Gil in Canada

July 5th, 2005


Well it’s been about 4 months since I received my Bike Engine from Golden Eagle.
GEBE are really great!!! And so pleasant and nice to deal with.
Anyway I am having a blast here in Kelowna B.C. with my 4 stroke engine. I am a heavier guy (270 Lbs.) and that little 4 stroke just purrs right along.
I had a car pull up beside me the other day and they yelled out the window, Hey your doing 50 Kmh..(that’s 32mph).

My buddy Shan has the 2 stroke and they are about equal in speed. The Subaru 4 stroke starts on the first pull every time, its quiet and has nice torque. And the nicest part about the 4 stroke is I can pull up to the gas station and fill my tank without mixing the oil. I sure get a lot of attention from passing motorists and fellow cyclists; they can’t believe their eyes when they see how fast I am moving.
Anyway I am very, very pleased with my purchase

I Highly recommend the 4 stroke engine to anyone..

Gil McQuary

Kelowna BC Canada

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