Jerry and Rita in Wisconsin

Golden Eagle Bike Engines,
Just wanted to let you know we have ridden the bike several times since we installed the Golden Eagle equipment. It worked really well. I think we rode more miles already this year than we did all of last year. It is really great to go out on a ride and not have to worry how far you go. Anyway I have attached a photo of our bike and the two riders. We do have helmets! Just wanted to look good for the picture. The motor and mountain gear works well for the weight. Max speed is 25mph, by far faster than we can pedal. I would certainly recommend this product. Nothing else I am aware of can compare. The drive pulley and belt assembly is obviously more efficient than a friction drive. Bike riding has a whole new meaning! It put the fun back into riding.
Jerry & Rita

I am sending you another picture of my other hobby, it’s a little faster

Jerry and Rita really DO know the importance of wearing helmets! WOW – What a Bike – What a Rod, they sure have a couple of CLASSIC rides!!!

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