Gas Powered Bike Kit – Bill in California

The recumbent Infinity is a very light bike with an aluminum frame and feels like I’m flying low with the Golden Eagle power assist. It will easily do 30+ mph on level ground and feels very smooth. Because the gas powered bike kit is new I don’t want to push it too hard, so I varied the speed and just briefly run it up to a high rpm.

The cruiser bike will do 27 mph easily and probably more if I wanted to ride that fast. This is the second unit I purchased from Golden Eagle and really gave it a workout on a steep hill. I have a few motorized bicycles and have attempted to climb that same hill with all of them. This is the first gas powered bike kit that made it using there hill climber gear.

There is no question about it, I am impressed with this gas powered bike kit.

I did quiet the engine down, if you look close you can see copper tubing under the engine. I did a couple of things with the tubing that has made it VERY quiet and haven’t seemed to have lost any power. I like the idea of easily changing gear ratio for very steep hills, and no slipping on a wet surface as the friction rollers do. It seems to start easily and run smooth with good power. All this adds to reliable and fun transportation at a low out of pocket cost, which I like.

gas powered bike kit
gas powered bike engine kit
gas powered bicycle kit
gas powered bicycle engine kit
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