Terrill in Michigan

July 14th, 2010

This is a picture of my Komatsu Zenoah/RedMax 25cc, 2-stroke Golden Eagle Bicycle Engine installed on my new Schwinn Southport Men’s Cruiser Bike. The install went great; the kit went on like it was made for the bike. I first had it installed on a Mongoose mountain bike and it worked great, however I am more a cruiser guy. I like the big seat and the laidback riding position, its “old school”. This setup provides comfort and attitude, and I think it looks great.

I had to fabricate a brace to hold my Topeka rack and my bag with drop down panniers. I used anodized aluminum and stainless steel fittings. It went on pretty easily and fills my needs.

The fun I have had with this bike is beyond explanation. I top out with the wind behind me on a slight downhill road at 32.5 mph, but on the flats it cruises at 25-28 mph, fast enough to satisfy an old guy who grew up on a Honda 750 in 1969. Fast enough on a bicycle.

Today I rode my bike 22.5 miles. I averaged 19.6 mph (a lot of stop and go in town); with a top speed of 32.1 mph (the wind was with me). I had a blast, and my little green machine did all this on a little less than ½ of a tank, or about 10 oz of gas. When you do the math, that’s around 281.6 mpg and that is outstanding.

I enjoy it so much that I set one up for my wife and I really think she likes buzzing around the neighborhood on our Golden Eagle Cruiser bikes. The looks we get from everyone are so cool; I think they like our bikes as much as we do.

I would recommend a Golden Eagle to anyone that wants to enjoy the outdoors without working too hard, don’t get me wrong you will get all the pedaling you want, but when you want to go home you can motor.

I like this little bike engine more and more the longer I have it.

Just a couple of other items that helps keep me safe.

Extra Gas for that long ride home
A really good headlight for riding at nightand big mirrors
And big mirrors to keep an eye on the cars

I want to send a big thanks to Julia and everyone at Golden Eagle Bicycle Engines.

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