WM in Indiana

August 12th, 2011


Today was my first trip to work with the bike.
Had lots of fun, everyone smiling. My friend a Golden Eagle 🙂

I had been looking for a 26″ motorbike for some time. Everywhere I looked someone was trying to sell me a small scooter. I wanted something on hand in case of a gas crisis. I didn’t start out to build but I wanted a beach cruiser (tank style) . It turned out to be fun. (may do it again)

After getting a little education from Motor bicycling & U-Tube I found a bike made by Micargi. The bike is a Falcon GTS 26″/w68 spoke (red) Purchased from Metra Corp , info@bikebuyers.com

A front wheel from Sturmey Archer with hub brake, gave me more stopping power. I ordered a Honda GX 35 S3**motor available over the net ($235). I purchased Golden Eagle Kit & HD replacement wheels. The kit was complete & service great.

Problems started when it became evident the motor straps did not have enough axle to rest on. Spent many hrs trying to figure it out. Axle was just not long enough for this model frame. Had to purchase 7″ axle, from local bicycle store. Axle material 3/8x24t can be obtained in form of hardened threaded rod 3′ length, locally , or from: Fastenal Co. Highland In. 219-924-3980

Two axle nuts must be used in order to clear frame member.

The rear fender needed to be notched out to make room for belt drive.

This models frame has minimum clearance for drive wheel (1/32″) & may need to be expanded 1/4″ or so.

The Honda motor came with no throttle adjustment. Use brake adjustment / nut to connect carb.

Cables & kill switch were to short for this model. I used a 75″ throttle cable # P75 TC75 & a twistgrip throttle w/kill switch TG CKW from Grady Howell at 303-459-2780

Only problems were with the design of this bicycle models frame. Once I changed the axles everything came together in no time.

Bike has plenty of power, 25/30mph, quiet, can be used on & off trails legally.

Thank you Golden Eagle.
Wm Weddell

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