Gas Bike Engine – Terry, NM

Terry From Albuquerque, New Mexico
July 20th, 2007
gas bike engine

Dear Golden Eagle,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your gas bike engine kit.

I ordered a 32 cc Tanaka engine, my son (11 years old) and I mounted it ourselves in about an hour. The most challenging part was installing the new axle, but we eventually got it.

My wife and I have two gas guzzlers for vehicles, and it got to the point that I told my wife that we are going to need to sell one if we don’t make some changes in our gas consumption. I followed a guy riding his bike about 30 mph on level ground without pedaling, I stopped him and talked with him awhile, as well as rode his bike, and the rest is history. I ordered the gas bike engine kit and I had my new economical commuter vehicle. I thought I would enjoy riding it, but I never new how much I would enjoy going my 14 miles round trip to work. Everyday I ride my bike; I save about $5.00, which equals close to $150.00/month. I am able to ride on bike paths, bike lanes, and residential streets, which are all very safe.

The purchase and installation of your gas bike engine on my Giant Rincon was very easy. It runs like a dream, and even though I have only put 200 miles on the engine, I am convinced it is the best thing since sliced bread! Thank you for putting together such a reliable and easy kit to install. I look forward to saving a lot of money, the open air, and having a lot of fun! Attached is a picture of my setup, which is a commuting machine. My bike includes: Odometer/speedometer, bell, mirror, headlight, taillight, reflective tape, rear rack retrofitted for the front, seat pack. I no longer dread the 7 mile uphill commute home at the end of the day!

Thanks again for a quality product.

Albuquerque, NM.

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