Riff in Washington

August 3rd, 2009

My name is Rif Addams, I hail from Tacoma, WA, and I am also an enthusiast of MotoredBikes and have been building and riding for nearly 12 years now. I am also an enthusiast/historian of these vehicles with my research and interest going back as far as the late 1800’s/ early 1900’s. I am well versed in these “Machineries of Joy” as I like to call them.

Two years ago purchased a kit only to mount to my Tanaka PF-40. This bike has performed flawlessly, as I have put it through the paces of running errands around my local neighborhood area, and done some minor commuting on occassion- a round trip of 30 miles daily. Having had MANY different Bike Motorizing Kits, both modern and vintage, I have long felt that The GEBE has done an excellent job of distilling down all the previous drive systems through the ages and done away with all the weak points, and utilized all the strong points in the previous forms to offer the perfect and nearly flawless bicycle motorizing kit!

I am also very pleased that you prefer to utilize American manufacturing for this engine kit drive train!!! Here are some pictures of my current Golden Eagle drive on a vintage Columbia, with a vintage Cleveland Welding ‘Shockmaster’ spring fork.

I am currently building a MotoredBike using a GEBE R/S 35 for an up coming art show, and will be happy to supply pics when finished if you are interested.
Thank you for designing a bicycle motorizing kit for today’s real world, and please keep up the good work!!!

Rif Addams

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