Murray in California

April 4th, 2007

Oh woe is me, I can’t ride my bike much anymore. I used to ride it everyday however health problems have stopped that. Now what do I do, there’s got to be a way to feel the wind in my face and smell the smells that only come along when you are riding in the open.

The good old Internet stepped up and saved the day. I did a search with the keyword “bicycle engine” and lots of things popped up. Just one of them made any real sense and of course that was the “Golden Eagle Bicycle” setup.

I read the reviews and they seemed too good to be true but they were quite convincing. So I ordered the Robin Subaru 35cc kit and had my local bicycle shop install it. Yes that’s right my local bicycle shop. The owner was fascinated by the idea and knew that it might just be an ideal solution to my riding problem.

He was exactly right. The interesting thing was, as he proceeded with the installation there was not one hole that had to be relocated not one part that needed to be filed in order to make it fit. Everything fell into place just like it was made that way. Must be what GEBE does best.

I fired it up and wow what a kick. I can now go for a ride of several miles and expend a bit of energy but not at a dangerous level considering my serious heart condition. Additionally the doctor is not letting me drive a car for 6 months, so I have my mobility back. I can run to the store or the post office and even go to my grandkids games with no particular problem.

One side note, the second weekend after I got the bike put together we went to a pretty big bike ride (6,000 plus riders) and of course they all had those amazing 16 pound go fast street bikes and lots of Lycra. I was sure my motorized machine would meet with much criticism and distain. Quite the opposite many people wanted to know all about it and where I got it, I was surprised.

I consider this setup a realistic step in my recovery and I can’t see giving it up anytime soon.

By the way you might take note of the center stand, it is a two legged one that lets the bike stand on it’s own. You can remove either wheel and it stays upright. I find it quite helpful.

Thanks to GEBE for making a great product.

P.S. I have included a photo of me riding, as you can see I am tall and thin which accounts for the tremendous top speeds I have achieved.

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