Peter in Texas

January 14th, 2008

Growing up in The Netherlands, the bicycle was my primary means of transportation for a long time, but age sixteen also marked the beginning of one being allowed to legally ride a “Brommer”. Brommers (“Buzzbikes”) were various types of 49 cc mopeds with a legally imposed 35km speed limit. As teenagers we enjoyed the newfound freedom in suddenly being able to effortlessly go faster and further in less time. Of course, the legal speed limit would not prevent us from souping-up the engines, even though speeding would also draw unwanted attention of police. (If caught the police would fine you, but sometimes confiscate the bike altogether and then strip it of its modified parts or even confiscate the whole engine).

In the United States I never much got into riding bicycles for the simple reason that most places are not particularly bicycle-friendly. Whereas in Holland there are separate bicycle paths, in the US one often has no choice but to mingle with much faster and sometimes dangerous traffic. Golden Eagle Cycles to the rescue! Suddenly there is a bicycle that allows you to go as fast as the legal city speed limit, and thus move right along with traffic. I now ride my 33cc Tanaka to work every day and not only get good gas mileage but, more importantly, much loving it in the process! Even my (initially skeptical) “Better Half” now tells me that riding my bike obviously has been “good for me”!

If I had to start all over; would I do something differently? Well, together with the engine set-up I would also purchase a stronger rear wheel with the (required) longer axle already installed (available from Golden Eagle). Perhaps I am an exception among Eagle riders, but the rear wheel spokes of my relatively inexpensive bike did not sufficiently stand up to the engine torque and to the bumpy city roads at higher speeds. (Translation: broken spokes). So, to avoid aggravation, I ended up buying a much stronger real wheel.

Oh, let me not forget to mention the excellent service provided by Golden Eagle Cycles. They really care about customer satisfaction and their true goal is to bring a smile to your face. They certainly have succeeded with me!

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