Keith in Missouri

January 25th, 2005

To the staff at Golden Eagle Bicycles:

Wanted to thank you guys for creating such a wonderful kit that is easy to assemble, modify and a real pleasure to ride. I bought one of your kits about a year ago and have not had any problems. Although the level of design of the kit was superb, I felt the need to improve on it. I decided to build a show bike that would actually have the motor fit within the confides of the frame eliminating the original way of having a bracket and motor above the wheel. I took an angel plate mounted it underneath the seat. Rotated the tensioner and gear plate 90 degrees with the belt tensioner disengaged. Drilled and reamed on a washer to make a tight pressed fit on the belt, raise or lower angle plate and install washers accordingly. Once the right enough tension on the belt is set, there is no need to adjust anymore. If the should happen to wear out or break, I have it easy enough to change belts. Simply unscrew nut to where bearing is at. Remove bearing and belt. Put new belt on with bearing and nut and you’re up and running again. By setting up belt and tensioner this way, I’ve eliminated slippage of belt. The best part of it all is that I have an improved mph increase in top speed. I guess I must have done something right. I won the 2005 Autorama World of Wheels Best of Show in class Custom Scooter. Thanks again for making an outstanding product.


Keith Aumiller

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