Lloyd in Florida

January 2nd, 2009

My super bike vision recumbent. I love this set up. Thanks for your help. I live in central Fl. 3300 Purefire Tanaka 2 stroke, #14 highway gear and carry a 13 along for the hills.105 eagle velocity 26″ rear wheel. Primo tires, rear 40-559-26×1.50, front 20″100 psi. I only carry 80 psi, gives me some cushion protection and less shock on the long frame. Big 56 sprocket up front, 2nd a 52, 9 gears in back.

I do petal all the time, helps keep me in shape. I’ll be 75 yrs march 09. I cruise between 30 & 35 mph. I carry 2-35 oz vera juice bottles for my extra gas. Tanaka gas caps fit. Must cut 1/4th ” off top of bottle neck. I used 1 1/2″ aluminum straps bend to L shape to hold bottles up & 3/4 al. straps bend around bottle to hold them in. Bend 1/8 threaded rod around frame, drill 2 holes to hold bottle holders to frame. Drill 2 top holes, I used wire ties to hold top to frame. I used water bottle insulators to protect bottles.

I built a platform to hold my pack, tool exc. which is secure to my seat, and the engine is secured to the platform. With this long wheel base she really handles nice. I have seen 42 mph down 6% grades. I’m really having a lot of fun with this bike.

Lloyd Kreider

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