Rob in Alabama

November 7th, 2006

Product reviewed: Golden Eagle Red Max 25.4cc Zenoah
Make/Model of bike: 2006 Giant Boulder
Accessories: Topeak MTX EX rack and bag, Cat Eye
Enduro 8 cyclocomputer, NightRider Classic
Select 25w dual headlight, Topeak Defender,
Side mirrors, brake/turn signal lights.
Use: Commuting

After owning the Red Max engine for a few months, It is time I submitted a review.

Before I purchased anything, I did a lot of research, not only on the engine but on all accessories as well. [Go to for reviews on all products relating to cycling] I recommend to all beginners: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Know all you can about maintaining and caring for your bike and learn how to do these things for yourself. Not only do you benefit by learning new things but it will save you a lot of money. But, the main reason for learning these things is … Without the bike, all you will have is a weed eater! Now for the review………

I use my bike, mainly, for commuting to work. This setup Is Great! I have never enjoyed a bike as much as I do now. When I first mentioned to people that I was going to do this, they all laughed and dismissed it as nothing more than a child’s toy. You should have seen their faces as I flew pass them on my bike.

I installed the engine on a 2006 Giant Boulder in about 45 mins. The bike is a steel frame hard tail with front suspension. I was told that the steel frame would better handle the engine vibrations. {Side note: I purchased my bike from a local bike shop and I am glad I did as oppose to getting an off the rack bike from Wal-Mart. For one thing, I know my bike was setup by people who love cycling and have more experience and not by a stock clerk. Plus, I get all adjustments free for a year.} Unless you have a lot of experience cycling and/or build/repair bikes, it would probably be a better route for a newbie. No matter where you get your bike, just make sure it has been properly setup.

I did, however, have trouble getting the belt to track down the center of the gear. This is critical for getting top performance out the engine. After some tweaking and advice from Dennis, It is all well. Top speed (level ground) is 32mph with 180mpg. I am told that the mpg will improve after the break-in period. Other than the belt, I have had no problems with the engine and look forward to riding my bike for many years to come.

In closing, I would highly encourage anyone in the market for a bike engine, to get the Golden Eagle Red Max Zenoah.

Thanks to Julia and Dennis for a great product and all of their support.

Robert S.

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