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Willie’s Motorized Bike

July 10th, 2007
Motorized Bike

Motorized Bike – Willie style!

Hey Guys!
My name is Willie and I live in Los Angeles, CA. In May of 2007, I ordered one of your kits for my bike, I’ve always wanted a motorized bike! With in a couple of days the 35cc Subaru Robin and Golden Eagle motorized bike parts arrived!

There were a couple of reasons why I was looking for a motorized bike. I live close to the beach and to work. So, I found myself riding my bike all the time. After a long work week, I had been on my bike seven days in a row and was constantly exhausted. I also like to bike out to remote campsites, now with the motorized bike, it’s easier!

I’ve driven my new motorized bike a few hundred miles just in the past two months! I love it. It really is amazing to watch the faces of people when they see it. L.A. is crowded and I truthfully get stopped three to four times every time I ride it. People have tons of questions. Everyone seems to get reminiscent of their youth, the kid in them jumps out of their skin when they see my motorized bike. Perfect strangers have ridden my bike, seriously. I wish you guys made some kind of a business card holder that attached to my motorized bike, I could pass out a ton!

Ok, how about I tell you about the motor. It’s awesome! It starts on the first or second pull every time! Tons of power too! I opted for the $5 muffler, which points the noise down. It helps, but the engine is still loud.

The manual was very easy to follow; I didn’t even have to make a phone call. Once I sat down in the garage with my tools, two hours later I was cruising on my new motorized bike! The manual also says to tighten the nuts and bolts every week or so. Do this!!! I had an issue where the support bar that runs horizontally, jiggled lose. That caused the motor to hinge back on the bike axel. This pulled the kill switch out rendering it useless and put tension on the throttle caused. the bike to accelerate! I was pushing the kill switch over and over, but it wasn’t working. There were people in a crosswalk and I was accelerating!!!! All I could think about was how I didn’t tighten the bolts like the manual said to do, oh yeah and how am I going to ride this one out? The manual kill switch on the back of the motor wasn’t working either! So, with almost no room left to stop, I remembered the choke! So, I choked the motor and it gurgled to a stop. Thank God!

Motorized Bike

Using my motorized bike as often as I do, I realized that I needed more fuel. In fact, the Subaru Robin’s tank was designed poorly! It can only be filled halfway. So, I started tinkering with the fuel intake and return lines. I noticed that motor pulls fuel up against gravity. So I went to REI and bought a red MSR fuel tank like the ones that other people have in their reviews. At a small engine repair shop I bought a few feet of fuel line and started messing around.

After it was all said and done, I figured out a way to have the two tanks run simultaneously. I don’t have to pour fuel into the stock tank, or flip a switch to access the auxiliary tank, it just runs on the natural pressure from the engine.

I ran a deep line into the auxiliary tank that led to the engine’s intake line. Then I ran a second, shallow, line from the aux tank deep into the stock tank. From the stock tank I ran a shallow line back to the engine’s return line. If the auxiliary tank is air tight, it should drawl the fuel out of the stock tank. Since there is an air intake valve on the stock tank’s cap, the engine will drain the aux tank forming a vacuum which pulls the fuel out of the stock tank. This will keep the aux tank full until the stock tank empties. Then the aux tank will drain as well.

Motorized Bike

In the photo you’ll see a cart attached to my motorized bike. I found the need for a cart when camping, but it’s great to use for groceries too. I bought a kid carriage from Wal-Mart for $80 bucks and ripped it apart. Added some slats and voila!

I love my motorized bike motor!


Motorized Bike
Motorized Bike

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