Scott in Illinois

August 12th, 2011
Thanks for all the help and advise with my new bike. You guys at golden eagle were great and everything went together perfectly. Here is my soft cruise reversible propane Honda gx35 golden eagle bicycle. The bike would be nothing without the golden eagle drive. I took my first long ride and it’s amazing. With a new engine, I did 35 mph on a flat surface with the wind in my face. It was cold in Illinois today. I can’t wait till summer.




I put the longer throttle cable on and I finally got the refillable manchester 1lb propane tanks. I have to go to an extendable double kickstand and strengthen the way it’s mounted. and thats it. Here’s the final picture, A bike thats perfect for me,  Thanks again for everything.


1979 Chicago schwinn spitfire – Heading to st louis spring training then down to key west. Golden Eagle at the bottom of US.


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