Vernon in Oregon

April 4th, 2007


I would just like to thank you for the service and great products you make and sell. Gas is over $3.00 a gallon here in So. Oregon and my bike (Gary Fisher Joshua) with the Golden Eagle kit on it is going to be real nice at the gas pumps. I hardly use my big gas hog as long as I have my sweet Golden Eagle equipped bikes to ride.

I have about 2000 miles on my Tanaka 26cc kit and have had no problems at all and I weigh 230 pounds. I love the Tanaka 26cc kit for just cruising around and getting some exercise to boot. It is just so smooth and reliable and the 11 tooth gear is perfect for a heavyweight like me. It will still go 28mph on the flats and about 32 slight down hill.

Lots of hills and trails here in Oregon so I set up a second bicycle with a Robin (40cc) two stroke 2 horse power commercial engine. The Robin 40cc has a bit more vibration but a lot more power for trails and hills. The 14 tooth drive gear is perfect. It does need the 36 spoke wheel and drive ring due to the power put out by this monster of an engine. Gets about 130mpg but it is still new. I am sure the Tanaka 40cc that Golden Eagle sells is a great smooth engine just like the Tanaka 26cc. With the 40cc I have enough power for a small trailer for my golf clubs or fishing tackle.

The parts I ordered fit and worked perfectly with this engine (Robin 40cc). I gained a couple of miles per hour but more importantly (to me) I have much better hill climbing ability now. If you have not done so yet you can add this motor to the list of motors that will work with your kits. This engine uses the 76mm clutch and drive assembly.

These are the pictures of my Golden Eagle equipped bicycle. A very powerful, economical, smooth ride. Works perfect on my Gary Fisher Joshua. With gas prices set to rise why not equip your bike with a Golden Eagle bicycle drive kit and have fun, save lots of money, get some great exercise.

This is a win win deal for sure. Thanks Golden Eagle, with the exercise I am now getting you may have just saved my life. I have a heart condition and need the exercise to help me stay alive and with the power assist I get from the engine I can still enjoy my bicycle and I plan to ride for at least another 30 years. I always wear a helmet and use a rear view mirror attached to my glasses to watch for vehicles coming up behind me. Always ride defensively and obey all the traffic laws just like you were in a car. Have fun fun fun!!!

Have a good one and keep the shinny side up. Thanks again.

Medford, Oregon

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