Paul in Michigan

October 12th, 2002

I had not ridden a bike in over 30 years. Last August I bought a Mongoose trail bike on a whim. My 50+ year old legs, knees and ankles could peddle it some, but not for long distances. So I started surfing the web for a motor to assist my bicycling. I looked at friction drives, chain drives and all types. I then came across the Golden Eagle Engine. Having a direct belt drive system made since to me, so I ordered one. The kit arrived in a few days, and its all the website says it is. Great quality & easy to put together. I had a little problem putting it together, so I called the phone number on the website and talked to the owner of Golden Eagle. He told me exactly what I was doing wrong. Great customer service!! Anyway, I commute 12 miles to work on my bike now and love it. I can ride quickly on the flat land, and go up and down hills and don’t hurt my old knees. Fantastic product!! I am having a ball riding my bike with the Golden Eagle Engine Kit and would recommend it to anyone!

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