Garry in Illinois

November 7th, 2009

Just thought I would show you my Golden Eagle Bicycle and thank you for the great service I have received from you.

The bicycle is available at RustySpokes Rear Suspension Soft Ride Beachcruiser. Of course the bike would be nothing without your Velocity Rims and GEBE Tanaka 40cc Belt Drive.

The ride is unbelievable with the Maxxis HookWorm tires. The performance pipe, carburetor, and chrome air cleaner with the GEBE # 14 Gear puts the fast ‘whompa’ sound into the wind as you ride.

Your seat feels like your riding on air with the bicycle and suspension spring rated at 650 pds/in. and the classic hairpin webspring cruiser seat. The low rise handle bars gives a nice touch to the steering.

The lights are dual BlackBurrn with a rechargeable battery pack. The rock the bike low-n-glow fluorescent lights make a nice cover on the boxed swingarms and also has a rechargeable battery pack.

A SIGMA bicycle computer to watch your mph. The only part I had to make was a support arm holder……


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