Joseph in Missouri

July 18th, 2010

I first discovered motorized bicycles after my son mentioned he wanted to get a dirt bike. Obviously, dirt bikes and a motorized bicycles are the not the same thing but looking around on a couple of websites gave me the inspiration to build my first motorized bicycle. I have always enjoyed bicycle riding but have not been able to do it as much because of various back problems. My motorized bicycle has allowed me to continue to ride and to “ride in style.”

My first step was to purchase an Electra Towie 21D 7-Speed bicycle. I decided on this particular bike after a bit of research on motorized bicycles and it seemed to be the top selection of most bikes (and I must say that I agree!). I then proceeded to add a Robin/Subaru EH035 35CCH-Stroke, 26 inch Rear Wheel 105 gauge spokes and HTF G Ears #11 Belts (which allow me to go up hills easier).

I have spent months building my bike and am still finding new ways to improve it. In fact, I have built a second one! My family has come to love these bicycles too. I can get both my bikes up to 28-30 mph and can ride either of them continually for about 4-5 hours. They allow me to have a project to work on at home as well as an activity to do outdoors that I can look forward to every weekend. I have thoroughly enjoyed building and riding these bicycles of mine. It has become a wonderful hobby and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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