John in California

September 22nd, 2006

Hi Golden Eagle,

The bike kit came out great and the color of the engine and bike match very closely, so, it appears to be a factory bike. The bike is a Gary fisher Tassajara and the color is one of two choices the factory offers. I just lucked out on the color match.

The kit has been great fun. I get a lot a looks and comments. I get comments like, “Cool!” or “Hey, your cheating!” or “How fast does it go?” Some just honk the horn or give me a thumbs up. I really enjoy it and get the same speeds everyone else has been claiming (about 25 mph at cruise and up to 29 mph – depending on wind and terrain). I’ve experimented with all three gear sizes and find the middle gear to be
the most desirable overall.

Although I’ve only ridden about 300 miles, performance and fuel mpg seem to improve with each tank. The standard tank that comes with the Subaru 35cc will get about 23 miles on about 20 oz. So that’s at least 180 mpg – probably closer to 200. At 190 lbs I’m helping with pedaling and can easily cruise at 25-27 mph. At this speed, good suspension is important, as is keeping a good grip on the handlebars. That’s why I went with at least a front suspension bike. I will be changing the tires to allow for less friction (than a mountain bike tire) and may see an improvement in speed and mpg.

One of the main reasons I bought this kit was so I’ve can throw this bike in the back of my small Cessna 172. I have done so and can easily travel expanded distances when I get to my destination. I can also explore back roads when I visit more out of the way places. It’s been to Death Valley, Bryce Canyon and the backcountry of Idaho on
plane/camp trips and I will have to get a second kit/bike to share with family and friends.

As for the comment “Hey, your cheating!”, my response is, “Nope, I’m just covering more distance in the same amount of time”. And generally, I’m getting the same exercise, but seeing more.

Thanks for such a well thought out product that has opened more opportunities to combine what I love – travel, flying and biking.

Temecula, CA

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