Richard in Indiana

September 29th, 2005

Dear Golden Eagle,

Your 35cc Robin/Eagle Bike Engine Kit works Wonderful! It installed very easily (after I got some advice on the phone) and always starts on the 1st or 2nd pull.

My bike is a Burley Canto Recumbent, disk brakes on the rear wheel required the lower mount strap to be spaced out so far that I lost some height on the mount – the belt was not properly tensioned. Thank you for sending the spacer plate needed to get the belt tension right, between my motor mount bracket and the lower mount strap.

I mostly free pedal the bike but when my arthritis starts (my knees start hurting too much between 12 – 20 miles) then I start the motor – it pulls me over the Toll Road overpass with ease. I pedal, even with the motor running, to help get some exercise – I just don’t have to pull on my knees so much. I’ve had it up to 28mph and it’s still pulling, it will probably go 30+.

Thanks again,


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