the summer and it does at least 38 mph on the straight away (I weigh 200lbs and am 6 feet tall). In fact, I put away my bicycle helmet and bought a motorcycle helmet instead. I also installed the brake light horn combo and it works like a charm.

    The looks I get from everyone when I zoom by are priceless. The engine takes the speed just fine and my speedometer says I average about 20 mph per ride. I do make sure I tighten everything after each ride and check my air pressure before each ride.

    The second week I had this rig, my business partner took it for a spin and immediately wanted one. I ordered our second Golden Eagle Tanaka 40cc and he went out and bought the last Rolling Rock (painted green and decals after the now defunct beer) bicycle in Illinois – a five speed – and we put his together in our private office one Tuesday afternoon between patients. This one took about an hour and a half and that included figuring out the work around for the funky dérailleur location.

    Thanks for the fun both in the build and the ride.

    Warren in Illinois

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  42. Rod and Noela

    5 out of 5 Absolutely love the little Tanakas

    Successful installation! Took a little bit of fiddling to get a good firm fit, like most things. We’ve had a few rides and absolutely love the little Tanakas. We have steep hills which used to slow us down to 7 – 10 km/h but now we tackle them in highest gear and up to 35 km/h.

    Noela can’t get the smile off her face as she can keep up easily and has always wanted a motorbike. I think bikes are safer with these motors as long as a mirror is also fitted. We did a 50 km ride, using the engines on hills and flat ground and idling as we coasted down hills. We still had a little bit of petrol left when we got home. The dog can come with us sometimes now – check out the backpack! My other bike’s a GoldWing and I can’t decide which is more fun.

    Rod and Noela


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  43. Joe

    5 out of 5 It’s just downright FUN!

    To the people at Golden Eagle,

    I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know how much your product and services are appreciated. I’m 58 yrs young and a retired Police Officer, started riding a bicycle two yrs ago for health reasons, bypass surgery on the old ticker! It soon became boring riding the same area around my home.

    I’ve always been a little reluctant to venture to far away in fear that I wouldn’t have the power to make it back and would have to call my wife for help! With the addition of your product on the back of my bike those fears are now gone!! In fact the boredom has changed to adventure! It’s just downright FUN! The Tanaka 40cc has plenty of power to haul my 200 lbs around all day long! Although I am having trouble getting it away from my wife who loves riding it too! Sooo next month I’ll be ordering another to mount on her bike. Then watch out , we have a couple of nice trips planned for the summer, Block Island, etc . only day trips, but then who knows?

    I’ve never purchased anything over the Internet before and was a little reluctant to start, given the horror stories I’ve heard. But this experience has been nothing but a pleasure! A question emailed in the morning resulted in a response by the afternoon and a package delivered two days later, problem solved! I pray that service like that will reap you much success in your business and I’m sure that it already has.

    All I can really say is thank you!

    Again, Thank You,
    Joe Cortese in New York

    PS. the mount worked out great, no more bungee, and turning the engine 90 deg. was a snap, no more hot butt!. It did however pose a minor problem with fueling! It seems the Tanaka gas tank filler comes out at a slightly different angle than the rest! A 5/8″ male garden hose end repair, a rubber O ring and small length of 5/8″ fuel line. The male garden hose connection fits right onto the MSR fuel bottle! You can throw out the plastic clamp that comes with it if you’d like. Filling up is a breeze! Now if I can only figure out if the gas tank pickup tube goes all the way to the bottom of the tank! LOL I’ll let it run dry and see what happens, not a big deal to extend it. If it ever stops raining out here I’ll do that and let you know what happened. Also a good glass side view mirror (not the plastic dime store variety )and a high quality helmet are absolutely vital.

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  44. Vernon

    5 out of 5 A very powerful, economical, smooth ride


    I would just like to thank you for the service and great products you make and sell. Gas is over $3.00 a gallon here in So. Oregon and my bike (Gary Fisher Joshua) with the Golden Eagle kit on it is going to be real nice at the gas pumps. I hardly use my big gas hog as long as I have my sweet Golden Eagle equipped bikes to ride.

    I have about 2000 miles on my Tanaka 26cc kit and have had no problems at all and I weigh 230 pounds. I love the Tanaka 26cc kit for just cruising around and getting some exercise to boot. It is just so smooth and reliable and the 11 tooth gear is perfect for a heavyweight like me. It will still go 28mph on the flats and about 32 slight down hill.

    Lots of hills and trails here in Oregon so I set up a second bicycle with a Robin (40cc) two stroke 2 horse power commercial engine. The Robin 40cc has a bit more vibration but a lot more power for trails and hills. The 14 tooth drive gear is perfect. It does need the 36 spoke wheel and drive ring due to the power put out by this monster of an engine. Gets about 130mpg but it is still new. I am sure the Tanaka 40cc that Golden Eagle sells is a great smooth engine just like the Tanaka 26cc. With the 40cc I have enough power for a small trailer for my golf clubs or fishing tackle.

    The parts I ordered fit and worked perfectly with this engine (Robin 40cc). I gained a couple of miles per hour but more importantly (to me) I have much better hill climbing ability now. If you have not done so yet you can add this motor to the list of motors that will work with your kits. This engine uses the 76mm clutch and drive assembly.

    These are the pictures of my Golden Eagle equipped bicycle. A very powerful, economical, smooth ride. Works perfect on my Gary Fisher Joshua. With gas prices set to rise why not equip your bike with a Golden Eagle bicycle drive kit and have fun, save lots of money, get some great exercise.

    This is a win win deal for sure. Thanks Golden Eagle, with the exercise I am now getting you may have just saved my life. I have a heart condition and need the exercise to help me stay alive and with the power assist I get from the engine I can still enjoy my bicycle and I plan to ride for at least another 30 years. I always wear a helmet and use a rear view mirror attached to my glasses to watch for vehicles coming up behind me. Always ride defensively and obey all the traffic laws just like you were in a car. Have fun fun fun!!!

    Have a good one and keep the shinny side up. Thanks again.

    Medford, Oregon

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  45. James

    5 out of 5 JUST SAY YES !!!

    My wife and I have been Golden Eagle engine owners for almost a year. We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our motorized biking. Living next to the Gulf Islands National Seashore provides us with a wonderful place to ride and escape the more cluttered roads with city traffic. We are able to observe the natural beauty of our area in the park while leisurely cruising on our new transportation.

    We encountered no difficulties while installing our bike engines and have been virtually trouble free since our “maiden voyages” on these motorized marvels. As you can see, we opted for the 2-stroke Red Max and have been very pleased with our choice. This “zippy” little engine provides all the power that we want and then some.

    If you have been considering purchasing one of these “little hot potatoes” then go for it. JUST SAY YES !!! You can’t do any better than dealing with Golden Eagle Bike Engines because you can’t deal with better people than Julia and Dennis. They are always ready to lend a helping hand.

    James – Totally Satisfied In Mississippi

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  46. BRIAN

    5 out of 5 I am one very happy customer

    Well, I have had my motorized bicycle engine a little over 1 year now, and I have been having so much fun. I just got a bike computer, and my top speed on a flat road was 33mph. I think that’s great for my bike because my bike is very heavy. My top speed going down a big mountain here was 56 mph. I think that’s very fast for a motorized bike. The new pictures I sent G.E.B.E. are from a town not too far from me. There was a big flood here in April 05. They are from a town called Easton PA. There are pictures of a fish ladder. You can see how high the water was by looking at all the leaves in the fence. Also the water pushed over the fence and the poles for the fence.

    Anyway back to my engine. I have the 2 cycle 25.4cc motorized bicycle engine. There are a lot of thing’s I like about this engine. The first thing I like is the drive ring on the back wheel. I have a lot of top end power. This drive ring is 3 times the size of the 48 tooth sprocket on my old 48cc chain drive engine…I also like the belt drive on my motorized bicycle engine. It is easy to change a belt. A belt doesn’t make as much noise. In my last review I talked about that 48cc chain drive engine. I also talked about how my chain jammed up on that engine, and that I could not even ride my motorized bike home. My back wheel was locked up. So I had to push it home over a mile back to my house on my front tire. At least if my belt would break I can still ride home.

    But it’s been over 1 year and my belt still has some life left in it. The bad thing about a chain is it can jam up. It will get all rusty, and dirty if you don’t do a lot of maintenance on it. But with a belt it’s very low maintenance. Also about those engines that drive off the tire. I knew someone who had one of those engines. I asked him how it did in the rain/and snow. And he told me he could not ride in bad weather because the gear would slip. And he also told me he went through tires like crazy. So I think belt drive is the best, because you can ride in all weather without any problem. We get a lot of rain and snow here in PA. So I need a motorized bicycle engine I can depend on. There are times when I’ll go over 50+ miles from home with my engine. And I don’t think I would trust going that far with all those other engines. So to all those great people at G.E.B.E…Keep up the great work. Your customer support is excellent. I am one very happy customer.


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  47. Harv

    5 out of 5 We really enjoy the bikes

    We don’t have a good selection of pictures……..too busy riding and having fun. Hope you can use these; they were taken on the Alvord Dry Lake bed with the Steens Mtns. in the background.

    We don’t really have a bike riding club, we are mainly a flying club……….the bikes are bonus entertainment when we aren’t flying.

    Q started the Central Oregon Powered Parachute club….’COPS’……several years ago. He also put together the first two Golden Eagle kits. I rode one of his bikes and knew I had to have one. Then Jerry rode it and liked it well enough, he ordered one. Then along came Brian and Tara, they decided to buy one of Q’s.

    Q is the cameraman……..tried to superimpose him, that is the best I could do for the first time. Tara is the daughter of Brian, who was out of camera shot – Wish we could claim her.
    The Powered Parachute in the picture is mine, but we all own one. The Alvord is covered with one or two inches of water in the winter months only. Warm sunny days evaporates the water and then it is smooth and hard, great for flying or bike riding.

    We really enjoy the bikes. It gives us a way to explore when it is too windy to fly. Jackrabbit chasing on the bike is a challenge. They are great sagebrush and sand runners, change directions rapidly………which challenges our skills! They have to have that skill to outrun Wiley Coyote.

    Oregon has a wide variety of countryside………from rain and forest to high country desert and sagebrush. It is a beautiful state. Lots to see from both air and ground.

    Redmond, OR

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  48. Darryl & Sina

    5 out of 5 Your system is the little engine that can

    I bought a Golden Eagle engine for my wife’s new recumbent, after spending weeks researching various engine and electric motor systems for bikes. My research kept leading me back to the Golden Eagle because its drive system and engine just made the most sense to me. We live at 6,000 feet in the Colorado foothills, so high altitude engine performance was a big concern of mine. I was assured that the engine would not suffer at this altitude. It came down to this; there may be grades too long and steep for the Eagle alone, but with the optional mountain gear, the Eagle would be able to assist my wife over any hill that stood in her way. Around here there are plenty of hills and some of them don’t just stand, they tower.

    I liked what I saw in the design of the Golden Eagle drive system, so I took a leap of faith and ordered one. It was a leap of faith because there weren’t any Golden Eagle’s in my area to look at and because ya just never know these days. I’m glad I still have faith in people, because Dennis and Julia at Golden Eagle made buying from them a pleasure. Not having done any bicycle mechanical work before made the new axle part of the job a challenge, but the mounting of the engine and everything else was a breeze. The entire system is well thought out and went together well.

    I wanted a trike, so I elected to go with a recumbent trike that has an engine built into it. Although my engine is a 31cc 4 stroke engine, Sina’s 25.4 cc two stroke has better performance and is just as quite. The Golden Eagle drive system also delivers more power to the wheel then my system, so she can develop more torque and top speed then I can. In fact we have used Sina’s bike to pull family members, riding conventional bicycles, up to the top of some of the hills around here.

    We got the engines to “flatten out the hills” where we live. Sina wanted to ride bikes again but didn’t want to “grunt” the hills everyday. This is our typical ride. We turn on the engines in the driveway and coast down our road at 30mph. Once we get to the bottom of the 1/4 mile road we engine/peddle the 1/4 mile over to the bottom of the next hill; a 1/2 mile upgrade, which we then engine/peddle up. At the top Sina takes off her belt while she waits for me to catch up. Now we can coast the 1/2 mile down grade. Keeping the belt on would not be a good thing to do. It would surly come off unless she rode the brakes and kept the speed down. Now why would she want to do that?? At the bottom of that hill we pedal around the lake and over to the top of the next hill. This hill is also a 1/2 mile down grade with speeds around 30 – 40 mph, depending on your comfort level. Now we pedal on into town for what ever reason took us there in the first place. This pedal is a down hill grade all the way. Once we are ready to go home we pedal back up towards home for as long as we feel like it then we fire up the engines (put the belt back on) and engine/pedal the rest of the way back home. We got the bikes to pedal them for the exercise. We got the engines so that we would want to ride the bikes for the exercise. We are two very happy engine bikers.

    The gold water bottle on the engine mounting frame is extra fuel. The water bottle frame is what she ties the belt to when she wants to free ride. I have since replaced the standard water bottle with a spun aluminum fuel bottle. Sina is in good shape, but your system is the little engine that can. Although the standard placement over the rear wheel is fine, it makes this particular bike light in the front. Mostly because the front wheel is so far away from the back. I looked over your reviews again and noticed that one of the recumbent guys put the engine under the seat rather then over the rear wheel. I could see that idea as being helpful to the center of gravity situation. It’s not been a problem with the engine in the back; it’s just not balanced well that way.

    Now my wife races UP and down the hills around our home. She doesn’t call them mountains anymore, now she calls them Colorado Speed Bumps. This little engine that can even ran well on a recent trip we took to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park, at 12,000 feet.

    My hats off to Golden Eagle, they made it possible for a couple of middle-agers to enjoy riding bicycles in Colorado again.

    Darryl & Sina
    Fort Collins, Colorado

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