Ralf in Pennsylvania

February 4th, 2008

To the great people of Golden Eagle Bike Engines:

I wish to thank you for designing and making available such an “elegant” machine. I purchased one of your engines in July of ’07 and it’s been a real joy. I chose the Tanaka 40cc 2-stroke engine since I am not a small guy.

Also, I wish to thank your review customers. It’s been fun and inspirational to read their stories, which convinced me almost as much as the engine.

When I first bought it, I installed it on my recumbent. There were a few logistical issues to overcome, but I got it to work quite well. Since it is a recumbent (low wind resistance) with an aerodynamic fairing (even lower wind resistance) with roadbike gearing, I had it doing just over 40 mph (ssshhh). I built a special, heavy-duty rear wheel with 13/14 gauge butted spokes to accommodate my, umm, mass as well as the engine’s driving forces. However, the engine sat just behind my head and it was too loud – I had to use ear plugs. So…

I bought the full suspension Kona. Actually, just the frame – an Ebay reject (shippers dinged the frame) which had been returned to the seller. I got it heap cheap, built it up with heavy duty wheels, disc brakes and fenders. Again, a few logistical issues, (the pictures are worth a thousand words), but….

With logistical and technical issues resolved, the engine works really well. The Tanaka is a beast with all kinds of torque. Full suspension and disc brakes make the bike both comfortable and secure. I help it on the steep hills and when I start out (for fear of burning out the clutch), but once I get moving, I can go as fast as 33 mph. I could go faster with a larger gear, but we have too many hills. The engine cruises comfortably around 24 or 25 mph.

Mounting the engine on the frame pivot freed up my axle so that I could use the quick release mechanism designed to hook up my trailer. I use it to go shopping, run errands, go to the library, go to the gym or whatever and whenever. I have a new car which gets between 35 to 40 mpg, but this is more efficient and more fun. And, I still get exercise without destroying my already damaged knees. I could go on and on about this, but buy one, you’ll get the picture.

Some people laughed at me and thought this was stupid, but now, I am the one who is smiling as I fly by the gas station with $3+ per gallon regular.

Ralf in Lancaster, PA

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