Larry in Florida


I like everything about riding a bicycle but the peddling. Sitting up high with the wind in my face, and parking right up front where ever I go is great.

I have owned 2 electric scooters and 2 gas-powered bicycles. The electric units are heavy, short on range and performance. When I finish my trip it takes 4 to 6 hours to recharge before I can go again. The gas-powered bicycle was better. Its performance was good and refueling took only a minute. Unfortunately the friction drive on the tire slipped on take off much of the time and almost didn’t work if the tire got wet.

The solution came from Golden Eagle. The belt drive works better than advertised. The engine runs like a dream. I now have over 450 miles on my bike with the belt drive in rain and shine. This unit has turned my bicycle into reliable, fuel efficient, low cost transportation.

I live in Florida and have no desire to pedal a bicycle in 90 degree heat to an air-conditioned restaurant to enjoy a meal. I think a bicycle has two roles in life. One is to be used for exercise and the other is for transportation.

If you ride a bicycle with this motor you might join the group of weird people that have weed eater motors but don’t do lawns.

By the way Golden Eagle is a great company, with a great product, and excellent customer service.

St Augustine Florida

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