Tommy in California

February 8th, 2008

First let me say, dealing with Golden Eagle staff was an extreme joy – had me smiling through the whole transaction, and was very informative. I got my kit within 4 business days and inspected all the parts, very high quality. The design is really well thought out. After reading all the manuals I had the kit mounted in 40 mins. I had to adjust the idle witch took a minute, I loosened the locknut at the end of the accelerator cable, turned it clockwise and tightened the locknut, Wala it was done.When I finally took “Jack” (a Dahon Jack folding bike) On his maiden voyage, it was such a kick! haven’t had this much fun since I was a little guy! right out the box I was doing 29 to 30 MPH.

I bought the folding bike because I am a Trucker, and pass so many sights of interest but can’t get to them because No big Rigs are allowed. Now I can pull my bike out of my truck, put fuel in the tank and cruise to all the sights. IE: Indian ruins in New Mexico. I want to thank all the staff and crew at Golden Eagle for putting a smile on my face, and producing a good quality product. Also for giving me the ability to go where I couldn’t go before! Thanks for the smiles!!
Attached is a photo of Jack. 🙂

Acton, California

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