Paul in Florida

September 24th, 2010

So I have to say this…….. I’m loving this whole kit. I own a chinese 2-stroke and your kit is way more reliable. I started commuting to and from work and in 2 weeks I have 246 miles on it. Not one problem from the kit, i keep checking all the nuts and bolts and NOTHING is loose. I did modify the mounting bracket because I didn’t want to loose my quick release hub. To me it was pretty simple but I do have some good experience with steel. I used to make conveyers from blueprints.

The main thing is to make sure you have the correct distance from the top of your axle to the top of the support bracket. Cut the hub of a straight through axle, put it on the rear and attach the support bracket and tighten it down. I utilized the dropout holes for a rear rack and a hole for a disc brake set up I believe.

On the right side i utilized the rear derailer hole. I used the backside of that weird bolt that holds the derailer on. it’s what the hanger hangs on. I bought 2 different length mending brackets from “Ace”, for my mounting. Once you have the support bracket in place. I eyed the available holes that I was able to use. After I marked it I took it off and drilled it.

“No” my mounting holes are not the same on both sides. But i do have this kit attached to my bike with no problems so far. At first sign of a problem with this set up I will get back and update.

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