Michael and Nora in California

April 12th, 2010

We have been using our Subaru motors for several months and are very pleased with them. We are blessed to live in a beach town about 100 miles south of LA and are happy not to own a car in California! Everything we need to travel to is within 3 miles except our dentist who is 8 miles away and the bus goes right there if we don’t bike. Our challenge is big hills and several areas we ride through where no noise is allowed. In fact no matter which way we go, there is a steep grade to deal with! So we ordered the motors with the “hill” gear and it is perfect. We still pedal but the little 4 strokes sure do smooth out the hills and can easily do 15 mph which beats the 2-3 mph without the help. We usually just coast downhill which is perfect and then start the motor when it’s time to go up.

As you can see from the pictures, the 3 wheel Lightfoot recumbent is for shopping, (and my wife) and the Giant is for other trips without cargo. We had to adapt the kit for the Lightfoot and our neighbor works at a machine shop so he made the third bracket you see on the front. Please be sure to make sure and order the correct length of cable for the throttle which we had to redo. Other than that, it’s a great assist.
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