Pat in Alberta

May 12th, 2004


About 3 + years ago, I struck upon the brilliant idea of going to work on my bicycle. It’s a 13.6km trip each way, which takes about 45 minutes peddling with your typical mountain bike. Then I thought why not get an electric assist? I didn’t want to get gas because I thought electric would be more greener. I tried several makes many of them my own design. The best one was the Currie, then the Bikit using 36 volts instead of 24v, these are pretty good systems except I kept finding I would run out of steam before getting to work, the Currie was the most efficient, but I could only get about 27kph by the end of the trip. After 2 years of struggling with this arrangement, I sold the whole kit and caboodle. I had stumbled upon the Golden Eagle but wasn’t ready yet.

I tried some of my own designs with weed eater motors & dependability always dogged me. Then one day I said to heck with it, if I am going to ride I better get a decent kit, so the eagle seemed to be the best one from what I had read on their website.

Last year I bought mine, installed it, & was riding to work within the week. I immediately fell in love with this method, not worrying so much about being greener. I would definitely say this is by far the best system out there. I put a header on mine with a silencer this spring, & I have way more top end power, so cruising speed has gone up about 5kph, & range has gone up about 20%. I don’t have much low end torque anymore; however the route I take makes it practical to be satisfied with the top end versus the bottom end.

My next trick will be to get a good quality bike, something that is an authentic mountain bike with real mountain bike parts versus the cheaper models that only cost 2-3 hundred bucks. Also I am thinking perhaps a new motor etc. Gas went up to 88 cents a liter yesterday, that’s about 15% more than the states, sad part is we make the stuff here in Alberta. If you want to save money on fuel, insurance, registration etc. a power bike is definitely the way to fly…

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