James in Mississippi

July 21st, 2005

My wife and I have been Golden Eagle engine owners for almost a year. We have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our motorized biking. Living next to the Gulf Islands National Seashore provides us with a wonderful place to ride and escape the more cluttered roads with city traffic. We are able to observe the natural beauty of our area in the park while leisurely cruising on our new transportation.

We encountered no difficulties while installing our bike engines and have been virtually trouble free since our “maiden voyages” on these motorized marvels. As you can see, we opted for the 2-stroke Red Max and have been very pleased with our choice. This “zippy” little engine provides all the power that we want and then some.

If you have been considering purchasing one of these “little hot potatoes” then go for it. JUST SAY YES !!! You can’t do any better than dealing with Golden Eagle Bike Engines because you can’t deal with better people than Julia and Dennis. They are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Totally Satisfied In Mississippi

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