Jose in Michigan

August 16th, 2004

Hello, my name is Jose Esguerra, and above is my Kona Smoke with a Golden Eagle Bike Engine (GEBE) Kit. I’ve had this setup since Spring of 2004, and it’s still going strong.

I’ve come to use the bike for errands around the neighborhood. From trips to the grocery, hardware store, café, visiting friends, going to the model train club….etc….I’ve even spent a great deal of the summer commuting to work (unfortunately our company division has moved to a new location in July — I’ll have to find a new route….doh).

I came upon the GEBE kit from an article in Popular Mechanics, and a quick visit to their website sold me on the idea. I had to have one. I love biking, and the thought of commuting to work without putting up a sweat was very appealing. Of course I’d bike home (pedal) to get my 20 minutes of exercise. With what time I have between work, house chores, and taking care of my 14 month old son, I really don’t have the time to spend 2-3 hours at a gym working out.

It’s so much fun, I often find every excuse to use the bike instead of my car. In fact, on the weekends I use my car primarily when I’ve got to take the whole family for a ride or when I’ve got to pickup something that I can’t carry on the bike.

So, in addition to the GEBE, I’ve added the following to the Kona Smoke…
Seat post mounted rack – Caution here…the main complaint regarding these racks is their tendency to loosen and swing out. In order to counter this I’ve added a bracket below the rack that attaches to the GEBE motor mount. The bracket holds the rack in place.

Rack Bag – Both the rack and the bag is made by Topeka. This manufacturer has a great quick release mounting system for their bags. Since I carry my wallet, sunglasses, keys, and cell phone in the bag, the quick release allows me to quickly remove the bag and take it with me wherever.

Front Shocks— The shock was something I added lately, and it’s not shown in the pictures. Front shocks are a necessity at the speeds you can reach on a bike with a GEBE. You can easily loose control with a standard fork on bumpy roads. Also it’s very tiring with a standard fork since your arms will be absorbing the bumps and continuously correcting your direction.

Side Mirrors — These are an absolute necessity. Cars are big, fast, solid, and quiet. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. PERIOD. The mirrors give you that ability without turning your head 360 degrees.

Side bag — This is for carrying slightly bigger items. It also holds a packable rain parka for unexpected rainy days, and my Kryptonite bike lock.

Computer — These are really affordable, and it’s so nice to know how fast your going. Real easy to put on, and there’s many to choose from.

Lights — I found that late nights during the middle of the week are some of the best times to go riding. There’s very little traffic, and at times you’re the only one on the road! Oh, and thanks GE for the rear taillight. It’s awesome.

We’ll that’s pretty much it. Some people ask me why I didn’t buy a motorcycle instead or a Vespa. One reason is the cost, and the other is the wife said flat out no to a Harley. The Vespa is a neat alternative, but it costs around $5000 for a new one, and it’s difficult to find a used one in my area…they aren’t very popular yet. A bike with a GEBE affords me with a short distance (this is relative – with my current setup I can reach 120 miles one way) versatile commuter and neighborhood work mule.

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