Tom in California

1st contact:
Order was received, written on a cut-out section of brown paper bag with shipping instructions. Examination of the envelope revealed, only, that it was from T.A. in Yuba City, CA. We thought, “this has to be a special person, to give a gift as special as the Eagle”, our curiosity was piqued. Was this a gift from a father to his son, son to father or brother to brother, maybe Uncle to nephew? Our only clue, it was from a man – no woman would use paper bag as stationary.

We received this photo of Tom and his bike – outfitted with TWO fishing poles and replica of 1927 Harley seat. We caution our customers to be sure their bike is comfortable, this looks like a GOOD seat for riding those rough trails in the hills. For some reason, I don’t think Tom is disappointed with the outcome. (We look forward to getting some photos of those fish, wouldn’t expect him to give away location of those favored fishing holes!)

August 18th, 2003

You know, ever since I could remember I wanted to run like a CHEETAH. That Golden Eagle flys. Its a super stealthly bike. I use no effort and the bike just tears up those paths. I focus only on my pure enjoyment. It takes me like a dependable horse just about anywhere in a click of time. Time itself seems to stop – I can’t fully explain it. The splendid Earth with its people just floats right by. Everyones’ reaction to it is special. Most are amazed or just plain happy to see it. It spreads pure joy. It radiates Love in all directions. I finally got one right — it is awesome to run like a CHEETAH!

When I realized what this engine could do I pushed it to the max and it answered back with “come on give me some more!” The bike loves to be moving. It doesn’t like to sit around waiting for me. It needs to go. My favorite moves are shifting body weight, darting, and full speed arcing turns. I love launching my entire body around the turns going faster and faster. I had been planning my own bike engine designs for years. I’ll tell ya I threw them out as soon as I got back from the first ride on that Golden Eagle Super Bike! This is truely the answer to a dream a boy had over 25 years ago – to run like a CHEETAH!!

Now I’m designing 3 new bikes around the Golden Eagle engine configuration. I’m going to build a chopper style bike laid back for the street, a trail/beach comfort cruiser for my wife, and an all out off road jumping bike for pure dirt and aerial manuvers.

I hate phones so let me tell you straight – THANK YOU!

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