Steve in Richfield, OH

July 27th, 2010

Hi GeBe!
I just wanted to send these links and photos over to you to show my newly built from scratch tadpole trike. Man is this thing fun! I built the whole thing from scratch because I did not want to pay over $1000 for a tadpole….so I built my own. The Schwalbe Big Apple tires are like having a suspension on the bike. Great tires. I highly recommend them. The trike has front disks and rear V brake and it stops on a dime.

I’ve been getting all kinds of attention with it as I zip by at almost 44 MPH….aerodynamics really makes a difference with your engine kit. My other store bought recumbent did only 38 MPH with the same 32 CC Tanaka.


Here are some links to the Atomic Zombie blog……Atomic Zombie Blog….and another link to an update…….Another blog link Attached are some photos of the trike……I really over did the build on this…..all automotive bearings for steering and heavier gauge tubing for strength…I don’t want it to fall apart going almost 50 MPH. !

My top speed so far has been 64 MPH down a hill and it was stable and a blast. I get all kinds of questions and I think I’m the most videoed bicycle rider in the state right now. I have people with their video phones taking all kinds of video of me as I roll along.

Thanks for the great engine kit. It really is the best I’ve seen so far.


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