Steve in North Virginia

September 16th, 2010

My GEBE bike is so much fun! It is so fast! I loved it from the very first minute!

On my first ride, I was a little nervous about how it would handle. I planned to take a short slow ride around my neighborhood to test it out. But instantly I knew the bike was perfect. Riding it was so easy and so natural. I felt in perfect control. And I just took off! I rode an effortless 10 miles at speeds that a bike racer couldn’t match. I climbed long steep hills like they weren’t even there!

It is amazingly fast for a bike. It goes 32 mph on the flat, and it climbs big hills at 25 mph (with hard pedaling). Compared to my non-motorized bike, that is more than twice as fast on the flat and 4 times as fast climbing big hills. To test acceleration, I pedaled at 10 mph with the motor in idle and then went full throttle together with hard pedaling. In 5 seconds, I was going 28 mph! That’s incredible for a bike.

I have pedaled bikes all my life. I have loved them and I still love riding them. I pedal almost 2000 miles per year, and I have pedaled more than 50,000 miles in my lifetime. But I am now 67 years old, and I was disappointed that I can no longer pedal the long distances and hilly routes that I used to enjoy. I decided to get a motorized bike so that I could once again enjoy those long hard rides.

The increase in biking range is astounding. The longer range opens up all sorts of new areas to explore. I rode my GEBE for 120 very hilly miles one day without being too tired, and I could have ridden further if I wanted to. By comparison, my maximum range on very hilly terrain on my pedal bike is limited by fatigue to about 40 miles. I have ridden my GEBE up long steep hills that I never rode on my pedal bike because they were too intimidating. Being able to easily and quickly climb those killer hills like they weren’t even there was such a thrill! Wow! I felt like superman! Now, very long distances and long steep hills are no longer impossible. Now they are easy!

One thing that I do differently from most motorized bicycle riders is that I always pedal. I am a lifelong cyclist and I love pedaling. It just seems right for a bike to be pedaled and I want the exercise. I did try riding without pedaling. I hated it. Without pedaling, riding seemed tedious and boring, and the bike no longer felt responsive like it was a part of me. I guess I want a bicycle experience, not a motorcycle experience.

Bike info: I mounted a 32cc Tanaka 2-stroke on a 15-year-old front suspension mountain bike. The engine is a little nosier than I would like, but it is almost vibration free. I bought the heavy duty rear wheel with 105 gauge spokes and mounted Serfas drifter S heavy duty tires. I added a 1.5 liter auxiliary gas tank that extends the range to 80 miles without refueling. I also have a capability to carry extra gas cylinders to get a total range of 200 miles. I changed the front crank set to one with 48 teeth (instead of 42) with 11 teeth rear to allow me to pedal comfortably at 30 mph. I have ridden almost 3000 miles in 6 months. During that time, my GEBE has been trouble-free – no breakdowns or mechanical problems. The GEBE is a good quality setup.

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