Greg in Oregon

February 23rd, 2009

Hi Golden Eagle Bike Folks,

I am writing this after enjoying my Robin/Subaru 35cc motor for about six months now. I would have written sooner but I was having too much fun riding/commuting! I had the frame of my recumbent built for me last spring and I put the rest together and started riding my bike once a week to work (52 miles round trip to Salem, Oregon ie: not flat). Being diabetic the exercise was good but even as fast and easy to ride as the bike was it was pushing me past my threshold level (especially on windy, hot days). Once I installed the motor I cut 45 minutes to 1 hour off of my commute each way! Also, I was able to commute two and three days a week without being exhausted. In the afternoons it only takes about 15 minutes longer to get home than driving my car.

I heard about your company while researching electric options but could not find a system that could cover the distance and speed I needed for less than a couple thousand dollars. Then I found you and I bought the 35cc 4-stroke and the heavy duty Velocity rear wheel. Setup took less than an hour even on a custom recumbent and the instructions were very clear. I bought the 4-stroke motor because my bike is heavy and I am a big guy (6’8″ and ~300lbs) and I wanted the torque, longevity, and the ability to pull into any gas station and fill up without mixing gas. The best mileage I’ve recorded was 212 mpg but my average is ~195 mpg (I pedal almost all the time along with the motor) and I am usually cruising at ~29 mph.

The third week I was riding to work (0 dark 30 in the morning and raining) I was rolling along at 28 mph and saw a raccoon. Even using both brakes I couldn’t miss him and I ran him over at ~20mph. Kind of scary but didn’t even phase the bike. The rear wheel I had on the bike before the Velocity wheel I was breaking spokes constantly, but that wheel with the 105g spokes didn’t even go out of true!

I get stopped everywhere I go to answer questions both about my bike and my GEBE motor. If I could give one piece of advice to someone trying to make the decision it would be do it now it is money well spent. When I was looking/deciding I waited too long and had to wait until the backlog caught up last summer before I could get mine. I now have over 1500 miles on the engine and other than basic maintenance have not had to do anything other than ride with a great big smile on my face.

Dallas, Oregon

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