Lloyd in Florida

April 19th, 2010

Up date on my super bike. Two years now and i have 6049 miles on her. Thanks guys, what a pf-3300 Tanaka engine. I made some changes, front tire low pressure 45lbs, back tire I went to a German made Schawalbe Marathon Plus 45 to 5o lbs thick treat and Thorn Resistant Tubes. Much better riding bike. I also installed a one gallon gas can, I can due close to 200 miles. I also installed a tripod stand. I do get flats some time? I can take front wheel off, (real light) set fork down, back end will rise enough to take back tire off.
All in this time I had a prostate operation, a little set back, turned 76 and believe me I’m back enjoying live again.

You all hang in there and enjoy, Lloyd

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