Shawn’s Motorized Bike – Prince Edward Island

September 30th, 2016

4 stroke motorized bicycle

I bike year round. Have studded tires for winter driving. So the thought of being able to put an engine on it would make my life a whole lot easier travelling to work everyday! so i have done extensive research! Not a compulsive buyer. In that research have personally spoken to owners of other products out there and could not find one that was reliable, nor quality engineering. Until i found Golden Eagle. I researched the product for a couple of weeks then contacted the company directly by phone…imagine i got a real person not a message machine! From first contact, Julia yes Julia we are on first name basis, they have gone over and beyond to accommodate my questions and concerns. Even when my questions surpassed Julia’s knowledge, which was extensive. She didn’t try and BS me with some out there answer ….. she passed me on to an engineer!!! The quality of customer service since purchase has not declined in the slightest!! QUALITY COMPANY AND PRODUCT.

My views after purchase. I purchased the golden eagle 38cc 4 stroke kit 3 months ago. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It was very easy to install. very important, when installing ring onto rim make sure u keep the 4 in 1 wrench directly against the ring when snapping spokes into ring. Otherwise you risk bending the spoke trying to get it in ring.

Also when installing front mount strap with the L bracket, make sure when positioned it is inline with the hole the bolt has to go into. I had to put a slight bend in it to get it to come down to hole. well honestly when first installed i just pushed it down with some force and had to have a good hold onto it to get bolt in hole. This caused it to have undue stress on bolt. Doing checks ups on bike noticed it was bending the bolt. Driving to work within first week of owning i hit a bump and heard a snap noise. I thought I had snapped some spokes, upon inspection no spokes has broke. My bad for not inspecting all parts but that bolt had snapped. I kept going the engine fell backwards causing the kill switch cable to come apart and the throttle stick wide open. i came to full stop noticed engine position, LOL. put choke on and hit gas to kill engine. so that was when I put bend in front strap so as to have it line up with hole without having to put pressure to reach hole and I also put in a larger bolt. Haven’t had a problem since.

The engine always starts with 2 pulls when cold, when engine is slightly warmed up only takes one pull, always! i am 6 feet and 240 lbs on the flat can obtain about 43 km and hour. Amazing that little 1.6 ft/lbs or torque can do! If i pedal and get speed up more the engine will still maintain the speed. Again like info tells you this is not a motorcycle. it is a pedal assist design. so i always pedal from dead stops and going up hills. As to increase belt life etc. Mind you any hill i have climbed with it, have tested, with not pedaling, speed will still maintain and depending on the grade of the hill increase speed! but i do want to get some exercise when i am biking. The pedaling when going up hills is almost effortless! The engine puts very little vibration through the bike, almost unnoticeable, when under full power. The product is professionally built and it shows.

Would like to see some kind of drain plug for oil but can understand the engineering. I just put the bike on its side on my back step with the back wheel up the stairs, engine side down. I pick the back tire up about another foot and place object under to hold as to give enough angle to allow oil to drain. much easier process than dismantling. DO NOT LET THIS DETER YOUR DESIRE TO CHANGE OIL!!! or think this is a inferior product to what is out there!!

The smile that is on my face, from ear to ear, every time I get off my bike far outweighs the one small inconvenience i have found about the product!! I do suggest going to your local drugstore and getting a large syringe to put your oil back in with for accuracy purposes. Largest syringe i could find was 60ml , But only requires 100ml to fill engine. Like any new break in of engine changing the oil is essential for engine life! i change oil every three tanks of gas. i will do so until it reaches the 1000 mile mark for total break in.

I strongly suggest you go to your local bike store and get good lighting front and back, WEAR A HELMET!! And get a good speedometer. one that gives distance etc also traveled. For those who question driving in the winter… is an air cooled engine, performance can only increase. And bike is never left outside. You will not be disappointed in this product!!

Shawn in Prince Edward Island