Michael in Wisconsin

January 10th, 2004


I would like to say I am very impressed with your product. I am rebuilding my recumbent this winter with some modifications, but here is a picture of it from late fall 2003. I rode it to work/school most of the riding season. It’s a 26 mile round trip, mostly a flat ride, but there is one hill, and I tell you I am so thankful for that little engine. I have a speedo on it and I believe I have it dialed in correctly – 27 MPH on the flats and 34 down hill. Not to bad considering I weigh 250 and the bike is pretty heavy at around 80 lbs (with engine). Along with riding in town, I can say I spent less than $3 in gas a week, not bad considering the stop and go in town and it did most of the work. In my Lincoln, I was spending $27 a week. The gas savings has more than paid for the engine and well on the way to paying for the bike itself.

I am designing a lean-steer recumbent that will hopefully be completed before Fall/Winter 2004 and that motor will be on that bike too!!

Again, thanks for making a great product.

Sheboygan, WI

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