Jan in Washington

August 20th, 2002

Dear Dennis:
Thanks for the prompt shipment and follow up on your kit. Your kit has exceeded my expectations. I weigh 180lbs and my bike exceeds 30mi/hr on level road. It is almost scary! Everywhere I ride people stare and smile as I ride by. Everywhere I stop people come up and want to know more and take a “test” ride. It is a great product, goes fast, so make sure you wear a helmet!
Jan S.

Jan has a 26″ folding Schwin bicycle. It sure does look compact, doesn’t it?

Here is a picture of my bike just before I boarded Amtrak. The local train has bike racks in the baggage car. Only $5 extra for the bike! Both the conductors wanted to know more about your kit as the bike was unloaded. The interest never ends!
-Jan Searle

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