Paul in Canada

August 20th, 2006

I ordered the Do-it-Yourself kit and “borrowed” the Honda 31cc engine from our mini-tiller. Everything went together smoothly. The only hitch was fabricating a way to hold the throttle cable outer sleeve from moving about. A bit of copper snare wire solved that problem easily.

My wife has now been riding her power assisted bicycle everyday for the last 2 weeks and really enjoys the experience. It has functioned flawlessly.

The Honda engine has more than adequate power, runs very quietly and emits no smell. It sips gas at an amazingly low rate! The nice thing about this Honda 4-stroke is that it can be mounted on any side, even upside down if you prefer. This is due to an ingenious way the engine has been designed to circulate oil throughout the engine. It does so with a fine mist under pressure.

We are thoroughly impressed with the quality materials supplied with the kit.


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