Motorized Bicycle – Dave in California

Motorized Bicycle – November 6th, 2002

My Motorized bicycle kit arrived a couple of days ago. It runs like a bat outta hell! Thanks. Here is a picture of the bike by the Pacific Ocean. I haven’t quite gone through a gallon of gas, so I guess that means a couple hundred miles. I shut it off when I’m coasting into town. The thing is great for going down to the headlands in the early morning to look at the ocean, to see if we’re going to work. (Have to judge the swells to see if it’s dive-able). Sure is fun to ride, and it’s already turned some heads…

I was extremely and pleasantly surprised with how simple the kit was to assemble and install. It seemed like less than 30 minutes and I was zipping down the road with smile on my face. Your motorized bicycle installation instructions were easy to follow. I appreciated the attention to detail and the large step by step pictures. Your motorized bicycle is quiet, clean and frankly one of the best I’ve ever seen. The belt drive system is super smooth and travels well over wet land. It can power through all terrain so far. The automatic clutch makes the motorized bicycle operation simple and safe with no gears, levers, or clutches (or a hot engine between my legs). You just squeeze the trigger throttle and go.

I first discovered the motorized bicycle after my son mentioned he wanted to get a dirt bike. Obviously, dirt bikes and a motorized bicycle are the not the same thing but looking around on a couple of websites gave me the inspiration to build my first motorized bicycle. I have always enjoyed bicycle riding but have not been able to do it as much because of various back problems. My motorized bicycle has allowed me to continue to ride and to “ride in style.”

Thanks again, Dave


Motorized Bicycle

Motorized Bicycle
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