James in Arkansas

August 26th, 2004

Dennis and Julia,
I’ve been riding my Golden Eagle motorized bike for several months now, and I really like it! I bought it to have a “motorcycle” and still get a good workout when I want it. This combination satisfies that perfectly, with the added benefit that I can now run longer errands in less time, and still get the exercise I want. That means that I now use the bike for many errands I used the car for before, due to time constraints. Great! Of course, when I’m feeling lazy I let the motor do most of the work. Some of the very steep hills here in the Arkansas Ozarks do require some help from me, though. I’m amazed that the motor starts so easily and has been so trouble free. And I’m also amazed at the great job my local body shop did painting the tank to match the bike. It looks great! When I bought it, the tank was just narrow enough to not interfere with pedaling, but the shop went ahead and shaped the concave sides to make sure. It now holds one and a quarter gallons, which is just about perfect. I use a handlebar bag, which I removed to enhance the “Grand Prix” appearance for this photo, and will add a front rack to hold even more stuff. Then I can’t wait to try a long distance camping trip! The bike is a Specialized Expedition and is properly called a “comfort bike”, with a big, soft seat and cushy forks. It truly is comfortable, and the several longer rides I have taken so far have been no problem. My hat’s off to Golden Eagle for their design! BTW, I got the tank at bmikarts, (937) 526-9544 for about $40.

Sincerely, Jim Jernigan

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