Joe in New York

June 9th, 2006

To the people at Golden Eagle,

I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know how much your product and services are appreciated. I’m 58 yrs young and a retired Police Officer, started riding a bicycle two yrs ago for health reasons, bypass surgery on the old ticker! It soon became boring riding the same area around my home.

I’ve always been a little reluctant to venture to far away in fear that I wouldn’t have the power to make it back and would have to call my wife for help! With the addition of your product on the back of my bike those fears are now gone!! In fact the boredom has changed to adventure! It’s just downright FUN! The Tanaka 40cc has plenty of power to haul my 200 lbs around all day long! Although I am having trouble getting it away from my wife who loves riding it too! Sooo next month I’ll be ordering another to mount on her bike. Then watch out , we have a couple of nice trips planned for the summer, Block Island, etc . only day trips, but then who knows?

I’ve never purchased anything over the Internet before and was a little reluctant to start, given the horror stories I’ve heard. But this experience has been nothing but a pleasure! A question emailed in the morning resulted in a response by the afternoon and a package delivered two days later, problem solved! I pray that service like that will reap you much success in your business and I’m sure that it already has.

All I can really say is thank you! Please feel free to use this letter and photo’s in anyway you see fit.

Again, Thank You,
Joe Cortese

PS. the mount worked out great, no more bungee, and turning the engine 90 deg. was a snap, no more hot butt!. It did however pose a minor problem with fueling! It seems the Tanaka gas tank filler comes out at a slightly different angle than the rest! A 5/8″ male garden hose end repair, a rubber O ring and small length of 5/8″ fuel line. The male garden hose connection fits right onto the MSR fuel bottle! You can throw out the plastic clamp that comes with it if you’d like. Filling up is a breeze! Now if I can only figure out if the gas tank pickup tube goes all the way to the bottom of the tank! LOL I’ll let it run dry and see what happens, not a big deal to extend it. If it ever stops raining out here I’ll do that and let you know what happened. Also a good glass side view mirror (not the plastic dime store variety )and a high quality helmet are absolutely vital.

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