Harv in Oregon

May 2nd, 2005

We don’t have a good selection of pictures……..too busy riding and having fun. Hope you can use these; they were taken on the Alvord Dry Lake bed with the Steens Mtns. in the background.

We don’t really have a bike riding club, we are mainly a flying club……….the bikes are bonus entertainment when we aren’t flying.

Q started the Central Oregon Powered Parachute club….’COPS’……several years ago. He also put together the first two Golden Eagle kits. I rode one of his bikes and knew I had to have one. Then Jerry rode it and liked it well enough, he ordered one. Then along came Brian and Tara, they decided to buy one of Q’s.

Q is the cameraman……..tried to superimpose him, that is the best I could do for the first time. Tara is the daughter of Brian, who was out of camera shot – Wish we could claim her.
The Powered Parachute in the picture is mine, but we all own one. The Alvord is covered with one or two inches of water in the winter months only. Warm sunny days evaporates the water and then it is smooth and hard, great for flying or bike riding.

We really enjoy the bikes. It gives us a way to explore when it is too windy to fly. Jackrabbit chasing on the bike is a challenge. They are great sagebrush and sand runners, change directions rapidly………which challenges our skills! They have to have that skill to outrun Wiley Coyote.

Oregon has a wide variety of countryside………from rain and forest to high country desert and sagebrush. It is a beautiful state. Lots to see from both air and ground.

Redmond, OR

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