Jess in New York

October 26th, 2003

Hello Golden Eagle Bike Engine Guys,

Your bike engine has been a blast and an answer to my bicycling dreams. I ride two hours every nice day I get though the beautiful hills of upstate New York. In my younger years I was a serious bicycling road warrior but I have long since been unable to maintain the speeds and travel the distances I like. Your bicycle engine mounted on my fully suspended trail bike has given me the best of both worlds. Exercise, speed and comfort. I use your mountain gear to peddle through the hills of New York with ease and maintain speeds otherwise impossible. The custom muffler you provided is a great addition to the bicycle engine and lets me cruse unnoticed through the village before I start peddling full throttle down scenic back roads. Now there is always a breeze and smile on my face.

Thanks, Jess

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