Rich in Missouri

November 7th, 2010

Just installed the kit on my new $100.00 bicycle I just bought from BigBox store. The kit went on very easily. I spent about an hour and a half installing it. I had to grind away a little meat off the mount where it bolts to the axle. The de-railer was causing some interference. I’m thrilled to death with the kit. I put it on and like you said, just hit the throttle. I didn’t even bother to pedal and the engine carried all 195 lbs of me just fine. When I did pedal it accelerated rapidly.

I haven’t had anyone pace me yet, but I would imagine its doing about 30 mph top speed on level ground. I’m very happy and can’t wait to begin my road trip now. This will make exploring all the nooks and crannies of Route 66 much more enjoyable.

Thanks Much,

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