Stu in New York

October 1st, 2004

The bike is a Wal-Mart 99 Dollar Mongoose with Full Suspension. I have Wire tied the spokes where they cross each other on both sides of each wheel. This has ended any breaking of them. Loc-Tite applied to ANY threads has held this bike together, along with nylon insert nuts replacing the store hardware. I have beaten this bike to the point of insanity. Axles have bent, everything has come off or loose at least once. Blowouts + crashes are common even with thicker tires. I have done some rotten trails, cliffs, drop offs, bluffs etc. to get to some WONDERFUL Peaks here in the Hudson Valley at West Point and Bear Mountain State Park ,along the Hudson River. What surprises me is that this bike engine kit has survived intact. The engine is close to 1000 miles, and gets more power now than when new. It is wild to have this kind of power from 25cc’s. If you like trails, go for the Lower (smaller) ratio Gear. Top speed is 47MPH downhill (please don’t do this), 35 on the level. Bought a kit for my wife Melanie, with a muffler kit (25 Mins. to install) Top end is better as stated, with NO lower power loss that we can detect. I am banned from this bike… Now for the reason for buying these great kits… I was completely paralyzed from head to toe for quite a long time with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Axonal Type. This was a pretty severe Variety and We were told I would never walk again after MANY months of complete paralysis, Tube Feedings, Respirator etc… I got better over the years and am doing fine; HOWEVER, I can’t pedal a bike. This kit not only allows me to go where I want in the Mountains, I can Blow the doors off ANY of those Spandex racer bikers on the roads to these trails. I really SMOKE them! THAT, Boys and Girls, is the funniest coolest thing of all. Even they laugh and holler. My advice, as life really is too short: Get off your ass and buy this set-up. Stop clicking these reviews and order one. Save your bottle money, sell the Plasma TV, Hell. Sell YOUR Plasma, but get one on the road. It’s Wild!

Stu Chaney

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