Paul in Washington

April 25th, 2005

Dear Golden Eagle,

I purchased and installed your Golden Eagle Bicycle Kit W/ Zenoah Redmax Engine on my Norco* Sasquatch mountain-bike in March, 2005. I’ve got over 200 miles logged already and I have to say, this things a blast! I ride with traffic (lights, left turn lanes, everything…) and I do get an occasional, “Hey, ride on the sidewalk”, but I usually just wave as I pass them up!

I highly recommend the product, choice of engine (Zenoah Redmax)and materials. I bicycle full time, since I don’t have a drivers license (long story…oops!).The speed and range of the Golden Eagle make a huge difference for me. On my first go, I rode about 20 miles, doing errands with my backpack in tow.

When I got home I thought my clock had stopped, because of how fast I got around town on a bike! I can’t imagine any other type of kit (chain or friction drive) after experiencing the smooth ride and light weight of the Golden Eagle cogged belt drive system. Thanks a bunch for a great time and not having to waste my whole day riding the bus, peddling or walking everywhere I go.

I’m attaching some photos of my bike and installation.

Paul Davies

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