Walter in Mississippi

July 18th, 2008

The Golden Eagle 35cc Robin / Subaru 4 stroke engine mounted on a Landrider bike which is equipped with auto-shift gearing. It has turned out to be a great combination of engineering concepts. Both units compliment each other. l have almost 200 miles of testing with the combination, and I must say… “It exceeds my expectations”. I was a little apprehensive in using the engine on this particular bike, but it has been a wonderful match.

At any speed, when I want to pedal…. the right gear is engaged… On hills, if I want to assist the engine, I use the throttle to adjust the amount of energy that I want to expend. On hills, I usually just add enough pedal to maintain my average speed. Consequently, I term this combination: “A Hybrid Bike”. Upon coming to a stop- sign or red light, it has automatically dropped to low gear when starting again. Thus, I concentrate on the traffic only. Although, the tested top speed is 30 mph, I usually cruise at 20 to 23. I weigh 215 lbs, and the gas mileage on the last test was about 185 MPG. Our gas here contains 10% ethanol. In accordance to the tests with my automobile, I am certain that I would gain 10% in MPG, if I had pure gasoline. I live in a rural area, and my last trip was 39 miles.

In Mississippi, mopeds require a license plate… but no driver’s license. I took pictures to the tax collectors office and showed them my bike and the motor. I told them that I wanted to be street legal. They said that this was a bicycle, and no license was required. Therefore, I am calling this combo a “Hybrid Bicycle”! Apparently the tax people don’t term it a “moped”.

In summation: I am 75 years of age, and am hung up on old “Red, White and Blue”. I consider my investment in this machine as my contribution to OPEC. When I fill up my tank now… It is with a Dr. Pepper bottle!!!!

Hernando, Mississippi

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